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Baby Driver
Baby Driver

Learn English meaning of ‘Baby Driver’

Date: Aug 25 2017

Themes: Pop Culture, Travel, Work

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Action movies are often the same old thing. They are packed with handsome men and beautiful girls doing dangerous things. It seems like plot and dialogue are never important. Maybe, the main character has one witty catchphrase they say before something blows up. These are the cliché Hollywood action films we are used to seeing. But what if we did them differently?

Writer and director Edgar Wright made the movie Baby Driver to do action films differently. The film is about a driver who helps people rob banks. His name is Baby, and this is why the film is called Baby Driver. When Baby was a kid, he was in a car accident that made him part deaf. So when he is driving in these crazy action scenes, he listens to good music in his headphones. Everything in the movie is synchronized and stylized. People are saying the movie is novel and courageous.

Kelsey just saw the film. Listen as she gives Marni the scoop in today’s English lesson.


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Kelsey:  Marni.

Marni:  Yes?

Kelsey:  I saw the best movie that I’ve seen in such a long time.

Marni:  Do tell. What is this movie?

Kelsey:  It is called Baby Driver.

Marni:  Oh!

Kelsey:  And it has Jaimie Foxx…Kevin Spacey. Heard of it?

Marni:  You know what’s so funny? I think I was confusing it with baby… Boss Baby? There was a movie about an animated baby boss or something. And I thought that was the same film. This does not sound like that at all.

Kelsey:  No, yeah.

Marni:  OK.

Kelsey:  But it’s funny because the main character in the movie is called Baby. It’s always a joke. Whenever he goes into a coffee shop, he’s like, “My name is Baby. B-A-B-Y.”

Marni:  Gotchya. OK. So that’s why it’s called Baby Driver.

Kelsey:  Yes. And everything is synchronized and super stylized. I think they do a really good job with timing and making sure that all the action scenes are timed with the music that he listens to because he’s partially deaf. He’ll listen to music while he is doing these crazy action scenes.

Marni:  Interesting. So, he is just listening to music in his headphones all the time?

Kelsey:   There’s kind of a ringing in his ears. But, I think it’s very novel and insightful. And I think it’s super courageous because it’s really different than all the action films. Like ‘Fast and Furious’ is super obnoxious.

Marni:  Right, just kind of in your face, over the top action.

Kelsey:  Yeah, yeah.

Marni:  So, this film sounds like it’s a little different.

Kelsey:  It is.

Marni:  OK, I’m intrigued!


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Kelsey says she saw the best movie she has seen in a long time. It is called Baby Driver. The actors Jaimie Foxx and Kevin Spacey are in it. Marni got this movie confused with another movie called Boss Baby that is about an animated baby boss. She thought it was the same film but they are actually very different. Kelsey says they are different, but it’s funny because the main character of the movie is called Baby.

Everyone is always surprised when he introduces himself in the film. Everything in the movie is very synchronized and stylized. Kelsey says they do a really good job with timing the action scenes to the music that Baby listens to in his headphones. Marni is intrigued by the movie. It sounds very different than most action movies.

Do you like action movies? Do you want to see Baby Driver?



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eduardosoutoSuper Member!


Yes, I do like action movies, although they are not my favorite ones!

I’d like to watch Baby Driver just to check the timing and the synchronization that Marni talks about in the dialogue!

I’m more into horror movies, you know? :D

12:51 PM Sep 16 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It seems great movie. But I wanna introduce you the best movie I,v ever seen. It,s GOT or game of throne. It,s a seri in 7 season. It is fantastic movie. the bes the best the  best .

08:08 AM Aug 27 2017 |

wael alattarSuper Member!

Saudi Arabia

I’m probably gonna watch this.. Funny title.. 

12:16 PM Aug 26 2017 |

1 person likes this




I really want to see this film. I hope, i will be satisfaction by this film.

12:40 PM Aug 25 2017 |

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