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Learn English meaning of ‘bellydancing’

Date: Jun 21 2017

Themes: Friend, Health, Hobbies

Grammar: Be Able To


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Bellydancing is an elegant and interesting folkloric dance. Bellydancers mainly use their hips, core, and upper body to make isolated movements. The dance is difficult to define in one way. There are many different styles and ways to do bellydancing. It probably began in the Middle East, but now there are US based styles of the dance! One of these is tribal, which is very earthy and feminine.

Some people might be scared to try it because they think it is too “sensual.” It is also very difficult and takes a lot of practice. They may never even drop in on a class. But really, bellydancing is great exercise. Bellydancers of all shapes and sizes will look great for bathing suit season. One can always ask for tips and pointers. But the best way to find out is to try!

Jordin is thinking about taking a bellydancing class. Listen as Marni explains the dance in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Jordin:  Hey. I was looking into taking a bellydancing class and I know that’s something you do, so I was wondering if you could give me some pointers?

Marni:  Yes, oh, you are going to be so excited. Do you want to come with me to class?

Jordin:  Oh my gosh, where do you take the class?

Marni:  So, there is this awesome studio in town. There are a lot of classes you can drop in. It’s totally cool to just like come practice. But let me tell you, you are going to get an awesome core. You’re going to love it.

Jordin:  That’s great. It’s almost bathing suit season, so.

Marni:  Exactly. And, have you noticed that bellydancers, all shapes and sizes, most of them can pull off a bikini very nicely?

Jordin:  Ohh. I don’t know, I’m kind of nervous. I don’t know if I’ll be able to be so sensual as you have to be for bellydancing.

Marni:  Oh, there are so many styles. You can have so many different attitudes with bellydance. You just need to pick the style that works for you.

Jordin:  What’s your favorite kind of style?

Marni:  Oh, I love tribal.

Jordin:  Tribal?

Marni:  It’s… It’s kind of a US based style. It’s not quite as traditional as like the Egyptian, cabaret styles, but it’s a really earthy and feminine and strong-woman style.

Jordin:  That sounds awesome. Sort of reminds me of what like what African dance is like, in a way.

Marni:  There are influences there.

Jordin:  Yeah.

Marni:  And you get to wear a lot of jewelry!

Jordin:  Oh fun, love that!


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Jordin is thinking about doing bellydancing. She knows Marni likes to bellydance and asks for pointers. Marni says Jordin will be excited to try it. She asks Jordin if she wants to come with her to class and Jordin asks where it is. Marni says there is an awesome studio in town where you can drop in for classes and practice. She says Jordin will get an awesome core! Jordin is happy about that because it is almost bathing suit season.

Marni notes that bellydancers of all shapes and sizes can pull off a bikini. Jordin is nervous because she doesn’t know if she can be sensual enough. Marni says there are many different styles. You just have to pick the right one. Her favorite style is tribal, which is U.S. based. It is very earthy and feminine. Jordin says that reminds her of African dance. Marni agrees. She says you also get to wear a lot of jewelry!

Have you heard of different kinds of bellydancing? Do you think it would be fun to try?



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Marni’s voice doesn’t sound like Marni in this episode. Impostor?

11:22 PM Oct 28 2019 |



Marni speaks as singing, I love it hahaha :)

09:36 PM Jun 21 2017 |




Belly dancing is very nice but it’s very difficult , every one can’t do it very well unless to be trained by professional trainers, I like Latin dance with a partner …........hum hum hum changing weight from one foot to the other it’s very sensual and romantic. 

10:25 AM Jun 21 2017 |

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 I heard of belly dancing but not heard of different kinds of it. I had seen the belly dancing in the past time, a long time ago. I would think I could love it if I took part it. But I had no chance. The belly dancers are very sensual and courageous. I admire them.  The belly dancing is a very good sports.

  Yes. It is very fun to try it. I would think I always have a dream in my heart that I could dance the belly dancing one day. 

04:03 AM Jun 21 2017 |

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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I think that the greatest bellydancers are in Africa. I am not used to watching them, but I find this kind of dance so sexist. 

Bellydance is one of the tribal dance that’s a trend in Africa and eapecially in my country. They are here, u will see them of all shapes and sizes, them dancers.

12:23 AM Jun 21 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


I have never heard of different kinds of bellydancing but I think it is so sexy!

I don’t think it would be fun to try, but I definetely love watching it :)

12:20 AM Jun 20 2017 |

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