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Book Clubs
Book Clubs

Learn English meaning of book clubs

Date: Mar 20 2019

Themes: Friend, Hobbies

Grammar: Reflexive Pronouns


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Many people read for fun. It could be a novel or a book of short stories, but what they have in common is that the books can take a reader to another world. Reading is an activity that people do alone, but what if they want to talk about what they’ve read?

Book clubs are the perfect way to get together with friends to discuss a book they’ve all read. In a book club, you can learn a different interpretation or ideas about the story that you had not thought of before. We often go out with friends to see movies and then chat about them afterwards. Why not do it with books and stories?

Marni tells Jessica about how she wishes she had someone to talk to about a book she had just read. Learn more in today’s English lesson about wanting to join a book club.


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Marni:  Jessica, I just read the most fabulous book. And I was thinking I want to be in a book club.

Jessica:  You should join our book club!

Marni:  Really?

Jessica:  Yeah. It’s such a fun and exciting commitment. Because you choose your book, and then you’re all kind of in it together. You get to read the book and discuss your interpretation of the book.

Marni:  Right, because I found myself really wanting to discuss this book with someone but nobody I knew had read it. What do I do with these questions I have? And that’s what I think makes a good book, right? All the questions that it brings up. I would love to have a lively discussion with your book club about whatever you’re reading.

Jessica:  That would be wonderful. Maybe you can come next week to our book club meeting. And maybe we can read that book and have a very lively discussion about it.

Marni:  I would love to come. Thank you for inviting me to your book club.

Jessica:  Yeah. That would be fun.


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Marni is really excited about a book she just finished reading, but she wishes that she could talk to someone else about it. She thinks the book is good, but she has many questions that she would like to discuss. Marni is thinking of joining a book club.

Marni is talking to the right person because Jessica is in a book club. Jessica tells Marni about how her book club can have really fun and exciting talks when they get together. She invites Marni to join her group for the next book they read.

Do you like the idea of a book club? Would you like to talk about stories you’ve read?



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Really interesting! I would like to join one…

01:46 PM Mar 20 2019 |



Yes ,Iwould like to join a book club , it is always nice to share and discuss ideas with people

11:41 AM Mar 20 2019 |



Yes ,Iwould like to join a book club , it is always nice to share and discuss ideas with people

11:41 AM Mar 20 2019 |




I am more like buttafly, instead of a book club I am fan of book stores. I can spend hours in book stores, I like to touch and feel the book before buying it. A book tells me if it’s for me or not when it’s in my hand. That’s why I don’t like buying books online. 

06:38 AM Mar 26 2015 |




Reading is my hobby. I have to read 15-20 books per year. In my city there a lot of book clubs. Most of them is coffee shop. We can check the meeting time in network social media. The BBS advise the meeting topic. If I interesting that book or topic, I could booking that.

I think book clubs is a efficent social tools. I could recongize a lot of guys, because we have same interesting.

01:58 AM Mar 26 2015 |




I think the book club is not for me. You got to be a fast reader to catch up with those ones who reads fast, in order to be on the same page when you all will in me a cozy circle of trust. ‘Now.. let’s discuss it. Who read the book and who didn’t’. I’m terrified already. Reminds me the school years. I like non fiction mostly and some fiction that throws you into thinking mood long long winter  evening. And the books written with a good language. Oh, I’m too picky :)



yeah ,, goodreads amazing website. one of the best actually.

07:16 PM Mar 25 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I surely like the idea, but I never tried. I mostly like to read books and rate them on Goodreads, then I may add my comment to join others’ comments, or I can discuss a comment with someone else, so we can share our views and interpretations together. Maybe it can be considered as a book club.

05:43 PM Mar 25 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Looks like you have found the hidden motive behind my book club visits, dear Julito.

I swear I love discussing about the books, but I love cakes and tea more. I wish you were here, so that we could go to some book clubs together and have fun. 


05:28 PM Mar 25 2015 |




I love to read a good book, but joining a book club to talk about it during the reading process or afterwards, is not for me. If a book is good,  I totally get sucked into the authors creative style of writing. What I love though is being in a book shop. Browsing, paging, smelling, deciding. The whole process can be very arrousing up to the point when you finally start to get lost in the pages. That’s when I know! That’s when I can’t wait to get home to start escaping the bounds of reality for a little while….

habiba 18

habiba 18


when reading a good novel full of action and emotions, it’s amazing how it can absorb you and effect all your senses and instead of seeing letters and phrases you start seeing landscapes and characters moving and you can almost hear them in your mind, i may not read much but when i do i really really enjoy it :D



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Reading a novel or a comic book is so felicific for me and more enjoyable of that, is discus about them with someone or more!
As I know there are some book clubs on the internet that you can share your ideas about whatever you read but, a book club where you can go there, is lively and rapturous.

12:14 PM Mar 25 2015 |




Mahtab.bp, I think the forum is for advanced English speakers. It’s a bit over my head :(

But I’ve already have an idea what to do and I’ve created a photo album called “The Books I’ve Read”. But as you can see I’m too lazy to read many books and to write about them as well :D

Tomorrow morning I’ll add a new photo, I promise you. Be ready to leave comments.

julito1, I’ve read Emilio Salgari’s books as a child and plots seemed to be interesting. But those books were translated very badly. In those old days there were a lot of such books.

11:59 AM Mar 25 2015 |




Hey, now i am serious. I consider very important to read good books and novels. A book  lets our imagination fly  ,  expand our horizons . Unfortunately with the advent of  new technologies ..read instant communication as internet, smart phones , where is the time  to open a book ? I am glad for  Crazyshadow that is reading a great novel ,Robinson Crusoe. When I was young I used to read Emilio Salgari`s adventures books. I wonder  if  his books are widely read now. hmmmm…. 




Use our general fiction questions when you can’t

find specific discussion questions. They’re basic but



1. How did you experience the book? Were you

engaged immediately, or did it take you a while to

“get into it”? How did you feel reading it—amused,

sad, disturbed, confused, bored…?

2. Describe the main characters —personality traits,

motivations, inner qualities.

• Why do characters do what they do?

• Are their actions justified?

• Describe the dynamics between characters

(in a marriage, family, or friendship).

• How has the past shaped their lives?

• Do you admire or disapprove of them?

• Do they remind you of people you know?

3. Do the main characters change by the end of

the book? Do they grow or mature? Do they learn

something about themselves and how the world


4. Is the plot engaging—does the story interest you?

Is this a plot-driven book: a fast-paced page-

turner? Or does the story unfold slowly with a focus

on character development? Were you surprised by

the plot’s complications? Or did you find it

predictable, even formulaic?

5. Talk about the book’s structure . Is it a continuous

story…or interlocking short stories? Does the time-

line move forward chronologically…or back and

forth between past and present? Does the author

use a single viewpoint or shifting viewpoints? Why

might the author have chosen to tell the story the

way he or she did—and what difference does it make

in the way you read or understand it?

6. What main ideas— themes—does the author

explore? (Consider the title, often a clue to a theme.)

Does the author use symbols to reinforce the main

ideas? (See our free LitCourses on both Symbol and


7. What passages strike you as insightful, even

profound? Perhaps a bit of dialog that’s funny or

poignant or that encapsulates a character? Maybe

there’s a particular comment that states the book’s

thematic concerns?

8. Is the ending satisfying? If so, why? If not, why

not…and how would you change it?

9. If you could ask the author a question, what

would you ask? Have you read other books by the

same author? If so how does this book compare. If

not, does this book inspire you to read others?

10. Has this novel changed you —broadened your

perspective? Have you learned something new or

been exposed to different ideas about people or a

certain part of the world?

10:08 AM Mar 25 2015 |




Hello book fans . Count me in . Not that i`am  eager that a book  took me to another world  .  Although i woud pretend that i am throughly  enjoying a  lively discussion  , my hidden motive is  more of this world  ... wanna guess ? cakes , tea from  Sri Lanka . :)))))



I like it. Just like the topic called “put our heads together” yesterday. It is not only for fun, it will develop our futher thoughts.

09:54 AM Mar 25 2015 |



I like it. Just like the topic called “put our heads together” yesterday. It is not only for fun, it will develop our futher thoughts.

09:54 AM Mar 25 2015 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I really like book clubs ,and I really am into it when we meet, discuss and sometimes make efun of other ppl

09:08 AM Mar 25 2015 |

2 people like this



I totally agree.

have a nice day too, with my best regards~

07:53 AM Mar 25 2015 |

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