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Etched in Stone
Etched in Stone English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘Etched in Stone’

Date: Feb 23 2016

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera, Travel, Work

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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There are many different ways to make plans. Some people are very flexible, and they often change their plans. These people like to wait and see what will happen. But other people prefer to make plans and never change them. Their plans are etched in stone. They like to give others a guarantee that they will do what they say they will do. If a plan is etched in stone, it cannot change.

Workers usually like to have their plans etched in stone, but this can be difficult. For example, an actor might try to get a role in a movie. An agent can help her, but she will also need to do a lot of work. Until the actor signs a contract, her role is not etched in stone. It could change, or she might not get the role. Many workers today must be flexible because their jobs are not etched in stone.

Brian and Romeo are talking about their plans for the future. Find out if their plans are etched in stone in today’s English lesson.

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Brian:  So, did you and Jessica go out? How’d it go, man?

Romeo:  It was great, man. She was awesome. But the very next day, I got a job offer in New York City!

Brian:  The Big Apple. No way! What’s the job?

Romeo:  It’s a movie role. But it isn’t etched in stone. My agent has already bought two plane tickets.

Brian:  Congratulations, man. That’s huge!

Romeo:  Yeah, it totally is. But the timing could not be any worse. I mean, I finally got Jessica to go out with me, and now I’m leaving town.

Brian:  How long will you be gone?

Romeo:  Six months to a year. But there’s no guarantee that I’ll be back here. I mean, what if I get another job offer in New York?

Brian:  You might. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.

Romeo:  Yeah. Hey, do you think Jessica will move to New York?

Brian:  Whoa, slow down, dude! You’ve only gone on one date with her. Plus… Jessica will be taking over StarScoop.com.

Romeo:  What? Wow. Really? That’s great! That’s a perfect job for her.

Brian:  It’s something she’s always wanted.

Romeo:  Has she signed the contract already?

Brian:  Not yet. It’s not etched in stone. But I’m pretty sure she’s going to accept. When do you leave?

Romeo:  Tomorrow. It seems like we’re all going our own separate ways.

Brian:  Hey, promise you’ll come visit me in Paris.

Romeo:  I promise! Hey man, good luck with you and Lily.

Brian:  Thanks, man. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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Romeo just got an important job offer to act in a movie in New York City. The role isn’t etched in stone, but he is excited. The only problem is that he really likes Jessica, and he feels bad about leaving town after only one date with her. He tells Brian about this, and Brian asks how long he will be away.

There is no guarantee that Romeo will return from New York, so he asks Brian if Jessica would move with him. Brian tells Romeo about Jessica’s new job as the StarScoop.com company president. He also tells him that she hasn’t signed the contract, yet. Although these friends are going their separate ways, Romeo can wait and see what Jessica decides to do.

Do you like to have your plans etched in stone? When was the last time you changed your plans?



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I ever liked to plan to do something  such as studying, playing  when I was a student, even when I became a worker. Usually I did that according to the plan which I  had made. It is a little etched in stone.

But now, I am so lazy that I make a plan on longer. For I found that I did something more and more hardly to according to the plan even I had made the plan.

Sometime I could make a plan to make breakfast for a week. But I could think over the breakfast first when I opened my eyes at every morning. What should we have the breakfast this morning? What should we have the breakfast this morning?... I could ask myself several times every day.

So, the plan is no useful to me now. it should be said that it is not etched in stone.

03:14 AM Feb 24 2016 |

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everything depends on our aims,expections,plans,dreams..

usually all people is flexible and wait and see , some of them has strict rules,borders,faiths and they always keep these lines..other people are flexible , they have some other variants for changing plans..

also ı know someone, she always wants to go forest for running,doing exes every day and her plans are etched in stone , No rains,snow,winds change her plans,steadfast girl .


12:25 PM Feb 23 2016 |



I think, it is necessary to plan. But only one thing is sure, the fhange. So if you make a plan you hav to get rady for the change. 

05:30 AM Feb 23 2016 |




I noticed such a thing as soon as I get a plan, I’ m eager to share it with others. I’m so excited, so adament, so anxious to get it done as soon as possible. My emotion is so exuberant that I want my friend to have this blessing of joy too. But with the time passing by, my plan somehow doesn’t go down like a barrel of oysters – something always comes up or happens that impedes its etch in stone. Another shocking thing is that In spite of lacking sensible results, I’ m still in the same blissful feeling of my plan now looming a little bit further on the horizon.
The bottom line: keep it secret and get it done no matter what.

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