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Game Changer
Game Changer English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘game changer’

Date: Mar 22 2016

Themes: Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: It's vs. Its


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Most of us want more than we have. Perhaps, your company only has cubicles, but you want a big office. These small spaces can be cozy, but they don’t give you much privacy. Now, imagine this. Your boss asks you to wear a blindfold because she has a surprise for you. You cover your eyes, and she takes you to a new place. When you take off the blindfold, you are surprised to see a big office just for you.

This type of experience would be a total game changer. It would change your life in a wonderful way. A game changer is an event or situation that has a big effect on something. This expression comes from sports and gaming. Think about it. When a person performs an incredible play in a sport or an amazing move in a game, they often change the result of the game. It’s a game changer!

Dominique has a new office for the Travel Bug team, and she thinks it’s a total game changer. Will the team agree? Find out in today’s English lesson.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.









Dominique:  I am so excited to show everyone our new office! I just got it. I think it’s going to be a total game changer!

Andy_H:  Is this it? Wow! It’s immaculate.

Sheila:  This will work.

Dominique:  Well, no. Kelsey…

Kelsey:  What? Oh! Now!

Dominique:  I wanted everyone to be surprised, so I asked Kelsey to bring these blindfolds. Follow me…. One, Two, Three! OK, you can take off the blindfolds on three. One, two, three! WOOOOO!!!!

Kelsey:  WOOO!

Sheila:  Oh! Is this my office?

Dominique:  Well, it’s everyone’s.

Andy_H:  Really?

Dominique:  Come on in. It’s nice and cozy. I made nametags for everyone. I didn’t have money for the real ones, yet.

Dominique:  I’ll sit here. Sheila, Andy, and Kelsey over there…

Kelsey:  OK… it is cozy. This seems nice.

Andy_H:  It’s very well organized.

Sheila:  There’s nothing in it. It’s too small to be organized.

Dominique:  That’s true. It’s pretty minimal.

Sheila:  So, this is where everyone works? No cubicles.

Dominique:  No cubicles. We share the work, the company, the space.

Kelsey:  Wow. I love it. It’s so open!

Sheila:  Would it be a game changer if I asked for a cubicle?

Andy_H:  Or a desk… We could all have our own desks.

Kelsey:  I don’t think desks would fit in here.

Sheila:  Let’s start with cubicles. A little privacy...

Dominique:  OK. I’ll see what I can do! I want everyone to be happy and ready to work!


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Dominique is excited to show the Travel Bug team their new office. She leads everyone into a large building, and they are excited by the big space. However, this building is not the Travel Bug office. Kelsey gives blindfolds to Sheila and Andy, and Dominique takes them to the actual office. The team is surprised. The office is very small.

Kelsey enjoys the new office because it is cozy, and Andy thinks that it is immaculate and well organized. However, Sheila wanted a much bigger office, and she is not happy. She thinks it’s too minimal with very little privacy. Dominique agrees to look for cubicles so everyone can have their own space. The new office is a game changer, but it might be difficult to work in this small space.

What was the most recent game changer in your life? How did your life change because of it?



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United States

As this is true that people are changing themselves and they consider that people want to enjoy each and every moment so these summer sales are really common for the person who shops alot. website

12:28 PM Jul 16 2016 |




may be more so it’s not one .

when I became member of this site i think that represent abig game changer to my inglish langaue .

12:59 PM May 02 2016 |




Love the idiom, Alston! Something new for me ;)

09:44 AM Apr 07 2016 |


United States

Anja, it would have been a fun experience to have been in your class. You develop creative skills when you have to meet the unexpected. A game changer to the nth degree!

03:33 PM Apr 06 2016 |




How funny, Alston! I’m not talking about your game changer but about the fact how life goes! Last night in class, we broke down a famous Beatles song about retirement. “When I’m sixty-four” is not just a perfect song for the future tenses but a great transition to discuss retirement plans ore the fear of getting old. I just wished you could have been there to share your big game changing experience. How encouraging your last statement is! You’re an inspiring example to expect the unexpected and greet it with surprise instead of disappointment :) 


United States

Anja, thanks, one friend sharpens another!

The game changer in my life was retirement from my employer. My life changed because my routine and stability changed. Another chapter of life was started and a reservation of the unknown was encountered.  Nevertheless the old adage, “nothing ventured, nothing gain” prevailed.

Looking back on my decision, the change resulted in more experiences I never would have experienced without the game changer.

10:30 PM Apr 05 2016 |




Alston, it takes one to know one :-) Thanks for the validation!

07:15 PM Apr 05 2016 |


United States

Having Anja, Lesya, and Julito ’back in the groove’ is a ‘Game Changer’ for the website!

03:52 PM Apr 05 2016 |




Wow Lesya!! I guess my words carried energy not just to your profile but sneaked into your bedroom as well :)) I hope the thought of me didn’t keep you up for the rest of the night ;-) I thank you sincerely for the powerful message :) Words always have been powerful transmitters of what we feel. Extremely happy that we connected again!


12:09 PM Apr 05 2016 |




Anja, you know before I fell asleep yesterday a sudden thought came to my mind. Since the day you “got back into the groove” and since the day the weightless wing of butterfly touched my profile, you became my battery, my sourse of positive power! 

Yeah, Anja keep up the craziness with all might :) 

08:04 AM Apr 05 2016 |




Thank you Lesya! I appreciate your reply -always will!

I guess I got back into the groove ;)

Keep up the craziness, girl!!!

09:19 AM Mar 29 2016 |




Happy Easter to all who celebrate this great celebration!!!

Anja, I sincere support the words of Julito about your comment on this theme. It was brave, open, honest and interesting comment. Thanks, Anja for being with us, for being a part of our as Julito said  ”community of crazy people for learning english” )))))))




That’s really sweet, Julito! Love the bouquet of welcoming words :)

Like I’ve told you before, you’re a winner! I love sharing thoughts and experiences. Looks like this place here is the only spot where my past and present coexists :) Another big bonus is that I/we  get to meet good people such as your witty self!! 




I can´t tell what it was my recent game changer, because there wasn´t any. My life runs smoothly with little ups and down. I appreciate that Buttafly , best known as Anja – shared with us a personal matter, and not a sweet one. Dear Anja , many thanks for being again part of  this community of crazy people for learning english. :))



ı wish to all,have a good game changer in their lifes :)) 

10:05 PM Mar 22 2016 |




I left my husband 18 months ago. I would consider that one of the biggest game-changing incidents in my life. Leaving hasn’t been easy. Yet, with all the tears, the awful guilt-trip and the financial strain I went through, I do not regret leaving. Good things happened to me after the separation. My confidence is higher than it has ever been and I am absolutely content with my place in life :) 

Courage to you all..



 I ever was a housewife. The children and husband and housework were all my life.

  Sometime I felt unhappy. I had no friend , no free time, no myself. I didn’t buy new cloths. I didn’t make up and dress up. It seemed there were no time to do those things. But actually, I had no feeling  to do anything. And then I became more and more fat.

   So I decided to find a job. Fortunately, I got one job after my child in kindergarten which now I have been doing now.

   In order to get one job, I began to change my life. I began to lose weight, to buy new cloths, to dress up.

   Now I have very good feeling all the time to do anything. I have many colleagues and have made many new friends. I have begin to play pingpong ball and for the all I know new friends.


07:57 AM Mar 22 2016 |

joao correia


It’s been a game changer for me I can speaking english every day.

01:21 AM Mar 22 2016 |

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