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Comparing Quality

There are a couple of different ways to make comparisons of quality. With a one-syllable adjective or a word ending in -y or -ly, add the suffix -er or -ier to form a comparative phrase with than. For example, "This apple is redder than that one," or "My bag is heavier than yours."

With an adjective or adverb of more-than-one syllable, use more or less to create the comparative phrase with than. For example, "This dress is more beautiful than that one," or "These flowers are less colorful than those flowers."

To show that two things have the same quality, use as...as to compare similar aspects of quality (adjective) or of manner (adverb) of two items. You could say, "My bicycle is as fast as your bicycle," or "My dog runs as quickly as Ann's dog."

Comparing Quality Grammar Quiz

  1. My sister is than my brother.

  2. This soup is a plate of french fries!

  3. Your eyes are mine.

  4. The math test is the history test.

  5. Mike's car is Susan's car.

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