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Cover One's Bases
Cover One's Bases English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Jan 27 2015

Themes: How To, Soap Opera, Travel, Work

Grammar: Past Perfect Tense


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Baseball is a popular American sport. Have you ever watched a game? In baseball, there are four white squares on the ground called bases. Players who are hitting the ball need to reach all four bases… first, second, third, and home… to move ahead in the game and score a point. It’s all about the bases in baseball!

It makes sense, then, that to keep a team from scoring points and winning the game, it’s important to cover the bases. If your team isn’t covering all of the bases, the other team could easily win the game. It’s important to be ready for anything. People who don’t play or even like baseball know that to cover all your bases means to be completely prepared. If your bases are covered, you’re more likely to have success.

Marni wants to make sure that Lily has covered her bases before moving. Find out where she’s going in today’s English lesson about big changes.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Lily, are you ready for your big move? Have you covered all your bases?

Lily:  Everything’s happening so fast. Are you sure I’m the right person to open up a new office in Paris?

Marni:  Yes. Absolutely! You’re highly skilled, and you speak French. C’est magnifique!

Lily:  I guess. You know, I’d forgotten how hard it is to move to a new place.

Marni:  Have you found an apartment yet?

Lily:  No, I figured I should just walk around the different neighborhoods first and see which one feels the best.

Marni:  That’s a good idea. Do you know anyone in Paris? It’s important to have an emergency contact when you move to a new city.

Lily:  Yeah. My dad’s friend from the Army lives there, and his daughter is my age.

Marni:  That’s good. Do you have your passport?

Lily:  Yes. I think I also need a work visa.

Marni:  You do, and I’ve already taken care of that.

Lily:  Awesome. Thank you. And I need to give my apartment keys to my landlord tomorrow.

Marni:  What about your mail?

Lily:  It’s forwarded to my parents. They’re also taking custody of my cat, Simon.

Marni:  Well, sounds like you’ve covered all your bases.

Lily:  I hope so. Am I making the right choice, Marni?

Marni:  Absolutely. You’re going to be great!


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Lily is getting ready to leave the country. She’s opening a new AmericanDreamD8.com office in Paris! Marni believes that Lily is the perfect person to do this because she’s good at her job and she speaks French. Lily’s a little nervous, though.

Marni asks Lily about all of the things that she should do before moving away. Lily has her passport, and Marni got Lily’s work visa for her. Lily is giving her keys to her landlord and her cat to her parents. Her mail will be sent to her parents, too.

The only thing left for Lily to do is to find an apartment in Paris. Fortunately, friends of her father can help Lily if she needs an emergency contact.

Do you think that Lily is ready? Are you good at covering your bases?



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I’m not so good at covering my bases but I’ve been working on it.

09:57 AM May 30 2015 |




I think Lily is well prepared for moving, however finding an apartment in a foreign country doesn’t seem an easy job!

I try to prepare as much as I can. In fact, I’m thinking of quitting my job, and moving to another city this year…I’ll have to cover my bases in order to face some months of unemployment… wish me luck! ;)

10:47 PM Feb 01 2015 |




Yeah Lily appears to be fairly ready. what about me ? oh gosh , i am utterly a last – minute girl. i must admit that i normally tend to procrastinate ☺

08:11 PM Jan 27 2015 |




  • I hope I will cover all bases in English language. :)

Thank you.

02:32 PM Jan 27 2015 |




So, Seiyf, we’re still learning English, right!

02:31 PM Jan 27 2015 |



some information about AmericanDreamD8.com,

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RESULT, there is no AmericandreamD8 site ..

AmericanDreamd8.com is an only domain for building “Englishbaby site “

Note : if Im wrong, Ebaby can give us enough and true information ..

11:57 AM Jan 27 2015 |




Whenever i have to travel i  double check  that i carry with me  all the necessary documents required to  leave the country. My worst nightmare would be to forget my passport . I remember when i was in California and i needed  to fly to another state , i thought that i had covered all my bases, so i could fly with an easy mind     , i was dead wrong, i had requested the service of a taxi  to pick me up and take me to the airport, the taxi driver was at the door waiting impatiently for me ,what had happened ?  I couldn`t remember where i had kept my passport , the time for me was running out , where is the passport , my God , i was going crazy  ,I wont be able to fly and worst, i will have to pay to the taxi driver 50 bucks for coming to pick me up.  At the last moment i found the passport .   puffffff. what a relief.!!

11:48 AM Jan 27 2015 |





if a remember well, and pls. EB`s members correct me if i am wrong ,AmericanDream is a dating site.

11:23 AM Jan 27 2015 |

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Yes, Lili seems ready. It’s totally normal to feel excited and a little bit worried even you have covered all your bases. Lily is going to be OK.

I am not very good at covering my bases. I can never feel ready for a big cnahge.

08:57 AM Jan 27 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

what`s the meaning (( AmericanDreamD8.com)) ?  who know ? answer  please.

07:14 AM Jan 27 2015 |





03:20 AM Jan 27 2015 |




Wow ,Congratulation to AmericanDreamD8.com on opening a new office in Paris!!!Big news and very exciting.It’s a good chance for Lily to Paris starts from the begining.Good luck Lily.

When start a new journey,Everyone would be nervous ,Even if you covered all your bases,You still got a feeling of something wasn’t covered.That’s normal.

02:29 AM Jan 27 2015 |

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