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Relative Pronouns

Relative pronouns are used to give more information about a person or a thing. The five most common relative pronouns are who, whom, whose, which, and that.

The name relative means these pronouns relate to, or tell about, the word they modify. For example, "The man who drove my car is my brother." Who is a relative pronoun that gives more information about "the man."

When talking about people in formal English, we use who (for the subject) and whom (for the object). For example, "My friend who just had a baby quit her job," or, "My friend whom I met for drinks last night is moving soon."

The relative pronoun whose is used to show ownership, as in, "The person whose car this is must have a lot of money."

Both which and that are used to modify things. For example, "This is the book that I was talking about," and, "That house, which has a big yard, would be good for a large family."

Relative Pronouns Grammar Quiz

  1. The woman you talked to is my mother.

  2. The car Jason bought was really expensive.

  3. The project manager quit is losing money.

  4. We are looking for people are responsible and hard-working.

  5. The computer, is already a good price, is on sale again.

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The man, who lives next door is my colleague.

The doctor, whom you visited yesterday is my brother-in- low.

The restaurant, in which we met for the first time used to be a private house care.

03:46 PM Oct 23 2016 |




The people who own Ebaby must be rich and good English.

11:55 AM Feb 20 2015 |




This is a topic which I get confused.

03:01 PM Jan 03 2015 |

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The girl who is working is my friend.

The man whom I liked to talk to became my husband.

The woman whose car is beautiful lady.

This is a dog that I am looking for.

The cellphone, which is my favorite, is useful fro me.

I don’t know if these are right, if anyone find any error please tell me, thanks

07:47 AM Jun 06 2014 |



i don’ unterstand?

06:55 PM May 05 2014 |