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black and white

black and white
black and white

Date: Mar 24 2016

Themes: Celebrity, Health, Work


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I think if you live in a black and white world, you’re gonna suffer a lot.”

Actor Bradley Cooper, talking about living a flexible life (Huffington Post)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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one choice; one way of seeing things

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Everyone has their own point of view. Some people see things a certain way. For example, do you like the rain? Some people hate the rain and stay inside all day while others think rain is a nice surprise. They go outside, dance, and play in the rain. People who think in “black and white” don’t like surprises. They expect things to happen in the same way everyday.

People who think in black and white see things only in one way. They like routine, order, and rules. When something unexpected happens, they get angry. People who think in black and white see things as either good or bad, strong or weak, smart or stupid, beautiful or ugly. But you cannot see the world in only “black and white.” It is important to open your mind and understand that, sometimes, things happen that aren’t just “black and white.”

Actor Bradley Cooper thinks you cannot be happy if you only see the world in “black and white.” He thinks it is important to be open minded and flexible.

Do you see the world in black and white?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“If you think situations are black and white, you have one clear way of looking at things.”

“Not everything in life is black and white. Life is more complicated than that!”

“Mary always sees everything in black and white. She never changes her opinions!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

hessam8008 Simple All things should be only in good or bad.
by hessam8008

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The world is too big to be seen just black and white or just pink. I think we should see it in all her colours.

11:58 AM Mar 26 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think,when u have not goal,u live on black and white.

12:08 PM Mar 25 2016 |



In my country we have a saying: “Not to much to get burns, Not to much that get freeze”, this means to have a balance in life and dont go to extremes. To analyze the arguments and be open in order to accept when we are wrong.

11:52 PM Mar 24 2016 |

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you have been lived in black and white world when you were young,  that is narrow minded but lots good memory you kept in your mind. Once you grow up, the whole world will become colourful in your eyes, so you lose that capability.

08:09 PM Mar 24 2016 |

joao correia


The colours lifestyle it’s the best way for to live.

Because if all were black and white it’s the same of same always.

The best is when something can happens suddenly making good surprises of course.

04:49 PM Mar 24 2016 |




It depends where to apply it. If it concerns the schedule, achieving a goal- the black and white phillosophy will make your dream faster to come true. Like, my goal is to run 10 km one day. In order to achieve it you should run, but sometimes, heck, it’s so difficult to follow the schedule and you miss. Miss once, twice, trice and eventually your dream goes down the drain.
And I prefer to follow the black and white rules of the house – it shows your respect.
But as for the opinions, here the conservative frame of black and white doesn’t apply for me.
I and my friend differ in political views, but we’re friends while the others long time ago decided to stop talking to me:) but I’m not suffering. Smart people won’t do that.

12:58 PM Mar 24 2016 |



People that live in a black and white world could be defined as narrow-minded: they are not open to new things, neither are they flexible. They only can see the world under two perspectives

11:18 AM Mar 24 2016 |

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