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Fresh as a Daisy
Fresh as a Daisy English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘fresh as a daisy’

Date: Nov 22 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Comparing Quality


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When you go to bed on time, sleep well, and wake up at a comfortable time, you usually feel great. You have lots of energy, your mind is clear, and your body feels healthy and ready for almost anything. You could wear any of your great outfits, and you would have no need to stress about your life. The world just makes sense when you feel fresh as a daisy.

Daisies are beautiful white and yellow flowers. They grow early in the spring and summer, and they have a nice clean smell. This is why we use the expression fresh as a daisy when we are feeling wonderful in the morning. When you feel this way, you are like one of these beautiful flowers. You are bright, alive, and ready to go early in your day.

Kelsey has had some difficult days, but last night, she got some great sleep. Will feeling fresh as a daisy finally help her to remember her dream? Find out in today’s English soap opera.

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Sheila:  Well, aren’t you looking fresh as a daisy?

Kelsey:  Good morning, you two! I am feeling great today! I stopped stressing about trying to remember my dream and got some great sleep last night.

Dominique:  That’s great to hear!

Kelsey:  I love your outfits today, ladies!

Sheila:  Excellent! You look great, too!

Kelsey:  Oh, wow! I didn’t even notice!

Andy_H:  Hey! Everyone’s looking radical!

Kelsey:  You look great! I love it! Oh, no…

Andy_H:  What’s wrong?

Kelsey:  Are we in my dream right now?

Sheila:  That would make sense. I don’t think I own anything like this.

Dominique:  Yeah, me neither!

Kelsey:  Yeah, this looks a lot like the dream I had about my music video.

Andy_H:  Radical! You did it, Kelsey! You are remembering your dream!

Kelsey:  I guess I am! Except, we aren’t making a music video.

Dominique:  But we are wearing the same clothes. That’s a start!

Andy_H:  Take this. See if you can remember that song!

Kelsey:  I don’t think this is working.

Sheila:  Well, what about us? What were we doing?

Kelsey:  You were all part of the band!

Dominique:  Awesome!

Kelsey:  Except, you didn’t play instruments. You were just kind-of there.

Sheila:  Were we backup singers?

Andy_H:  Or dancers?

Kelsey:  I think you were!

Andy_H:  Maybe, you could go back to sleep and get some rest. And then, you can remember this and more!

Kelsey:  OK, good idea. I’ll get some rest and wake up feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to write my first music-video song!

Sheila:  And there will be backup singers!

Andy_H:  And dancers!



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Kelsey finally got some good sleep, and she is feeling fresh as a daisy. She notices that Sheila and Dominique are wearing radical outfits today. In fact, everyone looks great. They look like they could be in the 1980s. Suddenly, Kelsey realizes that she is actually dreaming. This makes sense to Sheila and Dominique because they don’t usually wear clothes from the 1980s.

Andy is happy because Kelsey is beginning to remember her dream. He gives her her guitar. But Kelsey still can’t remember the great song from her other dream. Sheila asks her what they were all doing in the dream. Kelsey explains that they were in the band as backup singers and dancers. This is a good beginning. Andy says that she should sleep more. Maybe, she will remember everything in the morning.

How do you remember difficult things? Do you usually feel fresh as a daisy in the morning?



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when i want to skeep i think i feel good.

10:20 PM Nov 22 2016 |

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after a long night,white daisy opened his eyes in the morning  .The first lights of sun touched his pedals..He saw bees,butterflies around him and birds ,singing morning songs..he smiled ,a new day was starting ..then he saw yellow daisy ,he said ” good morning yellow daisy, what a beautiful morning ,isnt it ? ” she answered him with bright smiles ,” yess, ı like these spring mornings , everything looks very beautiful ..

there is no perfect life for people ..always they will have up and down days,hardtimes,difficult things and stress sometimes ..regular eating,enough sleeping,sports,walking keep our bodies in health..

06:13 AM Nov 22 2016 |



Syrian Arab Republic

It is not easy to forget the difficult things in life but having a good sleep can do miracles too it is very good feeling to feel fresh as a daisy it can erase all all the stress and start your day in good mood I wish i woke up everyday looking fresh as a daisy ..

02:23 AM Nov 22 2016 |

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