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Getting Up Early
Getting Up Early

Learn English meaning of 'getting up early'

Date: Oct 24 2016

Themes: Health, Hobbies


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Some people love getting up early. They wake up at the crack of dawn and start doing things. They can get up early, even on the weekends, without caffeine.

Other people hate getting up early. They like to sleep in. If they get up early, they feel cranky for the rest of the day. They need lots of caffeine or they might just go back to bed!


at the crack of dawn expr.


Example Rebecca gets up at the crack of dawn every morning to go running before work.

sleep in expr.


Example I always sleep in on Sunday mornings.

cranky adj.


Example Marisa is always cranky in the morning before she has her coffee.

caffeine n.


Example I love caffeine! It makes me feel smart. I can't think without it.

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Are you a morning person? How often do you wake up at the crack of dawn?


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I am not the morning person, and believe it or not, I never get up at the crack of the dawn. I need to get up before 8am every morning due to the work. Every morning, I feel exhausted and out of it. So, I am kind of envy of the morning person for their energized looks in the early morning.

02:22 AM Dec 07 2016 |




Aaaa. Well!!!. 

I’m someone a bite more moderated and flexible with sleeping and waking up hours. In fact, I can wake up one day soon and the other day late regarding my agenda and situations. But normally, I do like to wake up not at the crack of dawn, but soon enough. It makes me I feel good and start my new day with high energy. I found myself nothing when I sleep-over especially if i get used to that. I might wake up for a few days late specifically in the weekend, nevertheless I’m definitely a morning person. 

Being a morning person and watching my Shamani when she is snorkeling makes me to laugh in the morning. I starts my day always with smile and I do believe it will go on. In addition that, I feel so happy in the morning of each day that I’ve taken one day more to live with my family, share my moments beside them and love them. I’m pretty sure u r too. 

09:02 PM Nov 06 2016 |



I like to wake up early to see the sunrise. And the whole day is yours.You can reach so much and a lot of work can be handle. But independtly from liking to get up early; for me it is more important to sleep 7- 8 hours to have energy for the day- so when I go early to bed I can wake up early and I will be full of energy. Sometimes to be a night owl is enjoyable as well. Good night.

08:54 PM Nov 06 2016 |



I think I am a morning person because I must get up at 7Am from Monday to Friday for work, actully I perfer to sleep in for a little while that makes me feel energized. In the workday, I get snap for one hour after lunch then I feel comfortable.

09:06 AM Oct 25 2016 |




The people who getting up early are died early :P they feel all cranky during their short life.I care about you and everyone The life is beautiful not to get up at the crack of dawn

12:16 AM Oct 25 2016 |

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I am not a morning person but I want to be. But this snooze button makes it diffcult.

06:22 PM Oct 24 2016 |

La Princesse de la vie


I’m sadly not a morning person, but I hope to be soon. Getting up late at noon unintentionally makes me cranky because I miss a lot of things I could have done in the morning like exercising, studying, doing some chores and other things. I wish I could wake up at the crack of dawn some day and make it a long-lasting habit.

03:16 PM Oct 24 2016 |



Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy and wise. You might be a morning person or a late owl, depending on your biological clock. But it would be better to get up early in summer and a bit later in winter. In other words, you act yourself in conformity with the laws of nature as an element of the Universe. May God bless you all!


Saudi Arabia

honestly i am not one of them

however i have work at the morning thats why i waked up

at 4;30 AM ):

i love the morning without work

i love to spend it with enjoying on the beach etc ..

06:56 AM Oct 24 2016 |




I hate getting up at the crack of dawn. I feel sleepy and out of it when getting up early. I am certain that I am not a morning person. ;(

02:09 AM Oct 24 2016 |

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