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Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
Best Thing Since Sliced Bread English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this romance English lesson

Date: Feb 04 2014

Themes: Hobbies, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Before 1928, if you wanted to use bread for a sandwich, you had to cut it yourself. But that year, a machine was created to cut bread into slices. Sliced bread was sold in stores for the first time, and it soon became extremely popular. It became so common, that in today’s grocery stores, you have to look carefully for bread that isn’t already sliced.

Because sliced bread was an incredible new food that everyone loved, people started using the expression the best thing since sliced bread. If a person calls a new toy, or a tool, or even an idea the best thing since sliced bread, that means that the toy, tool or idea is something that everyone will love. It means that it is amazing and original, just like bread that doesn’t need to be cut with a knife.

Jeff tells Lily and Rafael about his new girlfriend Alexis. He shares all of the things that make Alexis special to him and an amazing person that he enjoys spending time with. Put together, these things make her the best thing since sliced bread to Jeff.

Will Lily and Rafael also think that Alexis is the best thing since sliced bread, or will they think that Jeff is crazy? Find out in this English lesson about falling in love.

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Lily:  So, Marni tells me you’ve been dating a lot of women.

Jeff:  That’s true. But it’s actually only one woman now.

Lily:  Oh, really? So, why don’t you tell us about her?

Jeff:  Well, her name is Alexis. We met about a month ago at a party, and we’ve been spending quite a bit of time together.

Rafael:  All right. So when you say quite a bit of time, do you mean every day?

Jeff:  Well, you know. We hang out a few times a week.

Rafael:  Nice. What’s she into?

Jeff:  You know, that’s the thing. She likes everything. If she hasn’t done something yet, she’s totally game to try it. She’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Lily:  What kinds of stuff do you do when you go out?

Jeff:  I don’t know. Last weekend we went rock climbing. The one before that, we tried out some underwater basket weaving.

Lily:  Wow.

Jeff:  Yeah.

Rafael:  So, is she really athletic? It sounds like she’s very outdoorsy.

Jeff:  No, not really. But she’s not afraid to try anything new. See what I’m saying? She just jumps right in there without worrying about making a fool of herself.

Lily:  That’s great! I can understand why you would say that she’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Rafael:  She sounds like a keeper. So, when are we going to get to meet her?

Jeff:  Well, I don’t know. That’s the thing. I’m kind of enjoying keeping Alexis on the down low. So, we’ll see. I’m taking it slow. See where it goes.

Lily:  I totally understand that. You don’t want to break that spell that you guys have over each other yet. Right?

Rafael:  Yeah, I understand that, too, but eventually you’re going to have to let us meet her.

Jeff:  Well, yeah. You know, maybe it will happen. Hey, I’ve got to go. I’ve got a date.

Lily:  With Alexis?

Jeff:  Yeah.

Rafael:  What’s your itinerary today?

Jeff:  Roller skating. See you guys later!


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Jeff has been dating someone new. Her name is Alexis, and she seems perfect for Jeff. She likes to try new things, and she doesn’t seem to worry about what other people think of her. That makes Alexis seem pretty wonderful to Jeff. He’s been seeing a lot of her and his friends want to know more.

Rafael and Lily ask Jeff to share details about Alexis with them. They learn that she and Jeff are going on dates every weekend. They want to meet Alexis, but Jeff isn’t sure that he wants her to meet his friends yet. He’s happy with what they have together and doesn’t want to break that spell yet.

Have you ever met someone, received a gift, or learned something that you thought was the best thing since sliced bread?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

my mom is the best thing since sliced bread i’ve learned a lot from her hope she stay with m for ever.

11:40 AM Mar 01 2014 |



 I found my husband was the best thing since sliced bread.


12:46 PM Feb 07 2014 |





09:36 AM Feb 07 2014 |

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Why of course, English baby! is  the best thing since pre-packaged sushi!!

01:41 AM Feb 06 2014 |



yes of course but not every time happen

09:42 PM Feb 04 2014 |




The internet is DEFINITELY the best thing since sliced bread! I can’t imagine a life without it! hahaha

04:23 PM Feb 04 2014 |




well i met a girl a long time well,she was the best thing since slice bread,by the way she cheated on me i know it´s a foolish story but it´s true

03:17 PM Feb 04 2014 |




keep that on that down low expression reminded me about Meet the Parents movie.

Greg Focker: Don’t worry about your little covert op, I’ll keep it on the low down.

Denny Byrnes: Down low.

Greg Focker: No doubt.

03:04 PM Feb 04 2014 |

1 person likes this




To be honest, the great man i’ve ever met is Prof. Banisi on my simulation, Modeling of mineral processing plant’s course who was the best thing since sliced bread. A marvelous trail teacher with great prestige as well as high discipline. Actually i confesses he is a NEW KID ON THE BLOCK however he is taken three industrial project in this year (in the amount of 150,000$). Could u imagine?!! bcz he is talented, tactful, outstanding and also deserve of it. He is not a SUPERMODEL or some. Indeed he just utilize of his productive mind properly. He GETS HIS DUCKS ON THE ROW easily and all metallurgy experts herein just say yes in front of this true man. Maybe we can say that he is ON HIS GAME for ever. 

Undoubtedly and also more generally, He is the father of mineral processing Eng. in Iran. Sorry, all i said above might will not make sense to u, but he is so impressive, with great sense of justice along with humor and full of energy. 

12:59 PM Feb 04 2014 |

munisa alimatova


i bet, yes i met one person, who was the best thing since sliced bread. but this, break that spell. i think, that person for me  like a keeper))

07:20 AM Feb 04 2014 |

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07:37 PM Feb 03 2014 |

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