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Paint the Town Red
Paint the Town Red English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘paint the town red’

Date: Jun 21 2016

Themes: Party, Romance, Soap Opera, Time

Grammar: Passive Voice


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After a long week of work or school, what do you like to do? Some people like to relax at home, but many people want to go out and have a good time in town. They might meet a buddy at a local restaurant for dinner, or they might take their partner and hang out with other couples at a dance party. Either way, they will paint the town red by enjoying themselves for a long time and probably going home late.

When you paint the town red, you don’t stay at home. You go out and party! You might dress in a costume and go to a theme party, or you could even go on a late-night riverboat cruise. No matter what happens, when you paint the town red, you have a blast. You may also need to sleep late the next morning. Painting the town red is a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of energy to party all night long.

Sheila has been invited to a special party. Learn how she’s going to paint the town red in today’s English lesson.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Jordin:  Kelsey said you guys had fun at the movies the other day.

Andy_H:  Oh yeah, it was super fun! Turns out it wasn’t a date, which actually took some pressure off. We may hang next weekend. You should join us.

Jordin:  Really?

Andy_H:  Yeah, sure. It’ll be a blast. ­We can watch a movie, get some ice­ cream, go out and paint the town red!

Jordin:  Sounds fun.

Andy_H:  Yeah.

Sheila:  I’ll tell you what’s fun. I was invited to a themed party next weekend. There will be a riverboat cruise, dancing, the works.

Jordin:  That does sound fun.

Sheila:  There’s only one problem.

Andy_H:  What’s that?

Sheila:  It’s all couples. I need a date for the night. I can’t go alone.

Jordin:  I am sure there are plenty of guys who would want to go out with you.

Sheila:  Yeah…. Andy?

Andy_H:  Uh-huh?

Sheila:  Do you like riverboat cruises?

Andy_H:  Sure.

Sheila:  And music?

Andy_H:  Yes.

Sheila:  And dancing?

Andy_H:  I do.

Sheila:  And themed parties?

Andy_H:  Yes. Well, it depends on the theme.

Sheila:  Favorite movie characters.

Andy_H:  Absolutely!

Sheila:  What are you doing next Saturday?

Andy_H:  Oh! Well, I was just talking with Jordin about possibly hanging out...

Sheila:  Great! You’re coming with me. You can pick the theme and find the clothes for us to wear.

Andy_H:  But we were supposed…

Sheila:  We are going to have a blast, and now I don’t have to go alone! Thanks, Andy. I promise, we’re going to paint the town red!

Andy_H:  OK? Sounds good.

Sheila:  Thanks, buddy.

Andy_H:  Huh! Well, that was interesting. What?!


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Jordin asks Andy about going to the movies with Kelsey. Andy tells her it was fun, but it wasn’t a date. He was relieved because that took the pressure off. Hearing this makes Jordin very happy because she likes Andy a lot. They are talking about hanging out together on the weekend when Sheila walks up. She is planning to paint the town red this weekend.

Sheila has just been invited to a special theme party on a riverboat cruise. The only problem is that she doesn’t have a date for the night. She asks Andy if he likes cruises, music, dancing, and theme parties. When Andy hears that the theme is favorite movie characters, he is excited to go. Sheila is happy to have a date, but Jordin feels angry at both Sheila and Andy.

What is your favorite way to paint the town red? Have you ever been to a theme party?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

interesting!!!!i’m afraid hobbies in my country are quite limited

05:44 AM Jun 21 2016 |



  Many ways, such as singing in the KTV, dancing in the street and having meals with many friends together, that were when I was young.

  Now there are seldom that time.

  I have not ever been to a theme party for I live in the countryside.


02:13 AM Jun 21 2016 |

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