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Learn English meaning of flying

Date: Jan 25 2016

Themes: Friend, Hobbies, Travel

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Do you like flying? It is amazing to be able to travel so fast and visit faraway places. There is nothing like sitting in a comfortable seat and looking out the window at beautiful clouds. Maybe, you enjoy taking off and seeing all the buildings grow smaller and smaller. Maybe, you like to hear the voice of the pilot over the speakers.

On the other hand, maybe, you do not like flying. Many people are afraid of flying. They think airplanes are dangerous. They think it is not natural for people to be up in the sky. However, many people still have to fly for work or to visit family. They have to come to terms with their fear and board an airplane. Maybe, once they are up in the air, they will feel like it is not so scary after all.

Romeo and Gary are talking about flying. Find out what they think in this English lesson.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Romeo:  Are you still going to go to Denver?

Gary:  Yeah, my job sends me all over the place. I have to fly everywhere.

Romeo:  Oh, no. I couldn’t do that. I cannot fly. I am deathly afraid of flying.

Gary:  Really? You could come to terms with it. You could actually join me. I have a companion ticket.

Romeo:  Uh, no. I’m good. The whole landing, the taking off, the being someplace where you’re not supposed to be… I mean, men weren’t made to fly. If we were made to fly, we would have had wings.

Gary:  Yeah. I don’t know. I guess I really like the idea of getting somewhere so quickly and flying so high.

Romeo:  Yeah.

Gary:  You know, the leg room... I’m not a fan of feeling cramped in these seats.

Romeo:  Right.

Gary:  I wish I could buy a business seat when I fly, but I don’t know, it’s really exciting to just fly all over the country and see so many places.

Romeo:  Yeah, that’s what they made cars for.

Gary:  So, I can’t get you to come with me this time.

Romeo:  If you were willing to drive, we could do that. We could make a road trip out of it. But I’m not about to fly.

Gary:  Huh. I’ll think about that.


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Gary has to fly all over the place for his job. He likes being up high among the clouds. He likes getting from place to place quickly. He invites Romeo to go on a flight to Denver with him. He has a companion ticket, so Romeo would be able to join him for free.

Romeo does not like flying. He is scared of being in an airplane. He thinks that people are not meant to be up so high in the sky. Taking off and landing are stressful for him. He tells Gary that they can travel together but only if they go in a car. Gary says he will think about going on a road trip with Romeo.

Do you like to fly? Where do you want to go in an airplane?



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Yes i enjoy flying when the destination is not so far . I guess it will be boring to sit on the plane for long. Turbulances are so deathly scary. Roadtrips are really interesting especially when you are with your best friends. 

01:13 PM Sep 03 2018 |

1 person likes this



to use an aircraft – instead of cars and railways

is more safe….....so I love to fly very much

04:22 PM Feb 14 2016 |




To me, flying once a while is ok. If I have to fly often, I don’t think I will enjoy it. After all, I find flying a bit unsecured.

05:37 AM Feb 14 2016 |



Viet Nam

Fly to be free.

Nobody knows natural feel of flying. But we can imagine. The feeling of the lifting by the air. Unlimited.

You can enjoy it.


03:42 AM Feb 09 2016 |



I like flying unless it is too much.I flew about 10 hours.I was sleeping but I believe that it would have been boring if I didnt sleep.

08:56 AM Jan 26 2016 |



I love flying it’s very interesting ,I want to visit multiple places in the word .

09:05 PM Jan 25 2016 |


United States

In the long distances , traveling by air  saves time and money . However , in the short trip , traveling by car is a lot of fun and sensible . I don’t mind flying at all , but it really denpends on where I go , so I would choose which transportation I should use for my trip. 

04:09 PM Jan 25 2016 |




I like flying becouse I think it´s cool being above the clouds without the wing….

10:35 AM Jan 25 2016 |

Candy cat

Candy cat


I  Never take the airplane,but I enjoy travelling.

09:35 AM Jan 25 2016 |



Russian Federation

I very like to travelling, but I affraid to fly. Before flying I drink a nerve drugs and I enjoy flying.

07:37 AM Jan 25 2016 |

reiny kwan

reiny kwan


I love flying so much.. went to interesting and beautiful place..

i also enjoy road trip..  and travelling everywhere 

04:40 AM Jan 25 2016 |

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