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Learn English with this bullying English lesson

Date: Jun 26 2018

Themes: Friend, School

Grammar: Relative Pronouns


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Fight, fight, fight! It’s a classic scene in the school yard. A couple boys have started circling around each other, fists raised, ready to throw a punch. But before the fight starts, the teacher runs over, pulls them apart, and keeps anyone from getting hurt.

It’s not always easy to stop bullying, though. Kids who are insecure feel like they need to go on a power trip, and they look for someone weaker who can be picked on. And bullying doesn’t always mean fists. Sometimes kids take it out on other kids with mean words. Whether the bullies are just starting to make fun of other kids or actually hurting them, they need to be stopped. It’s important to raise awareness about the issue, so everyone feels safe at school.

Complete today’s English lesson to learn who was a bully and who was bullied. You might be surprised!


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Marni:  I just saw this kid being picked on by these other kids, and I had to say something because it’s bullying. It’s horrible, and it just reminded me when I was in high school of how I was bullied.

Gary:  So it’s actually really strange when I watch kids like that now, and I realize that I was actually on a power trip when I was in high school. And I did the same thing to people.

Marni:  You were a bully?

Gary:  I was. I was so insecure, and I didn’t even realize it, so I would take it out on someone else. All these shy kids who couldn’t defend themselves. It was just this big old group of people. We called ourselves “The Entourage of Badness,” and we would just make fun of people.

Marni:  That sounds terrible.

Gary:  Yeah.

Marni:  People that are so domineering, you know, they just don’t understand their power over people. And it’s just not OK.

Gary:  And I felt that way, actually. I would just dominate the conversation. I would just push down on someone. I’d yell at them. I’d make them feel awful. It’s nice to know that you can move away from it and learn from your past.

Marni:  I think it’s important that there’s more awareness about bullying.

Gary:  I agree.


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Marni just saw some kids being bullied, and she felt like she needed to say something. She wants to defend the kids who are being picked on because she was also bullied in high school and understands what the shy kids are going through.

Gary says he was insecure in high school, too, but he was actually the bully. He took his insecurity and turned it into a power trip. He made other kids feel badly, so he would feel more in control.

Marni thinks that what bullies do, including what Gary did, is really bad. Gary agrees with Marni, and he’s happy that he was able to change and learn from his past. Marni wants to raise awareness about bullying so that it will stop.

Were you ever bullied? Or were you a bully? How can bullies change?



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cassidywuSuper Member!


Why I have paid for Super And I still cant use the preview and grammar zone?

06:06 AM Jun 27 2018 |




I always hate about bully especially in school. Because the students have to come school and their parents can’t go school with your children.

03:53 PM Jun 26 2018 |

1 person likes this


United Arab Emirates

I was bullied in high school when I changed to another class. So still I hate that time . But now as a teacher  I have to stop any bolly boys in school

05:53 AM Jun 26 2018 |

1 person likes this


ola3Super Member!


Who is a bully and why he does that gruesome job making the other peers easily follow him/her. First of all, the bullies has got something out of whack going in their life. Maybe their parents are getting divorced, maybe they don’t have enough love, having been abused and bullied back in thier life and now are taking it all out on somebody who has quite an opposite situation. So bullies are insecure people who want to restore their hurt ego by putting the other down. It can be a non-stop tease, a beat-up…
How to stop them
1. Ignore
2 take the martial art, street fight class to be exact – it will boost your confidence
Bullies unfortunately never change, but they can be stopped for while. It’s sad, what people are capable of to make the other life a nightmare.

02:24 PM Jun 25 2018 |




mm well , bullying has always existed..it has had several changes , i mean the aggressive is higher than last 20 years.

i think that most part of these changes are focus on  tv programs , radio , video games , and of course INTERNET…!!!

chido culeros XD!!!

10:01 PM Jun 28 2014 |


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

I was bullied but not at school . I hate bullies who are insecure and they try do it in order to cover their lack of self confidence.

09:41 PM Jun 25 2014 |



also was bullied when i was 10. Not at school, but it doesn’t matter where such things happen. It’s really awful and i can’t forget this pain. But from the other side i became stronger, now i always try to see the real face of people, not a mask. 

i forgived my offenders. You know, it was difficult but i’m glad i did it. This world is full of cruelty, someone should stop and not send evil to others.

02:22 PM Jun 24 2014 |

2 people like this




I had been bullied from primary school until two grade in junior school,Looking back now,I still felt those days would be the darkest days in my life.When i was in primary school ,i was bad at study.Every mistake i made could be exaggerated by those “Teacher Pets”,They always making fun of me by imitating my words and my action.From their eyes,it’s easy to read how smart ,powerful they are and how foolish i am.Asking teacher for help looks like a feasible way to stop this.Actually ,It doesn’t work at all or it may stimulate them,giving them a thought that their power was threated,which made things become more worse.

Many bullies have the same feature.They won’t let you off easily.They often try to find where is your limit.So one day,i fight back ,picked up the stick and hit one of them heavily.Then,All of this were over.Some of my classmates think i am brave.Brave,Too Ironic.I hit him ,het got the pain like i was only in different way.Damn it,How can’t i feel the happiness like he do? Eye for eye and a tooth for tooth is not a good way to solve problem,But ,For a small group people deserve to be treat like that.

12:39 PM Jun 23 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think its the matter of family when a kid bullies in school ,psychologically they are actually weak people  inside but  wanna show their physical power over people to take respect .they lack  self-confedence and many emotional problems  in their family so they fill their loss by bullying .

09:45 AM Jun 23 2014 |




@AryelLanes  I know that kind of your felling at that time… :))

I remember when I was in the primary school,grade 3. I was bullied by a guy and I fought back. Finally,both of us were seperated by the teacher…

i hate bullies. They have never considered the feelings of being burried..

02:58 AM Jun 23 2014 |




It’s a great topic that needs long discussion, in fact i bullied and was bullied several times, the people i bullied i wish i could apologize and ask for forgiveness now, and the people who bullied me are some of my best friends now after they changed and became helpful. in brief, bullying when it’s not so grave and when you’d caused it to yourself in controlled situation is very fun especially when you’re the best student in the class and provocating ur mates on days of exams…


01:17 AM Jun 23 2014 |




I hate bullies! Seriously, I’d wipe every single one of them out of this earth if I had the chance – literally!

I was bullied when I was in secondary school, and all I can say is: you will NEVER forget! These people are just bastards who have nothing better to do. They are actually jealous of you! They know that their lives are so miserable that they’ll never be anything at all. They will never grow out of that. They get a kick out of putting you down… That’s what makes them feel better! What kind of people are they? Monsters! Since they find your life more interesting, they try to take all that hatred out on you. Pathetic…

Some people say that there’s a cure for that, but guess what?! There isn’t! When they get older, they will be big goof-offs or they will probably end up working for you and being your servant… That’s the best payback time ever ! I hate it when I see someone defending them saying that they’re just kids and whatnot. OMG! That’s the worst excuse I’ve ever heard! What about the other kid? So, they can just walk away and pretend that this is all over? What about the permanent deep scar that they left in your heart? It takes time to get over it… A lot of time! And even when you do, you wish they could just die for making you go through something like that… The simple fact that they still exist and are out there having fun bothers you… :@

I’ve changed a lot because of that. I became a very cold person when I went to high school. Life taught me that when you’re too kind, these nasty people will always show up to trample over you. If you’re cold and tough, they’ll fear you and leave you alone. No one ever dared to mess with me after that.

05:34 PM Jun 20 2014 |

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