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Learn English with this unicycles English lesson

Date: Feb 15 2019

Themes: Hobbies, Travel

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Do you have good balance? What about your coordination? It takes both to ride a unicycle. If you’re willing to train, build your core strength, and not be afraid to fall, you could become good at it one day.

Riding a unicycle isn’t only for people who juggle in the circus. In today’s world, that’s a stereotype that’s just not true anymore. Learning to steer a unicycle without one’s hands is a great way to get exercise. Plus it’s just plain fun to challenge yourself to try something new.

Can Jessica or Gary ride a unicycle? Learn about this unique sport in today’s English lesson.


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Jessica:  So, Gary.

Gary:  Yeah.

Jessica:  My cousin rides a unicycle.

Gary:  No way.

Jessica:  Yes. He was trying to train to be in the circus, and he is incredible. His coordination...

Gary:  I bet his balance...

Jessica:  ...and his balance, yeah. And his core strength. It’s all in the abs, because you’re not using your hands to steer.

Gary:  If he has what it takes to ride around on the streets on his unicycle, and ride through the roads and all the street lights…

Jessica:  He absolutely does.

Gary:  So, what does he do when it gets to yellow and red and he’s… I can’t imagine how hard that is.

Jessica:  I know this fits the stereotype when you picture a unicyclist, but he can actually balance, and go forward and back while he’s juggling.

Gary:  Wow.

Jessica:  So, I’ve seen him stop on the street and just juggle while he’s on the unicycle.

Gary:  Wow. The core strength for that…

Jessica:  I know.

Gary:  ...just to keep your stomach and everything so relaxed and tight at the same time.

Jessica:  It’s very impressive.

Gary:  Maybe he could show me how to do it one day. That would be amazing.

Jessica:  Absolutely. Sounds like fun.


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Jessica is proud of her cousin. He can ride a unicycle, which isn’t something that everyone can do. Not only that, but her cousin can juggle at the same time. Jessica clearly thinks that he’s an excellent unicyclist.

It’s obvious that Gary knows that unicycling is hard work. He understands that a person needs to be strong and have good balance to ride one. When he learns that Jessica’s cousin rides his unicycle on city streets, Gary is even more amazed. He even asks Jessica if her cousin might have the time to teach him how.

Can you ride a unicycle? If not, do you want to try? Why or why not?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of


No I havent tried a unicycle and Im sure its not easy to steer a unicycle!

But I dont feel good to act like circus jugglers😁

I never understood why adult people like to ride scooters, roller skates or hooverboards on the streets??🤔

07:12 AM Feb 16 2019 |



I want to try cos it’s something new to me.
It can train my balance and coordination.

12:27 AM Feb 15 2019 |

1 person likes this




i ride a unicycle and it is a great exercise.

12:39 PM Dec 14 2014 |

1 person likes this

jorgeguevara61Super Member!


I don`t like unicycles es very difficult to practice to me. I like play soccer and other sport

06:54 PM Nov 30 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi !

I like weird stuff, It is more fun than a bike.

I think unicycle’s slow, not hurt so much when u fall down.

05:38 PM Nov 30 2014 |



WHY NOT :)))

ı tried to walk when ı was a baby ..ı fell down many times..ı cried too..Im sure :) but at last, I succeed it ..

then ı tried to ride BIcycle ( small note : ı learned to ride three-wheeled cycle before it ) ..again ı fell down ..my knees were hurted many times..b ut ı didnt give it up ..and ı succeed it too..

now UNICYCLE  :) its musnt be hard too much :)))

yes ı want to try it  :)

03:13 PM Nov 30 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

really I feel enjoy to see any person ride unicycle it would amazing I hope one day ride uncycle

09:50 PM Nov 29 2014 |




I’m in love with anything new and challenging so i’d love to give it a try one day.

02:33 PM Nov 29 2014 |




I used to ride unicylce at a time, friend of mine had one. But now I supposed to train againg before I sit on it. Basically you need one week exercise  and you are able to ride it…

02:08 AM Nov 29 2014 |




I dnt like to try unicycle cause  I can lose coordination at all and it needs some training.

12:24 PM Nov 28 2014 |




I can’t ride unicycle.i want to have a try.cool.

10:23 AM Nov 28 2014 |




I can’t ride unicycle and I wouldn’t try it, because I even can’t ride normal bycicle to well! I mean that I can ride bycicle, but if I reach a narrower or slider street I always afraid of falling!  :-) Unfortunately I haven’t got good balance. But I admire those people who can do it. Although I think there are many other sports which recquire balance and strength too, like role skating, skating. And of course ice dancing ! It’s so amazing, but to tell the truth I haven’t tried any of them. I rathaer like to see them!

09:58 AM Nov 28 2014 |

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