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Learn English meaning of ‘foodscaping’

Date: Sep 20 2017

Themes: Health, Hobbies

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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In the past, having a lawn was a symbol of wealth. People played games and relaxed on their grassy lawns. Now, many people have grass in their front yard because of this tradition. But why? You can’t eat grass, and it isn’t as pretty as flowers! These days, many people have decided to swap their grass for edible plants instead. They are foodscaping.

Foodscaping is like landscaping with food plants. For example, you might put broccoli, and kale, and artichoke plants in your front yard. Then, when you want to eat these delicious plants, you just go out your front door and pick them. It’s very convenient to have a vegetable garden in your front yard! You may never need to go to the grocery store again.

Dominique and Jordin both like this idea. Listen to hear their thoughts in today’s English lesson.


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Dominique:  Jordin, guess what I’m going to do this weekend.

Jordin:  What?

Dominique:  I’m going to foodscape my front yard.

Jordin:  Foodscape?

Dominique:  Yeah! What you do is you plant all edible plants in your front yard. So, like, kale, and carrots, and…

Jordin:  Oh, awesome!

Dominique:  broccoli.

Jordin:  Wait. So, what makes it different from just having a garden?

Dominique:  It’s basically the same, but it’s going to be in the front, and everything’s edible, so… I mean, if you have a lawn, I mean, you can’t eat the grass… I mean, you could, but…

Jordin:  I guess I technically have one of those. We just dug a big hole in our lawn in the front.

Dominique:  What?!

Jordin:  Yeah, we just, like, dug up our front lawn, and we planted tomatoes and stuff.

Dominique:  Oh, OK. So, you have tomatoes and other things… not just, like, a giant hole in your front yard because that would be…

Jordin:  No, no, not just, like, a giant hole. It’s a garden!

Dominique:  Gotcha! Isn’t it convenient? You just walk out your front door and grab what you need.

Jordin:  Yeah, I never knew it was called foodscaping, though. That’s funny.

Dominique:  Yeah, because, I mean, it’s not landscaping. It’s, like, the best of both worlds.

Jordin:  I think I’m going to plant artichokes this year. I love artichokes!

Dominique:  Really? Maybe, we can swap. So, whatever I don’t plant…

Jordin:  That’s a great idea.

Dominique:  … you can plant. And then, you can come over…

Jordin:  It will be the ultimate foodscape!


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Dominique tells Jordin that she is going to foodscape her front yard. Jordin doesn’t know what she is talking about, so Dominique explains more. She says that foodscaping is a way to plant many edible things very near to your house. It’s a vegetable garden in your front yard.

Jordin loves this idea. In fact, she already has a garden in her yard with lots of tomatoes. She just didn’t know about the new idea of foodscaping. Dominique and Jordin agree that it is very convenient to have food always growing in the yard. They decide to share their different vegetables with each other this year.

Do you have vegetables in your front yard? What is your favorite vegetable to grow?



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I don’t have vegetables in my front yard since i live in an apartment!

I have tried to plant some edible plants in a balcony, but i did not succeed… It requires attention, we have to watering regularly…

A vegetable that i will like to grow will be carrots!

09:34 AM Oct 08 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh actually we are in apartment. We cant have such a thing but we have some flowers l love them

05:29 PM Sep 20 2017 |




11:49 AM Sep 20 2017 |

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Food scaping…. great idea

08:22 AM Sep 20 2017 |



Not now.  now I am living in the world of reinforced concrete and there are no soil to see at all. And the only soil in the city are planted grass , trees, and all kinds of ornamental plants.

  But when I was a child, I lived a house with a big yard in a village. I liked many kinds of vegetables.  Indeed I planted some vegetables in front of the house during that time, like kidney bean, onion, cucumber, tomato,fragrant-flowered garlic , carota,.

   My favorite vegetables are cucumber and kidney bean, not only because I liked eating them, but the process of their growing were very funny. The seeds went down, then watered them, waiting for them to come up from the soil.  I was so excited every time I saw them broke the soil to sprout.  Buds were tender green. I loved the feeling of budding.

  And then, watering ,fertilizing, weeding , all the process were happy, especially looking at them growing up little and little every day.

  I need to build a shelf with bamboo poles after they came up several days in order to they could crawl along the shelf to grow continually. They would bloom, bear fruit on the shelf at last.

  Yes, the vegetables which planted by myself were really delicious than any others which bought out. I don’t know why I always feel that the past vegetables were more better delicious than now. even I couldn’t find the childhood taste anymore. 

04:04 AM Sep 20 2017 |

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