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Freak Out
Freak Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘freak out’

Date: Oct 25 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Music, Soap Opera

Grammar: Imperative Form


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When do you act crazy and intense? What happens during these times? Perhaps, your brothers are so noisy that you can’t study. You might become angry and freak out on them by yelling and telling them to be quiet. Or you might learn that your ex-girlfriend has been on a stakeout near your home. This might freak you out and make you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, you may have had a long week. On Friday, you could go to the dance club and freak out on the dance floor.

So, what does freak out actually mean? We use this expression for both good and bad feelings. But when someone freaks out, they are always intense and probably a little crazy. They lose control of their emotions, sometimes, in a happy way and, at other times, in an angry way. Some people can save their energy. They use their intuition to decide when to freak out.

Is Andy this type of person? Watch today’s English soap opera to learn why Andy’s crime-drama dream has a theme song called Freak Out.

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Andy_H:  And that was it.

Kelsey:  That’s it? What about the stakeout? Was there a car chase? Tell me there was a car chase!

Andy_H:  No, that was about it. We just came up with nicknames for ourselves.

Kelsey:  I guess that’s cool.

Andy_H:  Yeah. Oh! There was one more thing.

Kelsey:  A car chase?

Andy_H:  No, but it was really fun. So, this crime drama was kind-of like a TV show, so it had its own theme song.

Kelsey:  Hey, Andy? What’s the name of your crime-drama, TV-show dream?

Andy_H:  Freak Out.

Kelsey:  Freak Out?

Andy_H:  Yeah, because I’m so intense I freak out on crime.

Kelsey:  Oh boy! OK. He’s a man with a plan that’s kind-of vague, but we like him anyway. It’s Renegade. Freak Out! It’s Renegade. She’s a woman with intuition, and she’s the commander of this mission. It’s the Captain. Freak Out! It’s the Captain. She’s intense, and she’s inspired. But today, she’s really just rather tired. Her name is Sleepy. Freak Out! It’s Sleepy Sheila. She’s changed from a life of crime to helping people all the time. Her name is Jailhouse. Freak Out! It’s Jailhouse Jordin. I’m the narrator of this strange dream Andy told us about nicknames. My name is Incredible. Freak Out! Incredible Kelsey.

Andy_H:  Wow, that was really awesome, Kelsey!

Kelsey:  Do me a favor, Andy? Next time you have a dream, make it more interesting than us giving each other nicknames?

Andy_H:  Well, you know, I just had this dream where it was the 1960s, and Godzilla just got out of prison…

Sheila:  No! No! That is enough time travel!

Andy_H:  You guys want to grab some ice cream?

Jordin:  Sure.

Kelsey:  Yeah.



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Andy has finally finished telling Kelsey about his crime-drama, TV-show dream. There’s just one more important detail…. He explains that his dream had a special theme song. Kelsey asks what the name of the song is, and suddenly, they are inside the music video for the song Freak Out.

Kelsey sings about each of the cast members. Renegade doesn’t always have a good plan, but he freaks out on crime. The Captain is in charge of the team’s mission, and she is very smart. Sleepy Sheila loves to help solve crime, but she often falls asleep. Jailhouse Jordin is not a criminal anymore, and now she helps people. Finally, there’s Incredible Kelsey, the narrator and musician. The team had a lot of fun, but they agree that they need a break from Andy’s dreams.

What was the strangest dream you ever had? When do you freak out, and why?



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I freak out easily when the menstruations are not always regular.

03:38 AM Jun 10 2020 |




Few days ago I’ve found out there is a chance to get 50% off on flights to many destinations. That’s almost freaked me out in a good way of course ;) 

01:05 PM Jul 27 2017 |

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I can’t play guitar better than her, that’s for sure. Sometimes I wonder what happened to Marnie, and then I start to freak out.

Marny, I need you. I can make you a Nigerian Queen.

11:49 AM Oct 27 2016 |

1 person likes this

gresanpu6981Super Member!


that’s theme song was awesome!!!! that’s great to learn vocabulary. 

I usually have freak out day, actually today was one of them it’s the bad freak out. I was working on the field and my workmate forgot stake out 2 pegs on the ground, that’s mean we had to do all process again only for 2 point and we spent 1 hour more that’s freak me out but I could control it lol…

05:15 PM Oct 26 2016 |

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Russian Federation

This lesson was really awesome! I freak out on songs with guitar! 

07:57 PM Oct 25 2016 |

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La Princesse de la vie


I freak out on exams and new experiences, maybe because both are freaky!

04:08 PM Oct 25 2016 |

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Correction: instuition, not instition, thanks.

07:42 AM Oct 25 2016 |

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Freak out is one of human feelings or reactions to reality. Freaking out has something like a musical scale depending on one´s personality or mentality.

Just fancy: You´ve won $1,000,000 at a super bingo, would you freek out? Your national foolball team has won the world cup, would you freek out? Or would you freek out when your daughter/ sister has been chosen as Miss World? At these events, you usually freek out as instition that has been inherited since the existence of mankind…                                                                                                                     I I freeked out upon finding that English, Baby! lessons were no longer available at esl.about.com/, much to my disappoint as well to my relatives´ whom I used to take to English every day. Freek out! Fre…e…e…k ou… ou… ou…t!!??!! Happy learning English! Bye bye!

07:40 AM Oct 25 2016 |




I usualy freak out when the live puts me into some unexpectable situations….Then I freak out for a while…..latter it´s all well and good again.

06:10 AM Oct 25 2016 |

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