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Louis CK 2017
Louis CK 2017

Learn English meaning of ‘Louis CK 2017’

Date: Sep 08 2017

Themes: Celebrity, Pop Culture

Grammar: Adverbs


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Louis CK began his comedy work in the 1990s. He wrote jokes for many famous people, such as David Letterman and Chris Rock. His jokes were always very clever, and they made people laugh. Since this time, he began doing his own stand-up comedy, and he also made his own TV show, named Louis. People like his self-deprecating tangents and his cynical ideas. Maybe, these things make his audiences feel better about their own lives.

Recently, Louis CK released a new comedy special. It has many jokes about dreary ideas, and he even talks about some very touchy topics. Some people loved his 2017 comedy special because it seemed very honest, but other people were bored by it because it seemed like the same old jokes.

Find out what Marni and Andy thought about Louis CK’s new comedy in today’s English lesson.


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Marni:  Hey, Andy. I just checked out Louis CK’s new comedy special, 2017clever title.

Andy_H:  Yeah, pretty clever. I wish his humor was a little more clever… maybe, something that was actually out of the box, instead of just drifting into traditional tangents.

Marni:  Ouch!

Andy_H:  Yeah…

Marni:  So, you’re not a fan of our middle-aged, sort of frumpy white guy… bald white man who’s just very self-deprecating.

Andy_H:  Well, the thing is… I love Louis CK, but watching his special, it seemed a little repetitive. He’s got his whole cynical thing, “Oh, I don’t like myself.” But it seemed like he wasn’t connected as much with this special. What did you think?

Marni:  I really liked it, actually. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did. I thought the beginning was pretty funny. He talked a lot about problem solving via suicide, which could be a very touchy subject, but… He also talked about teachers, and it was pretty biting.

Andy_H:  Yeah, he’s pretty dreary whenever he, pretty much, talks about anything.

Marni:  Yeah, any subject.

Andy_H:  But I will give you… As much as I may be hard on him, his comedy is good.


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Marni tells Andy that she watched Louis CK’s new comedy special. Andy has also seen this special, but he didn’t like it a lot. He thought that it was very similar to all of Louis CK’s other comedy. Marni asks if he even likes Louis CK, who often has self-deprecating jokes about being a frumpy, bald white man.

Andy actually really likes Louis CK. But in this special, Andy thought he seemed a little bored and disconnected. He asks what Marni thought. She liked the 2017 comedy special much more than she thought she would. Although, she knows that many people might not like Louis CK’s dreary jokes about sensitive topics.

Have you seen Louis CK’s comedy? Do you like self-deprecating jokes?



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I’ve seen one named “shameless”. I don’t like it because there are too many dirty jokes and dirty words in it. I guess comedy could be possitive. It can be dreary, but life is not all about the dark side, otherwise why do people struggle to have a life and why do people pay for that show? To be negetive? To enjoy knowing there are many pathetic ones living out there and not having a wonderful life?

07:27 AM Sep 12 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes. I saw a lot of his clips on youtube really he is clever and funny

06:18 AM Sep 10 2017 |




i haven’t seen him ,but i like self-deprecating jokes 

03:19 PM Sep 09 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I havnt seen him yet and l dont like these kinds of Jones. I dont know why l Just dont like

08:22 AM Sep 08 2017 |

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