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Senri Kawaguchi
Senri Kawaguchi

Learn English with this drummer English lesson

Date: Jan 02 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Relative Pronouns


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Senri Kawaguchi has quite the story. She started playing the drums when she was only five years old. When she was eight, she began to study drumming with a “drum master.” When she was 12, she made her first CD. Now 17, her precision and skills have been noticed around the world.

Senri Kawaguchi has also won many awards for her work as a percussionist, her first one at the age of 10. It’s easy to call her a child prodigy when watching any of her many videos that recently went viral. Senri Kawaguchi is an inspiring young musician whose passion will take her far.

Brian and Gary are talking about the gifted Senri Kawaguchi. Read on to learn what her drumming means to them in today’s lesson about music.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Gary:  Brian, tell me you saw the video of Senri Kawaguchi playing the drums.

Brian:  Is that the 17 year old drummer who went viral?

Gary:  Holy cow, her videos went viral!

Brian:  Yeah. It’s just her playing drums.

Gary:  Yeah. She is a percussionist to the max, man!

Brian:  She seems like she’s very gifted.

Gary:  I just want to play the drums after watching her.

Brian:  Yeah, it’s definitely very inspiring. Do you think that she’s a child prodigy?

Gary:  I would say so. I actually wondered how she got her skills.

Brian:  I just think practice. If someone has enough passion... you can see young people doing amazing things all the time. It seems, though, that nowadays with webcams and the internet, it just goes huge all the time.

Gary:  And her precision... wow! I do not have those skills and would love to learn from her.

Brian:  Then you should! You should take a drumming class.

Gary:  OK.

Brian:  I can teach you basics.

Gary:  I didn’t know that!


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Brian and Gary just watched a video of Japanese drummer, Senri Kawaguchi. They’re both amazed by her skills and talent. Since she’s only 17 years old, Brian wonders if she’s a child prodigy. It’s clear that she has worked hard for years to be as good as she is today.

Gary says that watching Senri’s videos makes him want to play the drums. Brian says that he can teach Gary the basics of drumming, but he also suggests that Gary take a drumming class. Senri Kawaguchi’s videos are clearly inspiring. She’s sharing her love for drumming around the world!

Have you watched a Senri Kawaguchi video? What do you think of her drumming skills?



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Åland Islands

Oh It’s really fantastic post to learn english with drummer. I think its easy way to learn english with musical instrument while keep doing our routine activities like essay writers review while enjoying music.

01:43 PM Oct 13 2016 |




SENRI KAWAGUCHI The amazing little drummer girl!

# lost poet

12:25 PM Jan 04 2015 |

1 person likes this



guau she is awesome, It’s incredible she is very young but she can to play so good

07:03 PM Jan 03 2015 |




I’ve never heard about her :p

03:56 PM Jan 03 2015 |



Russian Federation

I’ve never heard about her before. Thanks for this very interesting lesson :)

I found her videos inspiring too since I have always been dreaming about playing drums.. I really hope I will learn to do this one day!

11:46 AM Jan 03 2015 |

1 person likes this




Just like julito, I searched on you tube and woow, she is really talented.

07:01 PM Jan 02 2015 |

1 person likes this




I have never heard this musician.

06:07 PM Jan 02 2015 |

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I have just went to you tube to know  more about Senri Kawaguchi and see her performing on stage venues. She is considered the best female drummer of the world ,considering her young age this recognition is a remarkable achievement .

Will Gary be able to hone up the basics of drumming without  been evicted from his apartment for upsetting the  quiet hours that are mandatory in the building he is living in.  lol…   stay tuned !!

05:20 PM Jan 02 2015 |

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