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Science Fiction
Science Fiction

Learn English meaning of Science Fiction

Date: May 31 2019

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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When we read books or watch TV and movies, we’re usually interested in them because they tell stories that are very different than our daily lives. They might introduce us to different countries, or a type of job we don’t know about. But there is a genre of fiction that can show us another world that doesn’t even exist.

Science fiction is based on a made-up idea of what the future will look like. It might show ideas of future technologies and how they affect people. Science fiction is interesting because even though it may not be based in reality, some people feel like it can tell the future.

Sara tells Kellie about a science fiction book she is reading and how much she likes it. Learn more in today’s English lesson about a made-up future.


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Kellie:  Hey, Sara. Is that a science fiction book you’re reading?

Sara_R:  You caught me! It is. Do you read science fiction?

Kellie:  I don’t. I’m not really into the whole made-up sort of thing. I like things that are based in reality. But I’m always interested in what other people are reading.

Sara_R:  You should try it. I love the genre because it’s a great way to escape reality and live in another world. There are so many possibilities and ways that the future is portrayed. It’s just fascinating.

Kellie:  Tell me a little bit about this story that you’re reading.

Sara_R:  The story is that there is a whole race of people who are basically clones of real people. And the clones are the backups for if something bad happens to the real people. They can use the organs from the clones, or use the skin, or anything. Clones find this out and want to escape and be real people, which they are.

Kellie:  That’s interesting. I’d be keen to check it out.


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Science fiction might not be a genre for everyone. But Sara is a big fan and likes that it can take her to another world. She says that science fiction can show us the many different possibilities for the future.

Kellie doesn’t share Sara’s interest in science fiction. She likes stories that are based on real life. But after Sara tells her about an interesting science fiction book that she is reading, Kellie is a little curious.

What do you think about science fiction? Is it something you enjoy reading or watching?



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Compared with movie i am more into science fiction book and the best is to communicate with other people and share each others imagination.

01:46 AM May 20 2015 |



Dominican Republic

I love to watch science fiction movies. I think are very interesting.

12:25 AM May 20 2015 |

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