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Beat Around the Bush
Beat Around the Bush English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Nov 18 2014

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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Hundreds of years ago, when certain people went hunting for food, they would bring others along to help. Their job was to hit (or beat) the ground around the plants and bushes to get the animals or birds to come out. When the animals or birds came out, the hunters would kill them and take them home. It was a system that worked well.

The people whose job it was to beat around the plants and bushes didn’t try to hit the animals or birds. It was too dangerous, and the hunters wanted to do it themselves, anyway. Today we say that someone is beating around the bush if they’re not saying or doing something directly. Much like the people who helped the hunters long ago, if you’re beating around the bush, you’re trying to say something but you’re not being clear. You’re hitting the plants around you, but not hitting the animals themselves.

Why is Lily beating around the bush? Why won’t she say what she wants to say? Find out in today’s English lesson.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Lily:  So, did you hear that Gary and Brian are hiring Jessica on full time?

Rafael:  Yeah. Yeah, not only that, but she’s getting a raise.

Lily:  Oh, wow. That’s really great.

Rafael:  You don’t sound like you think it’s really great.

Lily:  No, I do! I think it’s really great for her, but… I don’t know. I just wish that my boss appreciated me as much as they appreciate Jessica.

Rafael:  What do you mean? Marni loves you.

Lily:  Maybe. But I’ve been working there for years now, and it just doesn’t seem like anything’s changed.

Rafael:  I think you’re beating around the bush, Lily. What are you saying?

Lily:  I’m saying I need a raise. I don’t get paid enough for everything that I do. I should probably talk to Marni, huh?

Rafael:  Do it, Lily. Ask Marni for a raise. I’ve seen how hard you work. You deserve it.

Lily:  You really think so?

Rafael:  Absolutely.

Lily:  OK… Hey, Marni. Can I talk to you for a minute?

Marni:  Sure. Go ahead and sit down.

Lily:  So, I’ve been working here for a long time now.

Marni:  True.

Lily:  And I’ve learned a lot.

Marni:  Yes, you have.

Lily:  And I feel like I’ve been very useful to the company, too.

Marni:  Definitely.

Lily:  And I look forward to working for AmericanDreamD8.com for a really long time.

Marni:  OK. That’s nice, Lily, but you’re clearly beating around the bush here. What do you really want to talk to me about?

Lily:  I’d like to ask for a raise.

Marni:  A raise!

Lily:  Yes.

Marni:  Hmm. Well, it’s a reasonable request. But can we talk about this more tomorrow? I need to look over the budget first.

Lily:  Of course! Thank you, Marni.

Marni:  You’re welcome.


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Rafael and Lily are talking about Jessica’s new job. She’s going to work at StarScoop.com full time, and she’s getting a raise, too! Although Lily is definitely happy for her friend, she’s also a little jealous. She wants to earn more money as well. Rafael tells her to go in to the office and ask Marni.

Lily tries talking to Marni about being paid more for her work, but she doesn’t want to just ask. Lily isn’t comfortable telling Marni that she thinks she needs more money. When she finally asks, Lily is surprised at how Marni responds. It sounds like a raise may be in Lily’s future after all.

Do you beat around the bush, or are you able to ask for what you want? What kinds of things are difficult to talk about?



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05:13 AM Apr 18 2017 |



Beating around the bush is the quote of English. Literature of English is wonderful for the overall production of the essay service for chances. Culmination of the English lessons is very important and nicely produced.

09:59 AM Aug 26 2016 |



ı found an interesting article about today lesson and ıwanted to share it,

Think your breakup was painful?

” I’m Just Not Ready Yet “

We are all very familiar with this line, it is only a guy beating around the bush because he just can’t say “I don’t want you anymore”. This line might come in the forms of “It’s not you it’s me”, “You’re special to me But I need time”, “I can’t commit yet but if I had to, you’d be the one”. It’s only a way for a guy to tell you he wants to be with other women….

source : RR official.

12:29 AM Nov 19 2014 |




I think there is no i-don’t-beat-around-the-bush person unless he\she is bold and frank enough and i would envey him\her for that.

i tend to beat around the bush when i don’t like something someone i know is saying or doing. i find it hard to say “what nonesense you’re saying\doing” so i just ignore it in the end….Well unless it affects me :)

06:32 PM Nov 18 2014 |




why do people prefer to beat around the bush ? 

especially young and shy boys dont express their feelings to the girls directly..they beat around bushes ..then women who have broken hearts and deep pains behave same ..desperate ships dont crusie in the open seas..

COZ, people always have fears..losing fear..fear of being understand wrongly..fear of reject..fear of despise..

04:22 PM Nov 18 2014 |

Jhon Smith

Jhon Smith


Sometimes I do when I am communicatign with educated people so clearly they will get what I want to say , and yet if it doesn’t work out and I will stand up for myself and get to the point.

01:51 PM Nov 18 2014 |




 At least to Lily is giving a slight hope  that a raise might be in her pay check next month.I wasn´t that lucky, It has always been awkward for me  to talk about a raise with my boss. I remember one day that I took courage to got into my boss`s  office : it went like this ” Sir, I need to talk to you about a raise , a raise? he shot back, yes Sir !! a raise,  well, we can talk for hours if you like ,but that doesn´t mean that i am going to give you a raise  . The next day i started sending applications for a new job. :))))

10:15 AM Nov 18 2014 |




When I want to ask for my husband  to do something or buy something  I sometimes I beat around bush  and cant say directly what I want.Women mostly like to beat around bush and give different reasons for it.))

09:55 AM Nov 18 2014 |




lol…it depends upon the situation to situation frankly. lets suppose if i need a holiday or anything else form my boss first of all i will beat around the bush a bit rather than asking for it directly.

however, In frinedship you are supposed or believed to be straight forward rather than beating around the bush as it will cause more problems.

05:44 AM Nov 18 2014 |

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