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Going to the Dentist
Going to the Dentist

Learn English meaning of ‘going to the dentist’

Date: May 11 2020

Themes: Health

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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When was the last time you visited the dentist? Did it make you feel really anxious? Going to the dentist isn’t fun for most people. First, you have to fill out pages of forms. Then, you have to wait for a while. When the dentist is ready to see you, you need to sit in the dentist’s chair and open your mouth wide as he looks at your teeth. If the dentist finds a problem, he might want to start drilling! Yikes!

On the other hand, maybe you like going to the dentist. You might listen to music when filling out the forms. You might read a magazine when waiting. If you take very good care of your teeth, brushing them and flossing them every day, maybe the dentist won’t want to start drilling holes in your teeth. You probably think the dentist is helpful, not sadistic.

Learn what Andy and Dominique think about going to the dentist in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Andy_H:  Hey Dominique! I just finished watching “Little Shop of Horrors,” and it reminded me of my anxiety for going to the dentist. It’s something that I really don’t like doing. I usually expect the worst. When I’m actually in a chair at the dentist, I feel like the dentist might be some kind of sadistic weirdo.

Dominique:  I actually love going to the dentist.

Andy_H:  Really?

Dominique:  I love getting my teeth clean. Just something about the dentist cleaning my teeth, it makes me feel really good, and I like seeing my x-rays, too.

Andy_H:  The coolest part about me going to the dentist is actually seeing my x-ray. I do like seeing my teeth, but whenever the doctor is chiseling or drilling inside my mouth, I always start to clench the armbars and really just get anxious.

Dominique:  I get anxious, too, but in a really good way, like I can’t wait. I’m actually going this Wednesday.

Andy_H:  Really?

Dominique:  Yes, I am excited.

Andy_H:  Well, you know, maybe I’ll have to book my own appointment. It’s been a while.


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Andy just watched a movie about a plant that ate a sadistic dentist. This movie reminded Andy of going to the dentist! Andy feels a lot of anxiety at the dentist because he worries that the person drilling and chiseling on his teeth is a sadistic weirdo. The only thing Andy likes is seeing his x-rays.

Dominique, however, has a different opinion. Instead of feeling anxious, she loves going to the dentist. She likes the x-rays, and she feels good after the dentist cleans her teeth. In fact, she’s excited about going to the dentist again this Wednesday. After listening to Dominique, Andy says he might book a dentist appointment soon.

Do you like visiting the dentist? Do you brush and floss your teeth every day?



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I’m the same. I don’t like to go to the dentist . There are a lot of pain

02:12 PM Sep 11 2023 |



I don`t like to go to see the denist either!

01:49 AM May 18 2016 |



United Arab Emirates

am like andry dont like as well

08:17 PM May 17 2016 |

1 person likes this




a2020, wow! you have the courage to go there :)

I’ve never met a person who likes going to the dentist. But sometimes to book a dentist appointment is necessary…

08:20 PM May 16 2016 |


ola3Super Member!


I don’t like going to the dentist. It’s a little private for me. So I prefer one dictor for life, the one you’re comfortable with. Who knows what kind of dentist you will come across. Not necessary sadistic, it might be totally unprofessional and then when you go to professional one, he asks you on x-Ray, what’s the hell in your tooth, you’re puzzled saying you don’t know. As it turned out it’s a bit the broken drillbit buried like a treasure.
While waiting for my turn, I just sit in the corner like a mouse, blankly looking at the magazine hardly recognizing whether it’s old or new since teeth already blew my mind:)

03:49 PM May 16 2016 |




I agree with what Djana has just posted, that the constant exposure to sugar in the form of sugar candies are harmful to our teeth. If my dentist get to know that i am telling this she will be mad at me and next time she will use a heavy-duty drilling machine without injecting anesthesia. :)))

03:11 PM May 16 2016 |




Recently i’ve been to the dentist alot,because i had terible ache in my teeth.The first time when i went to the dentist i was so anxious and a bit scared,especially when he started drilling OMG i don’t want to experience that again,..and also when he placed a brace over my teeth,with chiseling,i felt too anxious,well i’ll have to visit the dentist often…

Now,i stopped eating to much sugar,and sweets,and i’m really comfortable with doing that,it gives me a good feeling about my self,that i’m healthy!

02:52 PM May 16 2016 |




I am at an age that I should be considered as a “senior citizen”.Some might want to ask why i am mentioning it. Well, the best compliment i have received so far came from my dentist when she while watching at my teeth asked: ” are all yours ? , meaning how is it possible that at your age you have kept most of your teeth , no implants at all. I don´t like going to the dentist , to avoid this visit i should floss and brush everyday. i usually go once a year and i am really getting very bored that i know that the same old magazines that i have read many times are waiting for me.

02:44 PM May 16 2016 |



Russian Federation

I don’t mind visiting the dentist. Sometimes I even like it. I used to wear braces for 2 years so I got used to being in a dentist’s chair and this doesn’t scare me at all. I am actually going to the dentist next friday :)

05:06 AM May 16 2016 |



No. I don’t like visiting the dentist too. I brush and floss my teeth everyday . and I make my children do this so.

I can’t imagine the feeling of drilling on my teeth. It would be so uncomfortable. I would be very hate that feeling. I agree with the Andy in the article .

The only way not going to the dentist is protecting my teeth. I have the good habit that I brush and floss my teeth every day. until today, I have no problem on my teeth.

I know it is so important that one has healthy teeth. It is concern directly one’s  whole body’s health. I think the  healthy teeth represent one’s health.  

Unfortunately, my husband has bad teeth. Many of his teeth are bad and can’t be repaired. So much of food he can’t ate. There must some nutrients of that food he couldn’t have got.

I ever thought the bad teeth can influent one’s mood. The bad teeth maybe would make one not ate the food what he or she love. It would make one depressed. So, it indirectly influent one’s health.

Because of that, I must protect my teeth including my children’s.

We all should develop a good life habit. Don’t wait for a dentist when the problems come out.

03:07 AM May 16 2016 |

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