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Keep One's Chin Up
Keep One's Chin Up English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Sep 13 2016

Themes: Party, Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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How do you cope when you’re not feeling well? For example, maybe, you are sick with a bad cold. Or perhaps, you just got some bad news and you are upset. It can be difficult to keep your emotions positive when you don’t feel your best. You might want to stay in bed all day. You might even try to avoid your friends and keep from talking to anyone. However, when bad things happen, hiding away doesn’t help them disappear! It’s always important to keep your chin up.

We use the expression “keep your chin up” to cheer up someone who is upset. For example, if your sister just went through a bad breakup, you might tell her to keep her chin up… there are plenty of other men out there! If you did not get a job that you really wanted, your friends might tell you to keep your chin up and continue to apply for jobs. To keep one’s chin up means to stay positive and be brave. When you keep your chin up, you keep trying, even when things are not going your way.

Andy just got some discouraging news about Sheila, but Kelsey has an idea. Watch the video to find out what it is.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Andy_H:  Oh! I got a text message… She says she had to go home… she wasn’t feeling well.

Dominique:  Oh no, poor Sheila!

Andy_H:  Oh man! I was really looking forward to surprising her.

Kelsey:  Keep your chin up, Andy. I have an idea!

Sheila:  Hey, Andy.

Andy_H:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sheila!

Kelsey:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sheila!

Dominique:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sheila!

Jordin:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sheila!

Kelsey:  We heard it was your special day. We wanted to surprise you with a partay, so we are calling to wish you a very Happy Birthday-even-though-you-aren’t-feeling-so-well day. Jordin got you some…

Jordin:  CUPCAKES!

Kelsey:  ...with candles aglow, and Dominique wanted you to know…

Dominique:  Thank you for being such a hard worker and a fun person to work with…

Kelsey:  And I wrote you a song, I changed the words at the last second, so it’s not very long, but Andy has a special message…

Andy_H:  Hi, Sheila! I got you these flowers, and I hope you’re having a happy birthday, and I’m really sorry that you’re feeling bad, but we’re all thinking of you, especially me because I really like you, and I would like to date you if you’re interested, no need to answer now…

Kelsey:  We hope that you enjoy this tune. Keep your chin up, even if you don’t feel well. Your friends at Travel Bug are thinking of you…

Andy_H:  So, Happy Birthday, Sheila! See you soon.

Kelsey:  So, Happy Birthday, Sheila! See you soon.

Dominique:  So, Happy Birthday, Sheila! See you soon.

Jordin:  So, Happy Birthday, Sheila! See you soon.

Sheila:  Oh my gosh! That was great! Thank you guys so much! You made me feel so much better! And Andy…

Andy_H:  Yes?

Sheila:  Yes.

Andy_H:  Really?

Sheila:  Yes!

Andy_H:  YES!


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Andy gets a text message from Sheila saying that she is feeling sick and had to go home. He is disappointed because he was looking forward to surprising her and asking her out. However, Kelsey has an idea of how they can still wish Sheila a happy birthday. The team calls Sheila on FaceTime and sings her a song. Kelsey had to change the words at the last minute, so it is a short song, but Sheila still loves it. At the end of the song, Andy asks Sheila if she wants to date him. He tells her that she doesn’t have to answer right away. He is nervous about what she is going to say.

Sheila thanks the team and tells them that they helped her feel much better. She tells Andy “Yes.” She doesn’t need time to think about it… she really does want to go out with him! Andy is so happy that he throws the bouquet in the air and runs around the park!

Do you use Skype or FaceTime to talk to friends? What makes you feel better when you are sick?



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OMG Andy is so hot I would do him in a heart beat. Such a shame that he’s interested in that thing!

08:24 PM Jan 07 2017 |



I lost a race but I kept my chin up and won the next time.

06:49 AM Sep 24 2016 |


New Zealand

I use skype, Fb,  phone  or see a person physically,  any means of communication that is convenient or quiker to me if I want to talk a person.

When it comes to keep my chip up if I” not in my best, I do meditation,  reflection or have a good rest and don’t much anything.  ):

I like this expression:  Keep me chin up. good to me.  motivate to keep going..  

11:32 PM Sep 13 2016 |

mineshshahSuper Member!


How to motivate a friend who just lost his job and gone through a bad breakup to keep his chin up as there is always a better tomorrow.

06:19 PM Sep 13 2016 |



Yes. I ever used Skype but no TaceTime to contact with my friends. But now I seldom use it. Instead of it , I use QQ and Wechat.

  Oh. I like this expression, “keep one’s chin up”. Keep my chin up.  Keep my chin up. Keep my chin up.

It is unfortunately when you are a hard worker but your boss is not a diligence and ambitious boss especially when you have to work for his fool along with your own effort. But it is impossible to change another work in short time and other reasons. I am very upset. I am not feeling well . I can’t help myself to be positive.  It is so unworthy for me.

  I am walking. I am writing. I am sporting. I try to think of happy things.


04:08 AM Sep 13 2016 |

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