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Learn English meaning of ‘squirrels’

Date: Mar 28 2016

Themes: Friend, Pets


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There are a multitude of squirrels in the world. They live in almost every country. People love these fascinating animals because they are small and cute. Some squirrels are antisocial and don’t want to be with people. But other squirrels love to bother people. They like to ask for food. Be careful! You shouldn’t pet these animals, but you can watch them for hours.


pet v.


Example Let’s go pet the puppies.

multitude n.


Example There are a multitude of classes to choose from at your university.

fascinating adj.


Example The artwork inside the building was fascinating.

bother v.


Example My sister loves to bother me.

antisocial adj.


Example My brother is antisocial. He prefers to play video games on Friday night.

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Which types of squirrels live in your country? Are these squirrels antisocial or social?


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I really like these small creatures, Not only squirrels but also even rats :) I once had a hamester and don`t know how to take care of it. I loved petting it but unfortunately it went away . This made me only love these creatures from a distance :(

11:08 PM Mar 28 2016 |

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I live in a big city where these creatures are seen only in a movie . I have been last year in California living with my cousins. Squirrels are everywhere and and from what i saw are bushy tailed. I have seen some of them very social- like going to the neighbour´s door asking for a handout of peanuts, but as a rule they are antisocial. My cousin had bought at Home Depot  a tent and set it up on the patio. The squirrels didn´t have a better idea than to rip apart the canopy. Other than that they are adorable… Hahahaha

09:11 PM Mar 28 2016 |

La Princesse de la vie


I don’t remember I saw one around here. I adore these small creatures from Ice Age series. I don’t think I can help it to reach out to pet them when I see one, I need to keep remembering that.

08:21 PM Mar 28 2016 |

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