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Have Something in Common
Have Something in Common English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘have something in common’

Date: Dec 20 2016

Themes: Family, Holidays, Soap Opera, Travel

Grammar: Future Progressive Tense


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Think about your friends and family. Who are you similar to? Who are you different from? Each of us has many people in our lives. However, we most enjoy being with those who we have things in common with. For example, if you and your sister both love New Year’s, you might enjoy hosting a New Year’s Eve party together. Or you and your best friend might both love gardening. Next time he is working in his garden, you might enjoy giving him a hand.

When you have something in common with another person, you both enjoy the same things. You might even look or act the same. If you share a characteristic or experience, then you have something in common. We usually love it when we get to spend time with those who have things in common with us. But it can be awkward to be with people who don’t have anything in common with us.

Dominique recently learned that her family will travel to visit her soon. Find out if this is good news in today’s English soap opera.

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Kelsey:  Hey, Dominique. Need a hand?

Dominique:  Sure, Kelsey. That’d be great. I don’t know why I decided to host a New Year’s party this year. I just wanted to relax, but then a bunch of my family decided to travel and visit me.

Kelsey:  That’s fun!

Dominique:  Yeah, it is, but that’s a lot of family I don’t have things in common with, you know? So, it’s going to be fun but also pretty awkward.

Kelsey:  I don’t see my family very often, so even though I don’t have much in common with some of them, it’s always fun to visit.

Dominique:  How often do you see them?

Kelsey:  I didn’t get to see them last year because I couldn’t afford it, so it’s been two years! I’m so excited to see them this year!

Dominique:  You seem preoccupied.

Kelsey:  Sorry, Sheila was worried she wasn’t going to be able to make it on her vacation because of a storm. Now, I’m worried I won’t be able to travel, either!

Dominique:  A storm, huh? Interesting! Maybe, my family won’t be visiting after all! We’ll see. I see them fairly often. I’m sorry, I hope you make it, it doesn’t seem too stormy out.

Kelsey:  I hope so!

Dominique:  The decorations are looking good.

Kelsey:  Yeah.

Dominique:  There’s much more space in here than my apartment!


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Kelsey offers to help Dominique decorate for her New Year’s party. Dominique tells her that she had wanted to relax during the holidays, but her family is going to travel to visit her instead. Kelsey thinks that this sounds fun, but Dominique tells her that it will be awkward because she doesn’t have much in common with her family. Kelsey understands because she also doesn’t have much in common with her family. However, Kelsey is excited to visit them soon.

Dominique asks why Kelsey seems worried. Then, Kelsey tells her about the big storm that is coming. She explains that she is preoccupied because her flight might be canceled. Dominique is happy because this means that her family might not come to visit. Then, she sees that Kelsey is sad. Dominique tells her that she hopes everything is OK for her holiday plans.

Do you have much in common with your family? Do you often travel during the winter?



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I don’t have much in common with my friends or family. But that’s the whole point-the contrast. That makes us unique. However, it goes awkward if we face people having nothing in common with continuously.

07:25 PM Nov 11 2017 |



 I have a lot in common with my friend Max, he and I both like playing guitars and sports and being super duper cool.

02:07 PM Jan 05 2017 |





08:23 PM Dec 23 2016 |




I have much things in cimmon with my family

08:22 PM Dec 23 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Sometimes we have common or something we haven’t common ,in our relationship in each .

Family or other groups! :)

08:02 PM Dec 20 2016 |

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The Last Joke


🔴 No comment ... English baby💙 ..Thanks a lot💚 ... I Really Appreciate Everything You Have Done For Us❤

01:03 PM Dec 20 2016 |

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