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Learn English with this storage English lesson

Date: Aug 21 2018

Themes: Time, Work

Grammar: Comparing Quality


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It’s a fact that organized space is more relaxing. Coming home after a long day to a clean house will help you relax much more than returning to chaos. But what do you do when you simply have too much stuff?

If you’re a pack rat, you’re likely to keep everything. If you have a system, you can probably organize your house, even if it’s full of your belongings. However, if you never pack things away, your home will probably get out of control quickly. One way to deal with a mess is to find some storage space… in your garage, in a closet, or maybe in another building. If you don’t use something very often, you can put it out of sight. It will help your home have more space, and help you feel more relaxed.

Jessica and Rafael have opposite ideas about storage. Whose system is better? Listen to this English lesson about organizing to find out.


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Rafael:  My room is a mess right now. It smells. I think there’s mold in some corners of the room. I really need to organize. I really need to pack things away. It is just chaos in there right now.

Jessica:  That stresses me out. I’m kind of a neat freak, and so I like things organized. I put everything away. Everything has its place.

Rafael:  What you’re saying, basically, is that you have a system.

Jessica:  Absolutely.

Rafael:  And you stick to it.

Jessica:  Yes. I don’t like piles of junk all over the house. I like the order of my house. Everything is neat.

Rafael:  So forgive me for asking, but would you describe yourself as a pack rat?

Jessica:  You know, I actually am. But as long as everything has a specific spot, I feel very content and less anxious.

Rafael:  See, for me, the specific spot is piles. I’m done with this shirt. It goes in this pile.

Jessica:  You should create a system so that you can organize your mess. I’ll help you out.

Rafael:  Hey, that would be swell.


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Rafael tells Jessica that his room is a complete mess. It smells bad and there is something growing in the corners! Jessica is a neat freak, and she thinks Rafael needs help with his mess. She likes everything in her house to be perfectly organized. She will always pack things away and stick to her system.

Rafael asks Jessica if she’s a pack rat. She says yes, but that doesn’t mean she’s not clean. For her, having lots of stuff doesn’t mean chaos. It just means she has a specific spot to put everything she owns.

Jessica tells Rafael that he should create a system to organize his junk. In fact, she offers to help, and Rafael accepts.

Do you have a good storage system? What are some tricks for organizing your things?



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Yes, I am kind of a neat freak and I like things organized. I put everything away.  Eeverything has its own place. Just like Jessica.

    I take full advangate of wardrobes, closets, drawers and bed bottom spaces. All the clothes are put in  either wardrobes or on the wall, or in the washing machine. I hate having clothes all over the house.

   All toys of my children, are put in storage compartments.  I bought several storage compartments for them.  I  always told my children that if they want to play toys , they must put them away after finished playing. So far, they have all done great.

03:58 AM Aug 21 2018 |


mrn90Super Member!


I’m also a pack rat. However i like everything to be on it’s place it makes me feel more comfortable. The best system is to do everything in time thus will help you keep your place clean.  

05:32 PM May 22 2014 |




I wanna say I really don’t like to spent my life in a terrible messy place. I hate to throw everything away on the floor and create a pile of dirty clothes at the corners. Actually I prefer to wash up untidy dishes also. To be candid, discipline is one of the important things for me in my life not only at accommodation place but also in work and time according agreements. In addition to in my laptop I’ve divided my documents based on their features into specific sections and categorize related folders in there. Therefore, I can find whatever i want easily.

When I was working in laboratory I had decided to put utensils in their specific places. Just imagine if one of the researchers had not obeyed the rules thereupon all of others would be confused and furious bcz they were out of designed programs and everything were went wrong. 

Some tricks to classify things are giving them to others, putting them in store or garbage in connection with their worth, borrowing them to friends for using occasionally and so on. 

03:29 PM May 22 2014 |

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i am pack rat…..... want to keep all things i hv specialy my favourite one. no matter how much mess it creats… but i also try to be neat freak but sometimes it becomes difficult to organize


03:30 PM May 21 2014 |

2 people like this



sometimes ,its a big problem and difficult time for me ))

12:02 PM May 21 2014 |

Mr. Learner


Messy V.S Neat from a scientific perspective :)


Which one are you?

11:24 AM May 21 2014 |

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I am trying to become a pack rat,But the space isn’t allow me to store as much staff as i want .It’s nice if one child can play the toy which belongs to that child’s grandparents.I always clean up my room and give things which i don’t use or dislike to someone or throw them aways.

10:15 AM May 21 2014 |




Honestly,I’m a neat freak,i don’t like to keep junks or somehing i don’t need it,cuz firstly that makes choas and that makes me feel annoyed and uncomfortable,So i like keep every thing in it’s place and if it’s something passe and useless i just storage it.

07:26 AM May 21 2014 |




I am also a pack rat,i am reluctant to throw away stuff that i don’t use often, i believe they are worth storing,maybe i will use them again in the very near future,sometimes these stuff could help me a lot when I need them for urgency

In all,every stuff has their lives and meaning,so long as they are neat and won’t effect the house image.

A stuff is not only a stuff,it could help us to recall…..


06:27 AM May 21 2014 |




I am not a very near freak , but I always throw someting that we don’t use. Our house maybe become clean and big. because my house is small.

03:36 AM May 21 2014 |

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I would clean up many things which I don’t use. At least, i will feel more comfortable..

03:08 AM May 21 2014 |




I am also a pack rat. I cherish everything that was ever meaningful to me. In fact, I do this to cherish a memory.

02:23 AM May 21 2014 |

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