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Learn English in this skateboarding ESL lesson

Date: Aug 09 2019

Themes: Friend, Hobbies, Travel

Grammar: Definite & Indefinite Articles


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There are so many ways to travel in the world. Some people like to ride a bike. Others drive or take the subway. We can even fly through the sky in an airplane! But there aren’t many cooler ways to get around than on a skateboard.

It takes a lot of practice to get the hang of skateboarding, but people with good balance and coordination can learn pretty quickly. However, you have to be careful. Skateboarding can be intimidating when you see how dangerous doing tricks is.

Kellie tells Brian she wants to learn how to skateboard. Find out who will teach her in today’s lesson about a different mode of transportation.


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Kellie:  So, I heard that you skateboard. Is that right?

Brian:  Yeah. I haven’t done it for a couple years, but I was a big skateboarder back in the day.

Kellie:  Oh, really?

Brian:  Yeah, I just actually used it as a mode of transportation. I didn’t have a car, so it was the best way to get around for me.

Kellie:  Did it take you a long time to get the hang of it?

Brian:  It does take a certain amount of balance and coordination. But as soon as you do it for a couple days, it just becomes natural.

Kellie:  I kind of want to try, but I need a teacher. Maybe you could teach me?

Brian:  Yes, of course. Some people think it’s intimidating, like they have to do tricks. But you can just skateboard. You know it stands the test of time as a mode of transportation.

Kellie:  Well, I would like to try it.

Brian:  I’ll grab some of the boards out from the garage.

Kellie:  OK, great. Let’s go!


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Kellie wants to learn how to skateboard. She heard that Brian is pretty good at it, and she wants him to teach her. She wonders, though, if it will take her a long time to get the hang of it.

Brian used to skateboard a lot, but he doesn’t anymore. He has a car now, but before, his skateboard was his main mode of transportation. He agrees to teach Kellie how to skateboard, because he doesn’t think it should be intimidating for people to learn.

Do you like skateboarding? What is your favorite mode of transportation?



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GWTASuper Member!


in the picture you can see my favorit mode of transportation

07:56 AM Aug 09 2019 |

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I wish I could use! It’s completely ridiculous for women to use it here. If you just try it in public, people might think you have mental problems! I always use my private car to get around not because I’m a good driver or can drive well. Actually neither of them.(I hate driving)  Public transportations are not available a lot where I live. In addition to that they are very crowded and uncomfortable as well. 

10:30 AM Aug 04 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Yes I like skateboarding, but I never skateboarded! A couple of months ago I was at my uncle’s and saw his little boy getting around the apartment on a skateboard. The idea thrilled me, so I wanted to check it and I was star-struck that I had no balance at all. But I still like it!

I use public transportation, since I don’t have a car yet, but it’s not my preferable mode of transportation, it’s just what’s available to me. I like walking more, but it’s not a wise choice all the time.

I can also bike, but it’s not appropriate for girls to get around on bikes here.

02:58 AM Aug 04 2015 |




For me, Skateboarding is verry hard because i have a problem of ballance, i didn’t try to practice it in all my life. I prefer bike as a mode of transportation

Sorry if i have do a mistake i try to learn english. This is my first day with you, i’m so happy to contact you: SALAMOU ALIKOUM, Hello

10:38 PM Aug 03 2015 |




Skateboarding is not for me , furthermore, i don`t see  people in my city using this mode of transportation, occassionally a young boy  is getting around  skateboarding . Also, to hop on  a skate  the streets have to be perfectly paved ,free of bumps , and this is the problem that i see in my city , too many obstacles.  I don`t have a preference  ,either a bus, subway, and walking in short distances. 


United States

I hate skateboarding , It is so noisy . I hate those kids . 

02:35 PM Aug 03 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It seems to be so exciting. I like to try it! But I know it need more exercise to be expert.
My favorite mode of transportation depends on travel distance!

For long distance traveling of course I prefer airplane. In city public transportation like bus or subway is good for me.

Although I hate subway because it’s dark and depressive. However, most of time in Tehran you can’t find other choice better than subway!




Yes, I like skateboarding. I was learning, but now maybe I forget how to coordinate my body and stay in balance. I remember that was intimidating when I started. If I start it again it is possible that take less time to get the hang of it.
My mode of transportation is bus and subway. Most of the time I walk, I love walk.

12:44 PM Aug 03 2015 |




I can’t skateboarding. Nowadays I use car for transportation. But some years ago, I used bicycle or public transport. Favourite mode of transportation? Your own car is the most comfortable but bicycle is the most healthy.

You must decide you want to be comfortable or healthy  :)

11:15 AM Aug 03 2015 |



Sri Lanka

My brothers and I used to skateboard as fast as the wind when we were kids. As we lived in a small city we skateboarded on the streets without any fear. I still skateboard for fun with my daughter on the paved areas of the parks, but never on the busy roads.

My favorite mode of transportation is car. It’s comfortable and prevents me from getting burned to a cinder in the hot sun.

In the evenings I normally use my motor scooter to get around the city or walk if the distance is not that long.


11:06 AM Aug 03 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I didn’t know that skateboarding is considered as a form of transport, let alone as a main mode of transportation! (I saw it only as a kind of sport) Interesting indeed, Brain! I’d like to learn how to skateboard too but I guess I need lower my expectations of getting such a skill ASAP cos I always had difficulties of keeping my balance and coordination.

And what an interesting way to commute (of course, not with such a grace cos it doesn’t move fast), But It doesn’t need any fuel to move, all thanks to your feet and you needn’t worry about finding a parking lot after you got your office, all you need to do with your board is, putting it under your arm and entering your office all along with your vehicle in hand. But it isn’t guaranteed if your boss would welcome it and wouldn’t fly off the handle when he/she sees you entering the office like that.

By the way, I was reading a magazine the other day and read an interesting news that a Chinese man made something cool called an “Electric Suitcase Scooter”, What on earth is that? Well, imagine you have an important appointment and you just took a taxi to get there but after a while, you find yourself all stuck in a heavy traffic jam moving at a snail’s pace. Not a problem at all, if you got your special suitcase on you. You leave the cab with a confident gesture and press a button on the suitcase and … and … BOOM!!!, No heck no. (I was just joking around, sorry if it sounded a lame joke) No, surely it’s not gonna blow up on you after you press the button, but it only turns your suitcase into an electric scooter in a jiffy. Wow, what a great invention. It really reminds me of James Bond’s movies as we used to see all of his eccentric gadgets there. Anyway Good job, Chinese man.

05:46 AM Aug 03 2015 |




I like watching people do skateboard tricks instead of doing it myself.I am bad at balance and coordination.When I see kids skateboarding passed through me,My eyes will follow them until they out of my sight.My favorite transportation now is bike.Summer is a good season for riding a bike which is a wonderful way for excercise.


clovieiraSuper Member!


It’s a good lesson about skating but I prefer go to work by car, by bike, by feet. skating is only for practice sports for transportation I think very dangerous. 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like my car, but I also do walk, take the bus etc., I don’t work, but for going to my university i usually  take the public transportation , or whenever i have an appointment someplace  or if I have errands to run ,,

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