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Date: Jul 27 2017

Themes: Celebrity, Friend


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“We all let our inner children kind of be vulnerable in the first movie, and then they won. The underdogs won.”

—Actor Zoe Saldana, speaking about her character in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies (E! News)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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person or team who usually doesn’t win or have much success

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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The Chicago Cubs have always been one of the most popular teams in US baseball. However, until 2016, they had not won a World Series game for 108 years! You might think that people would not want to watch a team like this. Strangely, the opposite is true! These underdogs have some of the most loyal fans ever. This made their 2016 victory a fantastic, almost unbelievable, success.

Many people like to cheer for the underdog, or the person who is least likely to win. Maybe, they want to make this person feel good. Or perhaps, they just have faith that they will win someday, and it will be amazing. The Guardians of the Galaxy movies are about a team of superhero underdogs. Zoe Saldana played one of these underdogs, named Gamora. Fans had a lot of fun watching these poor superheroes finally win at the end of the first movie.

Do you cheer for the underdog? When were you the underdog?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I always cheer for the underdog because they rarely win.”

“They were the underdogs last year, but this year they are the champions.”

“My brother likes to be the underdog. He always surprises people when he wins something.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

a2020 A person who always defeats.
by a2020

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When you seeing an underdog winning it gives you a punch of motivation. Same happened to English Premier League the season before previous. 

10:42 AM Jul 28 2017 |


ml2000Super Member!


Underdogs are always the most hard working people with little rewards. They are amazing but just down on their lucks. They deceive getting attentions and supports from fans.   

03:41 PM Jul 27 2017 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

when i was child i always fan of underdog teams !

and when i want to take a part in comtetition  i’d like to be a second one and get silver instead of gold

11:54 AM Jul 27 2017 |

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When the underdogs are my closest friends or relatives , I cheer for them.

   When I was lost love, I was the underdog. 

05:45 AM Jul 27 2017 |

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