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Learn English with this gelato English lesson

Date: Oct 19 2018

Themes: Food

Grammar: Adjectives


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Do you become obsessed with every new fad? Do you become crazed when a new item comes out because it seems better than the old, or are you usually happy with what you have? There are always new things to buy or try, from electronics to clothing to food. To some people that’s not that big a deal, but to others, it’s extremely important.

Gelato is becoming more and more popular in some parts of the US. While it’s not a new dessert… gelato has been made in Italy since the 1920s… it’s still new to many people, which makes it exciting. And for some, new and exciting desserts must be superior to boring, old ice cream. Can you tell the difference?

Jessica and Gary have had very different experiences with gelato. Do they love it as much as their friends do? Find out by reading today’s English lesson about an Italian dessert.


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Jessica:  So, Gary.

Gary:  Yeah.

Jessica:  I was on Facebook.

Gary:  OK.

Jessica:  And I saw people posting this new type of gelato that’s out locally. And it must be some kind of fad or something…

Gary:  Fad?

Jessica:  …because everybody’s obsessed with it.

Gary:  Are people around here really crazed about gelato, and just need to try all these different flavors?

Jessica:  I don’t know. I think a lot of people think it’s superior to ice cream.

Gary:  Wow.

Jessica:  There are very unique flavors, like salted caramel, and…

Gary:  I really enjoy gelato. And where I’m from on the east coast, you can get it in a cup. You can get it in a cone. And it’s not that big a deal, because I think there are so many Italians there, that the restaurants all carry gelato. So, it’s really normal. Personally speaking, I can’t tell the difference.

Jessica:  Really?

Gary:  Of ice cream and gelato.

Jessica:  We’ll have to have an ice cream gelato party.

Gary:  Let’s go right now.

Jessica:  Sounds good.


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Jessica tells Gary that a lot of her friends seem to be crazy for gelato. They’re discussing gelato on Facebook, in particular the unique flavors that are available. Jessica says that some people seem to believe that gelato is better than ice cream. As for her, she doesn’t have an opinion… yet.

Gary explains that gelato was always available where he grew up on the east coast of the United States. He thinks it’s because of the Italians living in that part of the country, as gelato is an Italian dessert. Gary isn’t able to tell the difference between gelato and ice cream. He suggests to Jessica that they have a party and serve both to their guests.

Have you tried gelato? Does it taste different than ice cream? Which is better?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i dont have any experiance with gelato  but as i understan it must be some thing like Alaska  or Kime  in iran  that moustly  it  use in all plases

04:22 AM Jun 11 2019 |




How do I know the difference between gelato and ice cream. In my mind ice cream is just one flavor—sweet. And I don’t like most of the sweet food especially sweet bread or cookie and sweet soup. But I like sweet fruit such as durian, very sweet, I think it’s the natural flavor.

11:02 AM Oct 19 2018 |




I tried it a few months ago. The shop comes out with different flavors of gelato everyday. The one I ate was flavored with lychee, a kind of tropical fruit. It tasted more original and natural but less sweet than ice cream.

12:34 PM Nov 24 2014 |




i have never tasted and frankly speaking never heard it before. i would surely try this if i come across this dish anytime.

05:59 AM Oct 25 2014 |




Both A 2020 and Nayer are definetly right. Ice cream’s invention originally came back to Iranian nation. I just wanted to make you to be sure about this.

Totally I don’t like fad things and bcz i always should wait for time to make money and buy these things but after spending that time something new come out and mine get older and make me upset about that.

Anyway, I did not try Gelato or whatever u say and indeed, I’m not curious about it at all. 

05:38 PM Oct 20 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi to all :)

I am Iraninan but I live in Germany.

In Germany gelato  has a nice ,good and sweet taste like Italian too.

But I also would like to share with you all that Persian Ice Cream holds a very special place in my heart. I love the fact that every bite is a delicious blend of saffron and rosewater.  And I love it even more when the ice cream is placed between two wafers and eaten like a sandwich. YUM!.... BASTANI :))))



Here in my area, particularly children and women like Gelato. For me, it’s difficult to differenciate gelato with that of ice cream. As I guess, gelato is a home made one with short shelf life and ice cream is a bit complicated industrial product which needs deep freez. Anyways, next time when I go home, will try to differenciate the two and also learn on how to make home made gelato.

11:59 AM Oct 20 2014 |




I’ve never tried it in my life… But it sounds tasty! Maybe someday… :)

10:54 AM Oct 20 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Unfortunatly it’s my first time to hear about gelato, I don’t know muc more about it. But I love ice cream

08:50 AM Oct 20 2014 |


julioms23Super Member!


Gelato is one of the best desserts for me.. It contain to many nutrients and also a good taste

06:59 AM Oct 20 2014 |

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The word “gelato” comes from the italian verb “gelare” ,that means frost , and not  “sur-gelare” that means more cold, deep freeze or ice.

It is not easy to explain the difference between ice cream and gelato,but I will try with some examples.

The gelato looks like the fresh milk, instead the ice cream looks like the long life milk.

The gelato must be eaten in few days,because it is  often an handmade product.

The gelato doesn’t need the deep freeze like the ice cream,because it cannot be stored like ice cream for more than 2 years.

The gelato looks like a genuine ,homemade and fresh product and its success depends on the fantasy and ability of the gelato-maker.

The ice cream is an industrial product,different technologies to make it.

A spoon of gelato excites , stimulates the pleasure center of the human brain, like pleasure sensations.

Eating a gelato is a multi-sensorial experience.

There are four reasons to prefer the gelato:

1)it has a nice ,good and sweet taste;it is exciting and gratifying;

2)it is fresh and refresh us and,when the weather is so hot, gives us a sensation of well-being;

3) its substance  is soft and velvety;

4 and last) eaiting or licking a gelato we have fun, we become again all children .

The eat or to lick a gelato gives us power,vitality and longing for live….

The ice cream satisfies our body but not our way to live,to think,to love other people.



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