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Jurassic World
Jurassic World

Learn English in this "Jurassic World" movie ESL lesson

Date: Jun 19 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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If there was a theme park full of real dinosaurs, would you visit it? What would you do if the dinosaurs escaped? It’s a scary thing to think about. Maybe you would rather just watch a movie about it instead.

The fourth Jurassic Park movie, “Jurassic World,” is finally here. If you liked the first three movies, or if you just like dinosaurs, then this movie is probably for you. But will it be as good as the first one? You’ll have to buy a ticket and find out for yourself!

Gary thinks the trailer for “Jurassic World” looks cheesy. Find out what Brian thinks in today’s English lesson about a new dinosaur movie.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Gary, have you seen the trailer for “Jurassic World”?

Gary:  Yeah, I watched it, but it looks kind of cheesy to me.

Brian:  Really?

Gary:  Yeah, I don’t think it looks very good.

Brian:  Oh, come on. With the dinosaurs and the theme park. They actually have it open now, so there are a bunch of civilians there.

Gary:  I am absolutely confident that it is going to be action-packed. And people are going to have so much fun with the dinosaurs, which is the main reason why I would watch that movie. But I don’t know, it just doesn’t look too good to me.

Brian:  I feel like they advanced the story enough. It seems like they’re playing with genetics and genetically engineering dinosaurs in a laboratory.

Gary:  Yeah, Chris Pratt is in there with his Velociraptors. The dinosaurs look amazing.

Brian:  It’s been a while. The first one was so good. And I was kind of let down by the other two. So I’m excited for a brand new one to see if they can top the last two that they released.

Gary:  Well, let me know how it is, because I really liked the first one, too.

Brian:  Yeah, I am excited to see Velociraptors fight bad dinosaurs.

Gary:  They’re probably going to have a really big role in the movie, I imagine.

Brian:  Yeah, it’s going to be dinosaurs fighting dinosaurs!

Gary:  That’s pretty cool.


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Gary doesn’t think “Jurassic World” is going to be a very good movie. He saw the trailer, and thinks that it is going to be cheesy. He does think it is cool that dinosaurs will fight each other in this movie, though.

Brian is excited to see the movie. He thinks the people who made “Jurassic World” have advanced the story a lot. He thinks it is interesting that the scientists in the movie are genetically engineering the dinosaurs.

Do you like dinosaurs? Will you see this movie?



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United Arab Emirates

I am also trying to learn english by watching movies with subtitles because some characters in a movie has a very unique accent that i really don’t understand about what they are talking that’s why i commonly used movie’s subtitles to easily understand it at movierulz.us. Anyways, the information that you have provided is really interesting for me, thanks for sharing it with us.

09:23 AM Aug 04 2016 |



Viet Nam

When I was a kid, I used to think that dinosaurs only have in our imagination. However, when I grew up I know that dinosaurs did exist from thousands years ago,  and I am very excited every time I watch the movie showing dinosaurs. I watched “Jurassic Park ” several times on HBO, and I like to see the chase between dinosaurs and people. It’s fun.

10:31 PM Jun 21 2015 |



Dominican Republic

I don’t like this type of movies. The only dinosaur that I like is Dino, the Flintstones’s pet. :)

04:54 PM Jun 21 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


Imagine if dinosaurs are to be resurrected or regenerated, it’d be definitely the age of human’s extinction. And all creatures would be endangered.

C’mon, let us wish on the safe side! 

01:40 PM Jun 21 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I really hope some day genetic engineers could make a real and alive dinosaur from DNA or something like that of dinosaurs  they have found by digging …

11:32 AM Jun 21 2015 |




I watched it in 3D. I liked it a lot. Of course the first one is the best. 

La Princesse de la vie


I also liked Jurassic Park, the first movie, but this one seems not good enough to me. 

I like dinosaur movies, but I’m on the edge whether I’ll see it or not, maybe I will after all and only hope that it would level up to my expectations..

10:03 PM Jun 20 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I dont know why , but I dont like them :)I JUST dont feel good a bout them .

09:49 AM Jun 20 2015 |



I like dinosaurs. I would love to watch the third part of the movie. 

07:38 AM Jun 20 2015 |



Syrian Arab Republic

 maby afread   and  i dont  now what i can  do 

06:19 AM Jun 20 2015 |

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I love series of Jurassic World …

03:46 AM Jun 20 2015 |



Russian Federation

I like dinosaurs. I used to watch cartoons and read books about those period of life. I saw the trailer of this movie. I’d like to watch it in the cinema in original language. Maybe i’ll do it.



Sri Lanka

I enjoyed watching Jurassic Park1 and feel it would be fascinating if dinosaurs were still around. 

Well, what’s gone is gone and thanks to the technology we can at least see the unrealistic forms of dinosaurs in movies now. 

Because of this I’m willing to spend my time and money on Jurrasic World. If it gets too cheesy for my taste, I’ll buy a snack that suits my taste and enjoy it instead. 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I would like to know more about past life on earth but I remember I didn’t like first Jurassic Park because of my opinion the story of that was cheesy.

So I don’t think the last version is interesting, too! But if I have time, it is possible to watch the film to know how to think and what they made!

02:01 PM Jun 19 2015 |




Can’t wait to see it! I have 3 ones on Jurassic World and never tired watching them. Hollywood movies can make you feel happy, forget about reality and totally plunge into the fantastic world of adventure. They’re the bestest of the best! I’m happy arleady.



ı didnt saw Jurassic world movie yet ,but ı ll comment it in accordiing to first flim jurassic park ,

Today and 140 million years ago…Jurassic period which Age of Reptiles ,dinosaurs ..

Steven Spielberg ,genious son of the cinema…

Island Nublar near Costa Rica..

really amazing story ..wonderful effects ..all kind of dinosaurs ..

awesome genetically engineering ..but its always  out of control ..

and same sad ending with bloods ,deaths..

on the other hand , unbelievable ticket sales ))))))))




Actually I dont like unrealistic movies with fantastic scenes and so on.But dinosaurs  are part of  world evolution  and we should know about them.

09:59 AM Jun 19 2015 |




i don’t like dinosaurs.i hadn’t never saw the previous three.

05:31 AM Jun 19 2015 |



I went last weekend to the Cinema to watch this movie. It was good but it looks kind of cheesy to me when dinosaurs communicate each other, lol, its silly.




I love dinosaurs. I loved first Jurassic Park movie a lot and I am definitely will see his one. Actually I am going to see this one with my students. We made the plan.

I don’t know if Jurassic World is cheesy or not but dinosaurs looks more arificial then the first ones. Dinosaurs were so realistic in first three movie. But maybe that’s a result of genetically engineering they used in this one. 

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