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Learn English meaning of geocaching

Date: Jul 12 2019

Themes: Hobbies, How To

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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When you were a kid, did you play hide and seek? The challenge of finding someone who is hidden can be a lot of fun. Some children enjoy thinking of a hiding place they believe that no one will look. Others like the excitement of searching and then finding their friends in an unusual location.

Geocaching is a game for adults that uses a GPS device and specific coordinates to find something that’s been hidden out in the world. The object that’s hidden isn’t that important. Finding the location is what matters. Usually the geocaching receptacle is not in a place where it can be stumbled upon by chance. You really have to search for it!

Neither Gary nor Julie have tried geocaching, but they’re both interested in the game. Read on in today’s English lesson.


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Gary:  Do you like games, Julie?

Julie:  I love games.

Gary:  Do you like in person, real life, outside of your home type games?

Julie:  Are you talking about geocaching?

Gary:  You totally got it! Yes. It’s such a cool game.

Julie:  I’ve never done it, but I have stumbled upon several of them when I’ve been out on hikes.

Gary:  Really?

Julie:  Yeah.

Gary:  Did you have a GPS device, or the coordinates of a location? Nothing!

Julie:  No, it was purely by chance.

Gary:  Wow.

Julie:  It’s really cool to find them. Is the actual thing that you put the objects in, is that called the geocache? Is there a name for the receptacle that they put stuff in, or is that just “the box?”

Gary:  I have to admit I don’t know. I think it’s just “the box” thing.

Julie:  OK. What do you do when you find it? You just say, “Yay! I found it.”?

Gary:  Honestly, I’ve never done it. I don’t know anyone who ever has. That’s why I was curious if you were interested in games like that, if you had done that.

Julie:  Let’s get some people together and try it.


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Gary wants to know more about geocaching. He has heard of it, but none of his friends have gone geocaching, and neither has Gary. He seems excited about this game that happens outdoors and uses GPS to find coordinates.

Julie has never gone geocaching either, but she has found some geocaching boxes when hiking. While she seems to like the idea of the game as well, Julie has as many questions as Gary. With so little information, it seems unlikely that the friends can learn how to play on their own.

Have you ever been geocaching? What did you enjoy about it?



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@science boy ,your answer exceed my imagination even though i know it is reasonable.But i thought you would find a place to hide,observing the bear like a scientist always do in lab.

09:02 AM Jun 30 2015 |




@S&W, I ran to home as fast as I could :D You’d be surprise how fear make us stronger and faster than we can even imagine :)

08:48 AM Jun 30 2015 |




No, i have never been geocaching.But when i was young ,we played hiden and seek a lot.Gecaching was created for adults to find back their childhood memory.I am going to experience it.

@Science boy Wow your experience sounds very exciting.Wild animal ,bear.What did you do as you saw the bear?

02:24 AM Jun 30 2015 |




I have been to play hiden and seek, when I was child. I have not been to play geocaching, when I was aults.

I think I will enjoy that, because we need play outdoors and with lot of friends. It can be good heathly for us and help our societyship.

11:06 PM Jun 29 2015 |




hahahaha! i feel like i am dinosaurio - GPS , coordinates , what are they talking about ?. In my times we used to play hide and seek, the streets were our playground .I miss those times .

09:45 PM Jun 29 2015 |




I have never done geocaching but it would be interesting. There can be some interesting places to do it. For example, in desert or in rain forest. :) These places give more challenge for this game.

Sometimes to find a street or an address with GPS is similar to a geocaching too because it is not sure that you find it…..

10:44 AM Jun 29 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I didn’t know about Geocaching and this information about that in this lesson was not enough for me to know exactly what it is!

So I google Geocaching, result was www.geocaching.com and information on wiki which those was useful.

I think the idea of this game is interesting and it could be a good way to encourage traveling to new places and exploring. It is a good fun.

Hope to play Geocaching one day!

10:20 AM Jun 29 2015 |




Geocaching ! well, i gotta admit it’s my first time hearing about such a game  :( and guess what, i am really intrested. This game sounds real fun and a challange (i like challanges) besides it would make the players feel nostalgia toward those seek-and-hide days. i need a team and maybe then i can play geocaching.

09:34 AM Jun 29 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i have never played Geocaching but one of my favorite games was Hide and Seek .

09:27 AM Jun 29 2015 |




Wow, Ola, You had an amazing experience. I have never been geocaching but I have a smilar experience with those crazy mosquitos and bears. As my childhood home is in a village that is actually nearly in a jungle, I have so many experiences with wild animals.

08:47 AM Jun 29 2015 |




Once, we went geocaching. Holly cow! That was an experience! It was a wine tasting tour, but before that we were kindly offered to find sth that was supposedly was the prize. We were given GPS devices and took on a journey into the woods through the cranberry plantations. Not reaching the woods, we were accompanied by black flies, who wanted to tell us where the prize was hiddlen. But since we don’t talk that buzzing fly language, we still were in the dark about the hidden treasure. But I’m telling, the black flies knew a thing or two about where the object was, getting more and more frustrated at our stupitidiy, by occasional bites, and never leaving us alone.  After cruising around for an hour, not found anything, we moved into the forest still in hope to find sth and there our ordeal began. We stumbled upon a very unfriendly guys, the treasure guards, mosquitos, who knew we’re close and our devices started flashing like crazy. There were clouds of them, mosquitos, not letting us to move forward. We forgot what we came for, we were literally running for our life. I’ve never, never in my life saw so ferocious, so big in numbers, little guys. Oh, yeah, they can eat you alive. Brrrr. And, of course, we didn’t had a mosqito repellent . Even if we did, I don’t know if it helped. Then coming out again on the field, to the black friendlier tipping off flies, who were very peaceful now not much biting, looks like they gave up on us,  we sat on a rock besides a stream and there was something lurking in the bush – a bear. He was watching us! So, harldy breathing, taking back steps quietly, not losing a bear out of site, we safely reached the shop where the wine tasting was awaiting us. And, want to admit, that that was the best part of our journey. After having 12 different wine samples, we forgot about our misfotunes, unclaimed prize and that was a happy time. The end. :)

02:13 PM Jun 17 2015 |

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