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Learn English meaning of 'Disneyland'

Date: Jan 27 2017

Themes: Family, Hobbies, Party, Pop Culture, Travel

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

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In 1955, a man named Walt Disney helped create an amazing theme park called Disneyland. Mr. Disney was already a famous and successful man. As a young adult, he created Mickey Mouse and made cartoons like Bambi, Dumbo, and Pinocchio. Many people came to visit his movie studio, but it was a boring place. He wanted to make a new place where children and their parents could have fun together.

This place is Disneyland. Disneyland is in Anaheim, California, and is often called the happiest place on Earth. Here, people walk around in coordinated outfits, wear ears, or dress up as cartoon characters. Tasty, fresh food is sold on the streets, like churros with cinnamon. There are parades and fireworks. And, of course, there are rides... lots and lots of fun rides, like Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Dominique is telling Kelsey about her upcoming trip to Disneyland. Listen to today’s English lesson to find out Dominique’s plans.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dominique:  Kelsey, guess where I’m going…

Kelsey:  Where?

Dominique:  Disneyland!

Kelsey:  You’re going to Disneyland?

Dominique:  Yes!

Kelsey:  When?

Dominique:  October.

Kelsey:  Oh, my gosh.

Dominique:  I am so excited. I have my ears, I have my coordinated outfits, I am ready to go. I have an outfit that’s for Princess Tiana.

Kelsey:  Oh, my goodness.

Dominique:  It says ‘vogue’ across it.

Kelsey:  That is so exciting. What are you most excited about?

Dominique:  The churros.

Kelsey:  The churros?

Dominique:  Yes, I am bringing two hundred dollars, just for me, just for the churros.

Kelsey:  Two hundred dollars just for churros?

Dominique:  And some coffee. I’m not even eating anything else, I swear to goodness.

Kelsey:  Oh, my gosh, there are so many good places to eat there.

Dominique:  No. Churros, churros, churros. The cinnamon, the sugar. They are fresh and delicious.

Kelsey:  You have coffee and churros, and you go on rides?

Dominique:  Yes.

Kelsey:  How do you not get sick?

Dominique:  I just don’t.

Kelsey:  Oh, my goodness, well, that sounds amazing. Are you going to dress your daughter up?

Dominique:  Oh, yeah. Umm…. Definitely. I forgot. Bad mom!


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Dominique wants Kelsey to guess her travel plans, but Kelsey has no idea where Dominique is going. Dominique is traveling to California with her daughter. They’ll visit the happiest place on the planet, Disneyland. Dominique’s bags are ready to go. She’s bringing her mouse ears, her coordinated outfits, and an outfit worn by a Disney princess. But Dominique needs one more thing… an outfit so her daughter can dress up, too.

Kelsey knows that Disneyland is full of great food, so she doesn’t understand why Dominique only wants to eat churros. Dominique explains that the churros there are amazing. She’s going to spend $200 on these fresh cinnamon treats. Kelsey thinks that Dominique will feel sick if she eats churros, drinks coffee, and then goes on rides, but Dominique isn’t worried about it. Dominique and her daughter will have a great time at Disneyland.

What kind of rides are your favorite? Do you think Disneyland is an amazing place?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I see

I am connected with Lesya and Irene but I have no news from Marisha or others!

Please send my regards to our friends if you saw them! 😃🙏

05:45 PM Jan 30 2017 |




Dear mahtab. I only i am in touch with Lesya and Marisha. They are now doing other things.  

03:33 PM Jan 30 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thank you dear Julito

I am glad to see you again

Where are our old friends?😀

09:02 AM Jan 30 2017 |




Dear Mahtab, welcome back !! 

12:11 AM Jan 29 2017 |




hello Klaukano And Slavic.

you should try churros stuffed with dulce de leche. In Argentina are very popular. Forget about it if you don´t want to gain weight.  hahaha 

12:05 AM Jan 29 2017 |

klaukanoSuper Member!


I think the Disneyland is amazing too. All you see is beautiful and fun. It is like another world where the people only want to be great. You see a lot of families, children, and adults with funny faces in the roller coasters. I like everything there is in the park, but I love the parades and fireworks at night, that’s wonderful!

The churros are delicious. When I was in my country all Fridays I bought churros for all my family, but I think that churros were better than Disneyland. I tasted it in Orlando and it is not the best but are good.

10:11 PM Jan 28 2017 |

Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

Hi all!

I have never heard about and eaten churros! I have googled about it. It seems very popular desert!!! I found recipe, I’m going to cook it!

I visited French Disneyland in Paris. I was 21 years old. I think it’s for 7-15 teenagers. I think it is nice, beautiful but not enough exciting to visit it again… And there aren’t so many scared rides.. I read that Spanish Disneyland is the most interesting among European parks. I want to visit it to check this fact  :D

10:03 PM Jan 28 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Disneyland must be amazing for kids and young people not for me😂

Unfortunately I never visited there and I guess I will never do!

I wasnt a fan of any ride in my life too!

Hey so why I gave a “like” for this lesson! Haha!

Hello again to my old friends on Ebaby!😊

08:24 PM Jan 28 2017 |




I have been in Disneyland twice. Yes, i think that every child in the world should have the opportunity to visit this magic kingdom.  I like churros and not to mention the cinnamon rolls. Mouse ears ? no way ! Let Dominique wear those . hahaha. I am doing the math : Dominique will spend $ 200 on treats ,plus admission tickets for two about $ 300. wow , $500 dollars and keep counting. That´s a lot of money but worth it to spend if her daughter is happy.  I clearly remember the Lion King parade. It will be for them a long and exhausting day. Enjoy it !!

11:10 AM Jan 27 2017 |

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