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Learn English meaning of 'futsal'

Date: Nov 20 2019

Themes: Friend, Hobbies, Pop Culture, Sports

Grammar: Comparing Quality


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People love to play soccer all over the world! You can kick a soccer ball on the beach or play in your backyard. Did you know that there is an indoor version of soccer called futsal that is becoming more popular every day?

Futsal started in Brazil, and many top soccer players around the world, like Lionel Messi, started playing futsal when they were young. People enjoy the game because it is played on small courts with only five people per team. The players are under pressure on these small courts, and they can show off their soccer skills.

Gary tells Marni about the futsal team he plays on. Find out more about his love for the game in today’s English lesson about futsal.


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Gary:  The past two summers, Marni, have been wonderful for soccer.

Marni:  Oh, really?

Gary:  The Men’s World Cup happened. The Women’s World Cup just took place. And it’s been so much fun to get together with all of my futsal teammates.

Marni:  Futsal? Tell me more! I don’t know much about it.

Gary:  Oh Yeah! So, I play on a team. And we play indoors on a really small court, so it’s like indoor soccer. And it’s really exciting and super fast like hockey because you have walls that the ball can be played off of.

Marni:  And because it’s a smaller space, does that make it go back and forth a lot more?

Gary:  Actually now that I think about it, it’s probably more like basketball.

Marni:  Oh okay!

Gary:  It’s that fast. And the goals are really small, and funny enough every now and then, which is actually really rare, there is a penalty where someone will have to shoot the ball on net.

Marni:  I think as a spectator I would find futsal more interesting than soccer because one of my problems with soccer is that it just seems like it takes so long.

Gary:  I’ll let you know when the next game is.

Marni:  I would love to come watch it!


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Gary has fun playing futsal with his teammates. He likes it because it is super fast like hockey, and the goals are really small. He invites Marni to the next game.

Marni doesn’t know much about futsal. After listening to Gary, she thinks futsal is more interesting than soccer because soccer is too slow for her. She wants to watch Gary play.

Do you like playing futsal? Which sports are your favorite?



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I don’t like playing futsal. My favorite sports are running and swimming.

05:41 AM Dec 01 2015 |




when i was kid.. i played futsal with my friends in neighborhood..but it was outdoors ..not indoors.. we determine the court by stone.. it was so funny.. and the number of the members team.. was in change everytime..hhh :D

11:18 PM Nov 29 2015 |



Great article… Thanx  lot for sharing….



11:29 AM Nov 28 2015 |



How are you mark

06:17 PM Nov 27 2015 |




It was excelent information about futsal i had not idea about it. thanks for English Baby Taeams.

05:39 PM Nov 27 2015 |


United States

Futsal is new born child ’s socccer  game ….lol . Well, humans like to create new things every day to make a life more intersteing . 

04:20 PM Nov 27 2015 |




Futsal is super popular in Brazil. it’s fun and simple! Just a court, five guys each side, and the ball…I like it!

11:41 AM Nov 27 2015 |



United States

I love this is cool.

11:11 AM Nov 27 2015 |



No. Now I dont like playing futsal. I was liking football when I was young.

Now, PingPong Ball is my favorite sport for small activity. I think PingPong ball is one sport for  women.

05:00 AM Nov 27 2015 |

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Futsal is one of the most popular sport between games ball but futsal is very specific .
The only reason why is that the players must have intelligent skill to put ball in net .
There is some important factors which players have to have them for high performance in the court .

03:58 AM Nov 27 2015 |

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