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Gap Year
Gap Year

Learn English meaning of 'Gap Year'

Date: Feb 03 2017

Themes: Party, School, Travel, Work

Grammar: The Unreal Past


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Malia Obama is the daughter of Barack Obama. As a teenager, she lived in the White House with her family. Now, Malia is 18 years old. It’s time for her to go to university… but first, Malia will take a gap year. Then, feeling rejuvenated, she will start her studies at Harvard University. Do you know what a gap year is, and why it’s so popular nowadays?

After high school, many students are burnt out. They feel like they’ve spent their entire lives in school. They want to rest their brains and see the world. A gap year gives students the chance to make a difference. To do this, students must delay university by a year. During the gap year, a student might work, travel, or volunteer in a program like AmeriCorps.

Marni is adamant that Malia Obama will use her time wisely. But can she convince Romeo that a gap year is a good idea? Listen to today’s English lesson to find out.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So, I was just reading about Malia Obama. She is going to take a gap year between graduating from high school and entering college. I think that’s great!

Romeo:  Sure, great way to party.

Marni:  I think that she will probably use her time wisely. I have faith in her.

Romeo:  Like?

Marni:  She can choose to make a difference. She can volunteer. She could join AmeriCorps or do any number of things. I wish I had done a gap year. I think it would have been really good for me.

Romeo:  So, what you’re saying is, if you take that break, you’ll be able to come back rejuvenated? I mean, you won’t be so burnt out?

Marni:  I think that there’s something to that, because I don’t think I was personally ready for college right out of high school. I wanted to travel and just have other experiences. I wanted to delay that college experience. But my parents were very adamant that I go right to school, and so I did. And then I ended up dropping out, so… you know.

Romeo:  Sounds like it’s really popular, you know. Good opportunity to save up money. Hopefully that’s what she decides to do with it. Otherwise, I couldn’t see any other real meaningful purpose for delaying.

Marni:  Well, you know, self-reflection is an important thing. I think she could use that time wisely.

Romeo:  Sounds good.


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When Marni finished high school, she felt a little burnt out. Instead of going to college, Marni wanted to take a break and see the world. But Marni’s parents didn’t like this idea, so Marni went to college… and then quit college. This is why Marni thinks that Malia Obama’s gap year is a great idea. Malia can start her studies feeling rejuvenated, not tired.

Romeo doesn’t agree. To delay college isn’t smart, unless a student really uses their time wisely. For example, taking a year off to party isn’t very meaningful. If a student wants to work for a while or volunteer to make a difference, a gap year might be OK. Both Romeo and Marni hope that Malia will do something meaningful during her gap year.

Do you volunteer? What’s the best way to make a difference in the world?



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hi. my name is mihrimah .I want learn english .Can you help me?

07:13 PM Feb 05 2017 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Somehow I am taking a gap year now but not for going to university!

I am retired from my job recently and some say what do you want to do after your early retirement!

And I say I just need to feel rejuvenated and then think and decide wisely about my future plans!

I feel burnt out on working and just need to be free of any responsibility at least for one year!

I think it is a great idea to do volunteering because there are many opportunities for helping people around the world but for now I am not ready for that even!

I just want to travel and enjoy of my life as much as I can!

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