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Rise to the Occasion
Rise to the Occasion English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Mar 18 2014

Themes: Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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When something important is about to happen, we usually stand up. For example, if someone makes a toast at a wedding, or when a meeting is over. People stand up to say goodbye, often with a handshake or a hug. When an important person walks into the room, like a president or even a bride at a wedding, we stand. We rise up. We show respect, or that we’re ready for what happens next.

We experience challenges in life all the time. It’s easy to be sad or angry, and it’s natural, too. But eventually every person has to rise to the occasion and keep moving ahead.

Not all challenges are bad, of course. A lot of us enjoy a challenge, and even look forward to rising to the occasion and showing our friends and family that we can succeed.

Amanda is getting ready to leave, and Marni is going to do her job while she’s gone. Find out more in this English lesson about doing one’s best.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Lily:  So, why are we in the stairwell, exactly?

Amanda:  I didn’t want Marni to hear.

Lily:  Oh, OK.

Amanda:  No, no. It’s nothing like that. But you know how she’s prepping to take over everything.

Lily:  Yeah.

Amanda:  OK. Well, you’ve worked with me for a while, and so you know that this is kind of a big job.

Lily:  A really big job.

Amanda:  I have to be in a lot of different places all at the same time, and I always have to know what’s going on. And you’ve been here a while, too, so I know that you understand that she’s going to have to rise to the occasion. But, at the same time, I need to know that you’re going to support her.

Lily:  Of course, Amanda. You can totally count on me.

Amanda:  OK. I know I can. And I wanted to take a moment to say that I’m very proud of you and how far you’ve come.

Lily:  Thanks, Amanda. That means a lot.

Amanda:  Good. Remember when you started, and how nervous you were?

Lily:  Gosh, I wanted everyone to like me so badly.

Amanda:  Well, the good thing is they like you a lot. And I think you’ve proven yourself here. You’re very capable.

Lily:  Well, I couldn’t have done it if you hadn’t have been a mentor to me. You really stuck by me, even when things got a little weird. You know?

Amanda:  You did get a little weird. But I know potential when I see it, and you’ve got it.

Lily:  Wow. Thanks, Amanda. That’s awesome. And I know that Marni’s going to rise to the occasion, obviously, but I promise you that I will, too.

Amanda:  That’s my girl. Thank you.


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Amanda asks Lily to talk on the stairs with her. She wants to remind Lily that when Amanda leaves to have her baby, Marni’s going to be doing her job. Amanda knows that Marni can do it, but she still asks Lily to support Marni with the work. They both know it’s a big job, and Marni can use all of the support she can get.

Amanda also wants Lily to know that she’s proud of her. When she first started working at AmericanDreamD8.com, Lily was nervous and acted a little strange at times. But she showed everyone that she could do her job and do it well. Amanda stuck by Lily through it all, and they’re obviously good friends now.

When did you last rise to the occasion? Did you want to, or did you have to?



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Article which give the great ideas and tips how we can improve and learn about the English learning’s courses. These winmyessay blogs articles and posts are really beneficial for all of us because in this way we can improve our vocabulary and able to speak English in good way.

11:20 AM Mar 07 2016 |




I’m quite an ambitious person, so I like experiencing challenges and taking any opportunities to achieve my goals. These days the biggest challenge of mine is forthcoming finals which I’ll sit next month. So I’m beavering away to rise to the occasion and prove myself.

04:29 PM Apr 20 2014 |




i am rising  to the occasion. i am making great efforts in learning. i LOVE challenges VERY MUCH. without them my life would NOT be SIGNIFICANT at all . 

05:12 AM Apr 20 2014 |



I had to rise to the occasion last week.  I had to prepare a video and show it to many people for raising funds.

It was really a good experience, even though I was a little bit anxious.  At the end some people donated the money we needed to support the project.  I think challenges are good to prove yourself that you are capable enough or you need to study more one topic.

03:30 AM Mar 23 2014 |




mostly we have to,because it is a big chanllenge for us to change the situations that we have been totally accommodating.nobody knows what will happen next if we change it,but we should keep moving.

02:46 AM Mar 21 2014 |

Mimi Sato


I rose the occasion when I realized I was going to fail in my Physics exams. It was when I decided to study hard and ended up taking the highest grades in my classroom.

02:29 AM Mar 21 2014 |

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Rising the occions? yep its good idea
you’ll face to an unlimited road without the end.. you can keep on moving forward but you cant never be given up bcz giving up crushs your soul decreses your hope and power
so never go for it unless you definetly be sure that you wont be given up

09:13 PM Mar 18 2014 |

2 people like this




Right last week on Saturday I had my final presentation in one of the biggest companies in my country and all of managers; chief metallurgists and Eng., R&D bosses along with all other big cats were took part on it. Basically, It was very important to me to present effectively bcz it was our 1 year work result. To be candid, our team’s prof. was completely a dummy guy that i never count on him. To make a brief summary, I have to say that i was ON MY GAME in that particular meeting. After that I took a private talk and they confessed that i rose to the occasion in this specific case. It was my final day in Sarcheshmeh copper complex after 2 years inhabiting there. Eventually it was accomplished very well and they looked up to me which was very encouraging.

08:57 PM Mar 18 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

well, challenges, that’s what we face it every day, or every moment in our life, and by that our life become more exciting.

actually, we don’t have any choices because we live in it.

05:13 PM Mar 18 2014 |

1 person likes this




to tell you the truth .. I’m getting through it in this time .I’m trying to rise to the occasion in every aspect in my life , I’ve never had this feeling before ,but it feels amazing when i fight up all the obstacles that stand in the way to my goal ..

no no ,it’s not about I have to ,,I really want this happening ,and I’ll d everything to rise ot the occasion. ^_*

05:26 AM Mar 18 2014 |

1 person likes this

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