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Date: Nov 08 2019

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Okay, here’s a great joke for you: What did the zero say to the eight? Nice belt! Get it? The number eight looks like a zero wearing a belt! Ha ha ha ha!

Maybe you didn’t think that joke was so funny. It was a little silly. But there are many other kinds of jokes out there. There are riddles, which ask you to do a little problem-solving. There are knock-knock jokes, which usually involve some wordplay. There’s dry humor, too, which might not sound like a joke at first and might be a little mean and sarcastic. No matter what your sense of humor, chances are there is some joke out there that can crack you up.

Find out what gets Jeff and Devan laughing in this English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  Hey, Jeff.

Jeff:  What?

Devan:  Knock, knock.

Jeff:  Here we go. Yeah, OK. What is it?

Devan:  You have to say, “Who’s there?” so I can get to the punchline. What’s the matter, you don’t like jokes?

Jeff:  Not really. They just aren’t my thing.

Devan:  Well, what kind of humor do you have? Do you have a dry sense of humor?

Jeff:  You could say so, I guess. Very dry.

Devan:  Are there any comedians that crack you up?

Jeff:  Who’s that guy that talks real slow? Steven Wright, is that his name?

Devan:  I’m not familiar with him. What kind of jokes does he tell?

Jeff:  The very dry kind.

Devan:  Is it a lot of bathroom humor, or…?

Jeff:  I don’t really go for that kind of stuff. Just the dry kind.

Devan:  Well, you’re a lot of fun, Jeff.

Jeff:  Yeah? I’m not the funniest person you know?

Devan:  Definitely not.

Jeff:  Gee, thanks.


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Devan is trying to tell Jeff a joke, but he’s not playing along. In fact, it seems to Devan as if Jeff might not have a sense of humor at all.

Jeff says that he does have a sense of humor, but that it’s very dry. He likes jokes that are told very slowly, and that might not seem like jokes at all. Devan doesn’t think that Jeff is very funny. It definitely seems as if their styles of humor are not compatible.

What kinds of jokes do you like to hear, or tell? Who do you think is funny?



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United States

I think jokes only would work as long as audience like and feel cozy with a teller. It would not be successful for you to make someone laugh without an affinity to you.

07:09 AM Nov 10 2019 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Some jokes are good and some jokes are bad! event some of them can make your partner angry!we have some jokes are very funny but has very mad meaning.

many people just want make u laugh and never think maybe it’s not good for their partner cause maybe it’s for older people.

If we try we can make many funny jokes with nice meanins!

07:11 PM Oct 13 2013 |



i like jokes that can make me laugh,or some jokes that full of wisdom.Jokes are different according to different culture,so to say whether a joke is good or not, you should first learn about the culture of that country.

08:47 AM Sep 22 2013 |




04:13 AM Sep 21 2013 |




I like humor, jokes and non-sense talking. However, when I am in the bad mood, I don’t laugh. People with great sense of humor tend to make more friends and they always make those around them happy.

01:20 PM Sep 19 2013 |



United States

it’s painful to admit it, but i can’t live without jokes

joking myself, listening to someone joiking, it’s just what life is about) to laugh while you can laugh))

10:42 AM Sep 19 2013 |




  • Egyptians are good at jokes, different kinds because we have different cultures, if someday you have the opportunity to  visit our country you will know what I talk about.

  •  Lately and not as usual a husband brings much products from the market to her lovely wife everyday.

  • Husband: Darling, keep these for Ramadan.

  • Wife: Okay dear.

  • The next day,

  • Husband: Sweetie, store these for Ramadan.

  • Wife: I will my love.

  • Days and days the husband continued bringing things for Ramadan and the wife continued promising that she will, and one day the door was knocked’ knock-knock’

  • Wife: Who’s there?

  • Someone: I’m Ramadan.

  • Wife: Hala Ramadan, we waited you much, here are your things, my husband kept them for you.

  • The man left with his things and big thankful joy on his face. Hours later the husband back home and his lovely wife received him with a big smile:)

  • Wife: Dear, you wouldn’t guess what happened today, your friend Ramadan was here and I gave him all his things.

  • Husband: What??!!!!!!

  • Get it? Okay, here we go..

  • When the husband started to bring things and keep them at home for Ramadan, he meant Ramadan the ‘Holly Islamic Month’ not his friend:(

  • It’s a wordplay and sarcastic joke which has a word between its lines; Ramadan is not for eating more, it’s for worshiping Allah more and more:) Hala Ramadan!!!  

11:16 PM Sep 16 2013 |




some stupids desided to steal a bulding so one of them said we should push this bulding away from here and steal it>>
they take off their clothes and start to puss the building 
some another person took the closes and when they look back they didnt find thier closes one said thats enought we r so far now
it is arabian joeke so it can be ridiculous to you

05:51 PM Sep 16 2013 |


Russian Federation

It’s funny to hear jokes mixed up with really serious things. Riddle, worldplay, sarcastic or bathroom humor is it, no matter what really cracks your up in situation. As if you would see your familiar, which tells you about deep problem, and you’ll say in the end: don’t worry be happy!!!

04:25 PM Sep 16 2013 |




I have a good mood for jokes. I like any kind of jokes. By the way. I give my shots sometimes. KKKKk. At least, what would be of us without having a good mood?

04:06 PM Sep 16 2013 |

1 person likes this



Serbia and Montenegro

I like to listen to oher people’s jokes, it seems like my friends and everyone around me know how to tell jokes, and I’m the only one who doesn’t. The problem is, I don’t remember exactly how the joke goes when I have to say it out loud. And then, I guess, it turns out to be just a little bit awkward for me! :D

02:59 PM Sep 16 2013 |




I like jokes very much. To tell, and to listen to. Of course, you have to respect the dignity of your counterpart. So give me a shot :)

The teacher presents the results of the test in mathematics. “30 % failed!” The reaction of one student: “We are not as much”

02:50 PM Sep 16 2013 |



sometimes,She waters her dry jokes for making them better and wet jokes ,

sometimes she cracks up me with her jokes,sometimes ı hate from her riddles especially when ı didnt solve them..

sometimes ,its incredible that she gets  her all punchline successfully.

sometimes,I appreciate her amazing wordplay although she is little sarcastic girl.

sometimes ,she looks like a master comedian with joyful jokes.really her sense of humor is great .despite of lack of bathroom humor.

11:54 AM Sep 16 2013 |

1 person likes this




Hi guys, as matter of fact I am not good to make people to laugh, but sometimes I try to make short stories that my family makes them laugh during the dinner time or lunch, My young sister is a comedian girl, sometimes we cry because of her jokes  ............... I like friends who are comedian

11:39 AM Sep 16 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well, it is cool, but I usually dont know good jokes to make others laugh!

However, I have a great talent to get on people’s nervs! I get on their nervs and I have fun doing that!my younger bro is my victim most of times! :D

I think it is much more fun in comparison with jokes!

09:18 AM Sep 16 2013 |

1 person likes this



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I’m used to playing jokes everytime, and mostly the bathroom humor, lol !!!. I do imitate american comedian Jim Carre in the Mask, and also Charlie Chaplin their ways of wearing just to impress and make people laugh. Jokes are good, you can be suffering from maybe a sickness or a heart broken, stress someone tells you some jokes you’ll get well.

09:06 AM Sep 16 2013 |




Some jokes though dry , are full of wisdom, while some are erotic adlut joke , full of dirty thought. I prefer dry jokes that help me release my stress. I am not always satified with the pratical world. Do some sarcastic jokes on them ,letting go of some of intense feeling inside. If I don’t like it, just make a joke and laught about it. What else I can do?

08:09 AM Sep 16 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Generally I do approve of jokes,for instance,
apart from jokes that I hear my friends tell me‏ ‏,I watch candid camera that is highly amusing to me in which people are startled for a moment and then laugh!.On the other hand,I despise the jokes that some people tell each other to make fun of others,or much worse other religions,I regard them very cruel.
Jobee,I would like to hear some?

08:01 AM Sep 16 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have a dry sense of humor , i mean i always tell the jokes very badly that people stare at me and dont laugh :( but i mostly laugh at others` jokes, i like jokes but not mine :D

06:59 AM Sep 16 2013 |

takezou1Super Member!


very funny

05:59 AM Sep 16 2013 |

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