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Game Night
Game Night

Learn English with this game night English lesson

Date: Sep 05 2018

Themes: Friend, Hobbies

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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It can be as simple as playing with a deck of cards. And it can be as complicated as hosting an all-out, geeky board game event. With all kinds of games to chose from, game night can be anything you want to make it! There are quiz games for your brainiac friends, card games for others. No matter what you choose, you’ll quickly learn who’s competitive and who’s not.

What makes game nights fun is the group of people you play with. You can invite your best friends over for an evening of laughter and delicious food. Make it a potluck, so everyone can bring a favorite dish. Even though it might sound nerdy at first, game nights are always a lot of fun.

Who’s hosting a game night? And who’s invited? Explore today’s English lesson to find out!


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Marni:  So, Jessica, I am hosting a game night this Friday. Would you be interested in coming?

Jessica:  Oh my goodness, Marni. I would love to be there.

Marni:  Great! I like all kinds of games. Board games, card games. Anything that you’re interested in, in particular?

Jessica:  I like board games as well. I can bring a deck of cards. I’ll plan to be there after we watch Jeopardy.

Marni:  Wow. So, are you going to bring some of your brainiac friends along, then?

Jessica:  Of course.

Marni:  All right.

Jessica:  And I have a plethora of games to bring, so we’ll play well into the night.

Marni:  It is also a potluck, so bring something to nosh on because we’re going to need our energy.

Jessica:  That sounds good. All right.

Marni:  So, it can get a little nerdy, I will warn you, because my friends are really serious about winning. They’re very competitive.

Jessica:  OK. Well, I’ll remember that.

Marni:  OK.

Jessica:  I’ll keep that in mind.

Marni:  We’re all open to all kinds of games, so I think it’s going to be fun.

Jessica:  I’m excited, Marni. Thanks.

Marni:  Me too. See you Friday.

Jessica:  See you Friday.


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Marni is inviting people to her home for a game night. She asks Jessica to join the fun.

Jessica agrees right away. She is interested in lots of different games, so she’s excited to play with Marni. Jessica also plans to bring a lot of her smart friends along to the party. They sound nerdy and competitive, but it’s likely they’ll have fun playing games, too.

To make sure the people playing games have enough energy, Marni tells Jessica that game night is a potluck, too. Along with a plethora of games, Marni, Jessica, and their friends also plan to have plenty of food.

Have you ever hosted a game night? What’s your favorite game?



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fabio kelch


Game nights are great, more than fun and woks de mind, it´can help  a family or friends have a good moments together.

07:38 PM Jul 13 2014 |

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Game nights are indeed fun, but in my opinion, movie nights are better, especially if you’re with friends and family. The only issue with watching it with friends and, especially family, is, once an intimate scene comes up, things can get extremely awkard.

10:16 AM Jul 13 2014 |




O,  the card games are the social phenomena!  They are a global events! And i think, that card games help to evolution of attention and memory!

09:53 AM Jul 13 2014 |

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One of my all time favourite games is chess. But when i’m losing, its my least favourite.

09:38 AM Jul 13 2014 |




I Like play ping-pang ball and play card.In  china,most of chinese is good at ping-pang ball,and chinese  ’play card” is called “fight landlord”


05:31 AM Jul 13 2014 |




When I was at university, my best friend used to organize a game night after each final exam. The only rule was that every invited person should bring snacks. Scruples, Titanic, Guess who?, Scrabble, Pictionary and the classic Ludo and Monopoly were the board games that we enjoyed playing well into the night. Without a doubt, a good way to relax after all that stress!

04:38 AM Jul 13 2014 |

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I think chess is my favorite. 

02:43 AM Jul 13 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh card games and game nights. It reminds me about all the funs we had way way back. I was a kid when we used to host lots of parties, with so many relatives coming by and playing all kinds of card games well in to the night. Even though sometimes it’s was so noisy and so packed, it was absolute fun. There were no internet, satellites, no many TV channels with all kinds of serials and movies. So people used to gather somewhere and just talk, laugh and play cards which I really miss. Those days will never come back but the memories of those old days remains forever.

07:57 PM Jul 12 2014 |




When I was living along with my friends in special accommodation places during B.Sc. course inside of university we were playing lots of these games specifically card games together. For example, one of the popular games was truth or dare. Mostly they were last until 2 or even 3 AM. Besides, many friends have came over us and we were watching movies with each other as well as we were talking about various subjects (especially girls (just kidding)). Totally we were enjoying those nice night. 

07:27 PM Jul 12 2014 |


United States

Here is a very interesting sharing, it certainly would be useful for our students. I enjoy it. http://www.yepi4game.com | http://www.juegos-friv2.net | http://www.huz2game.com

02:55 AM Jul 12 2014 |

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Sometimes its good to play the old classic board games and card games to get away from today’s electronics. Even though board games and card games seem outdated in today’s world with all those apps and video games, the old stuff never fails to entertain you.

11:02 PM Jul 11 2014 |



I have hosted game nights.  It’s really fun.  There’s a popular game in my country called “Forty” it’s really fun, specially because of the slangs and funny phrases you have to say while you play.  

07:01 PM Jul 11 2014 |




I remember when i was younger, i would play all sorts of games with my brother. Whether it be video games or card games, it’ll always end up in an argument of who was cheating, and most of the time i cheated, becuase he won too much; i was extremely jealous of that.

08:47 AM Jul 11 2014 |




I remember when i went travelling with my friends, we usually played board cards outside and drank beer!!!   :))

02:57 AM Jul 11 2014 |

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