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Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

Learn English meaning of ‘solar eclipse’

Date: Aug 18 2017

Themes: Hobbies, News, Pop Culture, Romance


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Have you ever seen a total solar eclipse? They are one of the most beautiful things you can view on Earth. When the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, the moon blocks the sun. This causes the sky to go as dark as night. The eclipse lasts for only a couple of minutes. Some people in the United States will get to observe a total solar eclipse this August. It is a once in a lifetime experience for many people.


solar eclipse n.


Example We watched the solar eclipse yesterday. It was amazing to watch the moon completely hide the sun!

observe v.


Example I enjoyed going to the wildlife safari. It was fun to observe animals in their natural habitat!

view n.


Example My house has a beautiful view of the river and the mountains.

once in a lifetime expr.


Example Going to Spain during college was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm so glad I went!

reservation n.


Example You need to make a reservation if you're going to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day.

romantic adj.


Example Many people feel that Paris is the most romantic city in the world.

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Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? Do you think a solar eclipse is romantic?


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yes… in mexico i seen a solar eclipse in 1991. i was a child.  it’s romantic and it’s a once in a life experience!

12:54 AM Aug 22 2017 |



United States

Yes, very awesome. It rained here until about 30 minutes before, then it was clear the whole time, then it rained again. It was clear during the eclipse though, and I had my eclipse glasses ready. When the moon was fully in front of the sun, I couldn’t see it at all through my glasses, it took a minute to realize to take them off and look around!

It was really something to see. I live just north of Kansas City, in the path of the totality. It it seemed to go very fast though, was it like that for everyone else? 

08:39 PM Aug 21 2017 |



 But I always think it is a funny things as other funny things, like I found the robot could move itself when I was a little child. 

03:38 AM Aug 18 2017 |



I ever saw. But now I have forgotten what’s view that time. it was about at my primary school.

   No. I don’t think a solar eclipse is romantic. But if the two lovers see it together, it will be romantic really.

   I would thought I had lost the feeling of romantic since I became a mother. 

03:34 AM Aug 18 2017 |

eduardosoutoSuper Member!


Yes, I have already seen 3 different solar eclipse, they are really nice and scary in my opinion!

I don’t consider it romantic hahaha, as I told you, it’s a little weird!

We are talking about it in the VPFI Immersion Group:


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