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Kindred Spirits
Kindred Spirits

Learn English with this kindred spirits English lesson

Date: Jul 03 2018

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Present Perfect Progressive


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How would you describe your best friend? Is she someone exactly the same as you, or is he totally opposite? Both kinds of friends are great to have in your life, but when it comes to kindred spirits, those who are like-minded are generally those who click.

Finding an instant connection with someone is incredibly rare. And it almost always happens randomly. But once you find your kindred spirit, it’s important to keep him or her in your life! Having someone who is passionate about what you’re passionate about, who always understands what you’re thinking and feeling, is truly a gift.

If you have many differences of opinion with your best friend, it doesn’t mean you’re not compatible. In fact, when it comes to romantic relationships, it’s often true that opposites attract. But when it comes to kindred spirits, the glue that holds friendship together is the quality of two people being the same.

Who has a kindred spirit, Marni or Jeff? Find out in today’s English lesson about friendship.


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Jeff:  So what’s up, Marni? It’s been awhile.

Marni:  It has been. You know what, Jeff? I just met this great woman, and we are so like-minded. It’s like we’re kindred spirits!

Jeff:  Kindred spirits, huh?

Marni:  Yeah. We think alike. We act alike. I just feel like everything that she says… it’s like we finish each other’s sentences. We’re just so much alike.

Jeff:  Doesn’t that get tiresome after awhile? I feel like the people I’m best friends with, we kind of hit it off because we’re opposite in a lot of ways.

Marni:  Really?

Jeff:  Yeah.

Marni:  I don’t know. It was funny. We just ran into each other randomly, and we had this instant connection, and we’ve just really been spending so much time together. She’s just so great!

Jeff:  Well, I’d watch out for that. You might drive each other nuts after awhile. I’ve been there. Let me tell you. It’s all about the yin and the yang. That’s what I’m saying. A balance.

Marni:  I think it’s nice to find someone that you’re compatible with, right?

Jeff:  It’s true.

Marni:  You share the same feelings about things, and you’re passionate about the same things. I don’t know. I think you need a kindred spirit, Jeff, and I think you’ll change your mind.


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Jeff and Marni haven’t seen each other in awhile, and it’s soon clear why. Marni has a new best friend! In fact, Marni’s friend is so like-minded that Marni says she is a kindred spirit.

Jeff thinks that it’s better to be best friends with people who are different than he is. He agrees with Marni that it’s important to be compatible with your friends, but he thinks that it’s boring if two people are exactly the same. For him, friendships should have a balance of personalities and opinions.

Even though Marni listens to Jeff, she’s still excited about her kindred spirit. She tells Jeff that once he meets a kindred spirit, he’ll understand her point of view.

Do you have a kindred spirit? How did you meet him or her?



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No. there is no a person as Marni says in the article who I had ever met.  But in some things about  life or emotion, we may have the same views. Some friends may have the same feeling in lives. Some friends may have the same problems in emotions. And some may completely agree my education on children.  Only it is limited some ways.


I may have the same exiting as Marni when I meet a person really like me absolutely. But I know it is impossible.  If there really would have been a person completely like me, I think I would be more curiously than excite. Maybe it were really tiresome as Jeff says with the time  lasting long.


07:06 AM Jul 03 2018 |




In my idea, it is really very rare to find out kindred spirits in instant connection. Even though friends may have much more things in common but I think they will not completely overlapping together and they will not absolutely kind-minded people. 

You know what, differences always makes movement. For example in physics science differences between 2 point’s temperatures will cause a heat transfer. Another illustration is the electric charges transfer bcz of different potential. 

Also, in real life, I think the rule is still right. I believe that, people with same minds maybe will get together for a short time but it will not take a long time. On the other hand, different thoughts will stick them to each other bcz of their different viewpoints about same things.

I’ve got lots of friends in both sides. However, the main point for taking friends in connection is something in common. That’s all.

12:57 PM Jul 04 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i can’t hit it off with someone immediately because i dont trust quickly ..anyway i can get along with not having a friend for a long time. having different opinion with my best friend means we are not much compatible with eachother,though it is random to find a person who is compatible with me….

i have been friends with someone for 8 years we were like minded but now we are not friends anymore ..so not every like minded friends have a lifelong friendship…

09:19 AM Jun 20 2014 |

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11:36 PM Jun 16 2014 |




the kinda relationship sucks bcs u ‘ll get bored. look around u , nobody is the same like u , talikng abt thoughts.. presidents , churchs, cultures.

dont u think that if have the same thoughts the world will be bored ?

08:07 PM Jun 12 2014 |




On the one hand, you want the comfort of being agreed and your values being shared by someone. On the other, you need to hear different opinions and be stimulated by new perspectives.  A kindred spirit is great for the first point but maybe not so much for the latter. Your current circumstances would determine which type would be “good” for you – e.g. family and friendship availability; intellectual curiosity and tolerance; the lelvel of self-confidence.  

11:50 PM Jun 11 2014 |




No doubt , to meet someone who shares our own  interests is a good thing ,however, it is also  worth considering that  at the same time  that person, if necessary,might be able to challenge  our mind-set .  Both, Marni and Jeff,  to a certain degree are right .   My opinion is  although it is a rare gift  to find a kindred-spirit  who is on the same page  most of the time , I don´t need a  clone of  myself  ,i prefer  someone ready  to open my mind with new thoughts, to show me the way when i am wrong.  

01:02 PM Jun 11 2014 |




i don’t have a kindred spirits, but i have a best friend, we don’t have a lot of things in common, but we can understand what we really want to say, how we feel, she can see the sadness just by looking at me, and i really Love my best friend, god bless you :)

12:58 PM Jun 11 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i feel more relaxed being with  like-minded  persons,you know the sense of somebody confirm what ever you said..and no need to try to convience sb.

it wont be boring  to have a friend like me

09:36 AM Jun 11 2014 |




I met my friends 2 years ago. We encountered on a course at first time. She sat down randomly next to me,we had istant connection and began to talk to each other and we were countinually talking during the course. Fourtunately we live close each other, so we can speak often.

It is a strange but a very good friendship I think, because she live in a very different life and she has opposite features then me. She is very punctual, orderly and careful. She has a diploma, likes history very much, she doesn’t have a family yet just a boyfriend.

Contrary I am a bit disorgenised, unpunctual. I just have a high school and I have family. I think it is good because we have different experiences, and we see the world different ways.

But both of us are very hardworking, we can talk about everything but we never jelaous of each other. I guess it is a relly big value this days.

09:34 AM Jun 11 2014 |




its not important to be  like -minded with person you have long friendship with.Its more important that this person is able to hear your opinions and share all feelings with you,happiness and sadness.

08:28 AM Jun 11 2014 |


United States

I met a kindred sprit 1 year ago. She is my language exchange partner. She is not completely like minded with me; feeling and life goal are very compatible. Our goal is same, to improve each languages. The time spending with her is fun for me.

06:53 AM Jun 11 2014 |



9 months ago I’ve found someone who is really nice to me and yes , we are kindred spirit. She is from Russian and I’m from Thailand. you know what , we just ran into each other randomly. We love the same thing like movie , music but sometimes we just have difference oppinion , too. but that’s great because we can share , exchange the expirenced and give some advice to each other.

It’s was great to have her as my best friend but what a sad ! She will guiz the job in the end of this month and back to New Zealand to continue study in college.

you know , It’s really hard to find out someone who is really get along to you and like minded.

I’wll love her forever <3 

05:39 AM Jun 11 2014 |




It’s hard to find a friend who has a lot in common with you…

If did, that’s really a gift from GOD





For me ,The best friends is who makes me feel comfortable .I care less about the personalities that is opposite to me or not.

02:38 AM Jun 11 2014 |




One thing about best friend. It makes you feel good! The friend who is not domineering, but kind, understanding, respectful and not demanding is a good friend to me. And.. It doesn’t make you wait. Feels like I’m too demanding ;)

01:18 AM Jun 11 2014 |




I’m like Jeff… I hate having someone who’s exactly like me. That’s not funny at all! I like to meet people who are literally my opposite. I’m interesting to them, and they’re interesting to me. As simple as that!

01:40 PM Jun 10 2014 |

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