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Learn about the Oscars in this English lesson

Date: Apr 15 2016

Themes: Celebrity, News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Adjectives


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Whether you love movies, glamorous celebrity fashion, or watching hilarious hosts tell jokes, there is no event quite like the Oscars! This award show was started 87 years ago. It celebrates great films in Hollywood and around the world. It also gives awards to the best actors and actresses of the year. A group of people called the Academy decides who will win the Oscar for each category.

The Oscars is famous for featuring beautiful, extravagant clothing and funny comedians as hosts, but this year, it made the headlines because of something else. Many people were angry because they thought that the people and films nominated were not very diverse. They thought there were not enough people of color involved in the Oscars. Some people even thought the Academy was racist. However, other people did not agree. They thought that there was enough diversity, and that the actors and actresses who won deserved their awards.

Jessica and Kelsey are talking about diversity in the Oscars this year. Listen and find out what they think.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  I just watched the Oscars, and I absolutely loved it! But I was so surprised because so many people boycotted watching it because they thought that there was a lack of diversity.

Kelsey:  Yeah, you know, I watched it too, and I also loved it. And I understand where they’re coming from, but I also think that the nominations were deserved and that Chris Rock did a great job hosting and encouraging diversity in film, regardless of the nominations.

Jessica:  Exactly. I thought Chris Rock was hilarious. There were a few very strange things that took place that I know made the headlines during the show, but I was so impressed by, again, all of the nominations. And I just love seeing all of the famous celebrities and what they’re wearing. It’s just such a glamorous night. There wasn’t that much of a lack of diversity throughout the night. I thought Chris Rock did a great job. I did hear that he was encouraged to step down from hosting, though.

Kelsey:  Wow! Well, I think it’s super powerful that he continued to host and was able to represent diversity at the Oscars and make that statement at such an amazing event.

Jessica:  Exactly!


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Jessica just watched the Oscars, and she loved it. She was surprised that so many people wanted to boycott the show because of a lack of diversity. She says that some strange things happened during the show but that there were many people from different cultures and backgrounds there. It did not seem like there was not enough diversity, and the night was beautiful and glamorous. She also thinks that Chris Rock did a great job as a host.

Kelsey agrees that Chris Rock was hilarious. She was also surprised that people were upset about the nominations. She thinks that the actors and actresses who got nominated deserved it. However, she also thinks it was very powerful of Chris Rock to host the show and promote diversity in Hollywood.

Did you watch the Oscars this year? Did you think there was a lack of diversity in the nominations?



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ola3Super Member!


The Oscar, this year Oscar was awesome. I am, as not as reach as boycotting Will Smith with the 20 million for the movie, watched until the end and was fascinated by the true modest talents. Chris Rock rocked! I watched the Oscar and will be, This is the part of American culture and can’t be ignored.

02:28 AM Apr 17 2016 |


Saudi Arabia

unfortunatelly i have not be exchanged student however its good idea to get experience and get an another cultures from around world the most important thing is the language when we be close of those people who is native thats really good idea

08:57 AM Apr 16 2016 |




UNFORTUNATELY I didn’t watched the OSCARS this year , yes may be there’s some kind of lake of diversity when the academy elect the winer of each category !! , because that depend on Human taste which is differ from a person to another .

08:36 AM Apr 16 2016 |



ı like to watch movies too much ,its not important whether they win the Oscar awards or not ..of course oscar awarded movie can be more famous and get big ticket sale..and its very great advertisement for it but it doesn’t show this flim is very good for all people..

for me Oscar is to have real pleasure while watching movie and to feel nice ,happy,sweet feelings after ending movie..

and ı believe,Movies are a very good connection ,bridge and red carpet between different people,cultures..

life is beautiful with movies :) 

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


I dnt watch the Oscars , I actually don’t give a hoot about what the celebrities do or wear! It’s just waste of time ! I just enjoy watching their movies :P

07:32 AM Apr 15 2016 |



No. I have never seen the Oscars. I seldom see this entertainment program.

But from the article and dialogue , I would think it is not necessary to argue that whether the nominations were diverse.

It is limited for the people’s thoughts. Every has his own thoughts. No one can represent all others.  Though, the Oscars is very famous, very authoritative , very glamorous, it is hosted and organized by someone, by a part of ones. So, it only represents part of some people, not of all.

Maybe ,you think some actors are very excellent, very deserved the Oscars, but others don’t think so. And you don’t like actors who have got the Oscars .

What does it matter? I don’t understand.

I would think , if I like some actor or film, I could like it all the time in my heart, whether he or she had gotten the Oscars.



06:33 AM Apr 15 2016 |

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