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Walking a Cat
Walking a Cat

Learn English meaning of 'walking a cat'

Date: Jul 27 2016

Themes: Hobbies, How To, Pets


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Imagine this: You and your family are dog owners, and you want to walk your dog. It’s easy, right? You just put a leash on your dog and start walking. Going for a walk makes your dog happy!

Now, imagine that you own another type of domestic animal: a cat. You put a leash on your cat, and your cat falls to the ground. Instead of walking your cat, you’re now dragging your cat. Is that cruel or funny?


leash n.


Example My dog hates being on a leash. He prefers to run free!

Example My dog hates being on a leash. He prefers to run free!

dragging v.


Example I saw my friend dragging a heavy suitcase down the street, so I offered to help.

cruel adj.


Example I think it's cruel to break up with someone in a text message.

domestic adj.


Example Grizzly bears are not domestic animals.

owner n.


Example Joanne works as the owner of a small dress shop.

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Have you seen someone walking a cat on a leash? What other animals can you walk on a leash?


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I don’t like cats only dogs

11:44 PM Aug 29 2016 |

joao correia


Just dogs

Cats no!

02:31 PM Jul 31 2016 |




C´mon , walking a cat on a leash.? Cats ,unlike dogs ,are unpredictable, sometimes social, sometimes they look at you as is saying : ” mind your own business , leave me alone ! ”. A cat that permits to be walked on a leash might have a personality disorder .hahahaha.

08:51 PM Jul 27 2016 |

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