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Walking a Cat
Walking a Cat

Learn English meaning of 'walking a cat'

Date: Jul 27 2016

Themes: Hobbies, How To, Pets

Grammar: Adverbs


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Are you a pet owner? Do you have a fish, a bird, a snake, or a rat at home? Or maybe, you have a more popular domestic animal? Dogs and cats are two of the most popular pets worldwide. They’re both easy to live with because they’re very friendly animals. (They also both shed a lot, so owners should buy a good vacuum cleaner.)

One of the biggest differences between dogs and cats is what they like to do for fun. Dogs love going for walks, chasing things, and being silly. Cats prefer hanging out at home or sleeping. They don’t appreciate going for walks. In fact, if you put a cat on a leash, you’ll probably find yourself dragging the cat behind you. Oops!

Romeo saw someone walking a cat recently and thought it was hilariously cruel. Listen to this English lesson to find out what Gary thinks.


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Romeo:  My friend put something on snapchat and it was hilariously cruel. Yeah, she was walking her cat. The cat was on a leash...

Gary:  OK.

Romeo:  ... and the cat was just laying there, so basically she was dragging the cat.

Gary:  No!

Romeo:  She wasn’t, like, trying to be mean about it. She was just trying to get the cat to walk with her, but I guess…

Gary:  Yeah.

Romeo:  ...cats don’t really appreciate having a leash.

Gary:  Yeah, domestic animals aren’t all the same, right? I’ve actually seen a number of cats being walked with their owners on the owner’s shoulder. Or on bags. They’ll walk around, no leash, just hanging out, on the shoulder or on the bag, sometimes actually on a bicycle.

Romeo:  On a bicycle?

Gary:  Yeah!

Romeo:  By the bag you mean, like, Paris Hilton, little dog in a bag. Is that what you’re talking about?

Gary:  Actually, that kind as well as a backpack.

Romeo:  Wow, that’s crazy.

Gary:  Cats are amazing.

Romeo:  Oh, that’s right, you’re a proud owner of two cats.

Gary:  Well, of course.

Romeo:  Don’t they shed though?

Gary:  Sometimes, typically in the summer.

Romeo:  So then, let’s just settle this dispute. Do you think it’s OK to drag your cat on a leash?

Gary:  No.

Romeo:  We can still be friends.

Gary:  OK, good.


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Romeo’s friend tried to walk her cat on a leash. Romeo tells Gary that the cat didn’t appreciate this. Gary isn’t surprised. He knows that some domestic animals like leashes, and others don’t. He does have something interesting to tell Romeo, though. Gary has actually seen cats walking outside, hanging out with their owner. Romeo is shocked!

The cats that Gary saw didn’t have leashes. Instead, they sat on backpacks, in bags, or on their owner’s shoulder. Sometimes, they even sat on a bicycle. Romeo thinks this is crazy. Then, Romeo remembers that Gary owns two cats, so he asks Gary if it’s OK to drag a cat on a leash. Gary settles the dispute by saying it’s not OK, which makes Romeo happy.

Have you seen someone walking a cat on a leash? What other animals can you walk on a leash?



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I don’t like cats only dogs

11:44 PM Aug 29 2016 |

joao correia


Just dogs

Cats no!

02:31 PM Jul 31 2016 |




C´mon , walking a cat on a leash.? Cats ,unlike dogs ,are unpredictable, sometimes social, sometimes they look at you as is saying : ” mind your own business , leave me alone ! ”. A cat that permits to be walked on a leash might have a personality disorder .hahahaha.

08:51 PM Jul 27 2016 |

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