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Learn English with this hipsters English lesson

Date: Sep 14 2018

Themes: Alternative, Fashion

Grammar: Adverbs


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In a world where many people feel entitled to the latest fashion and mainstream clothes, hipsters decide to go against the flow. By choosing to wear alternative clothing, hipsters create a unique style that might be different from person to person.

One hipster might wear sloppy grunge clothing. Another might buy 20 year old dresses from a used clothing shop. There are no rules about what hipsters can and can’t wear. After all, it’s about being different!

Learn what Gary and Jessica think about hipsters in today’s fashion English lesson.


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Gary:  I’ve kind of got this weird take on hipsters.

Jessica:  You do?

Gary:  I do. I don’t know if I actually agree with what the mainstream definition is of a hipster.

Jessica:  OK.

Gary:  Because it’s supposedly this alternative lifestyle.

Jessica:  Mmm-hmm.

Gary:  And I just don’t agree.

Jessica:  I always saw hipsters as being people who go against the flow, who are really unique with their style and look.

Gary:  But they’re not unique in the grunge kind of way, which goes back to the sloppy clothing.

Jessica:  Yeah.

Gary:  Hipsters dress in really nice clothing, take care of themselves…

Jessica:  That’s true.

Gary:  ...and like older clothes or newer clothes. It doesn’t matter as long as they look nice. So I like it, and I don’t understand why people are saying that someone is a hipster and therefore they’re bad, not cool, or uncool when they’re just doing something that they like.

Jessica:  Exactly. Well, I think everybody is entitled to dress and look how they want.

Gary:  Yeah.

Jessica:  So I’m open to it. I like hipsters.

Gary:  I agree.


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Gary tells Jessica he has a strange opinion about hipsters. While most people think hipsters all choose a particular way to live, Gary says he thinks hipsters are simply people who don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. For Jessica, a hipster is just a person who looks different on purpose.

It seems like Jessica and Gary mostly agree that being a hipster isn’t the same for everyone. And that’s OK. Jessica thinks everyone should be able to wear whatever clothing he or she wants, and Gary agrees.

Are you a hipster? How would you describe hipster clothing or lifestyle?



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I’m not a hipster, definitely. I’m not into fashion, either.  

02:05 PM Sep 23 2014 |

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El Salvador

I completely go against the flow, ‘cause I don’t consider myself being part of any fashion trend, not even hipsters!

04:20 PM Sep 15 2014 |

Marcel We

Marcel We


Actually, I like this whole hipster lifestyle. In my opinion, being a hipster means to go against the flow, but furthermore I think that the meaning of being a hipster is to find your own style. And what’s most important about this style is that you comfortable in a way that you like how you look and that there’s also some kind of attitude contained in it. Unfortunately, lately I’ve noticed that there are more and more young people try to imitate this hipster style, but not because of the reasons I’ve mentioned above, mostly they do it to get attention and to “follow the flow” ... I’m not a hipster, but I also try to create my own style and not wear exactly the same as everybody else :-)

06:10 PM Sep 11 2014 |




I am a hipster at heart!! :D, but no, I don’t wear old sloppy clothes. In the part of the world I live hipster lifestyle isn’t popular. But isn’t that the whole point of it, to go against the flow? I, for one, love to keep a low profile and daring to look so different will only attract too much unwanted attention. It’s an alternative I’d like to consider someday should I try out a creative career. 

09:10 AM Sep 11 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like being different in clothing style among my contemporaries.i am not a hipster but wear unique and grunge not as much as hipsters.lol.anyway this way of clothing is not accepted by family they expect me not to wear messy and sloppy clothing.going against the flow seems good anyway..

06:00 AM Sep 11 2014 |




yes it is true it is upto them what they want to wear and how do they want to look..everybody has a different taste and style so let them go with that we should frown upon them just because of their clothing style. 

05:32 AM Sep 11 2014 |



the most thing i like in hipsters is the glasses they wear usually, i tried to once but i does not suit me.

i don’t fit togther with their dressing, but i love that they don’t care and wear what they want to. i live that they  are against the law.

*correcting me is very welcome

04:42 PM Sep 10 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like the idea of living for yourself and thinking freely but i don’t like to live like hipster,wearing old and sloppy clothes and so on,even i dont like the persons around me wear torn, sloppy ,old clothes just because they decided to go against  the flow.

08:09 AM Sep 10 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in my idea hipsters convey happiness and joy to others by the way of their clothings, i like to see them

08:05 AM Sep 10 2014 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey !

Hipsters are people who enjoy clothing, music, food and activities outside of the social mainstream.

One of the most important aspects of a hipster’s style is accessories. Flower headbands, triangle necklaces, neon nail polish, funky belts and bright ties are all finishing touches.

i like hipsters…:)

03:37 AM Sep 10 2014 |




I’m not a hipster,but hipster is cool.It difficult to looks perfect for matching clothes from different ages.They must be very creative .

03:12 AM Sep 10 2014 |

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