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Oxygen Bars
Oxygen Bars

Learn English meaning of ‘oxygen bars’

Date: Oct 02 2017

Themes: Health, Hobbies, Weather

Grammar: Conjunctions


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Breathe in. Breathe out. Did you even need to think about that? We all breathe oxygen every day. However, air quality around the world is getting worse, and sometimes, breathing well isn’t easy. Maybe, this is why oxygen bars have become popular. At an oxygen bar, you can breathe pure, clean oxygen.

Some people say that the clean oxygen from oxygen bars removes toxins from your body. It can also help your immune system. However, others think the idea of buying oxygen is just quackery. Why should you pay for something that is free in the air? Well, even if you don’t believe pure oxygen is enlightening, you may still enjoy the flavors of oxygen you can taste at an oxygen bar. These can include everything from orange and mango to lavender and mint.

Marni feels super energetic because she went to an oxygen bar. Find out how Dominique feels in today’s English lesson.


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Marni:  I just had the most amazing experience!

Dominique:  What was it?

Marni:  I just came from an oxygen bar.

Dominique:  Wait! What?!

Marni:  Oh, my gosh! It was enlightening. I just… I feel so good! I feel alive and energetic, and I just want to… ahhh!

Dominique:  Wait a second. An oxygen bar… like, what do you mean? Like, oxygen, the stuff that we are breathing…

Marni:  … that we breathe

Dominique:  … right now. Umm… quick question… Did you pay for this oxygen?

Marni:  Yes, I did because it’s, like, really good oxygen. It’s not just average oxygen.

Dominique:  I don’t want to sound stupid or anything, but don’t we… we don’t pay for oxygen, the stuff we’re breathing right now.

Marni:  Right. But we don’t have very good air quality, so you go to oxygen bars, and it’s actually, like, really pure, good oxygen. And you notice a difference. And you feel it! You feel enlightened. You feel awake. It’s supposed to be really good for your immune system and removing toxins.

Dominique:  But I’m still alive now because of the free oxygen that I’m breathing now.

Marni:  Right. Right. But if you want to feel incredible, go to an oxygen bar.

Dominique:  Quackery! Just crazy!

Marni:  OK.


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Marni is feeling enlightened. She just went to an oxygen bar and ordered some pure, clean oxygen. She paid and then sat and inhaled this oxygen for a while. Now, she is feeling energetic and awesome. She tells Dominique about this, but Dominique is confused. She doesn’t understand why Marni would pay for oxygen.

Marni explains that the oxygen at oxygen bars is much better than the oxygen in our air. This is because our air quality isn’t very good in the world now. Marni believes that breathing this clean stuff will help her immune system to stay strong. However, in Dominique’s opinion, it’s just another way for someone to make money. She calls oxygen bars a type of quackery.

Would you pay to breathe? How is the air quality in your city?



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scheyllaSuper Member!


I’m not sure if I would pay for oxygen. I’ve never read or even heard about the real benefit from this kind of oxygen but I’m a little curious about that right now. And yes, the air of my town is really bad.

07:34 PM Oct 10 2017 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

seriously paying for oxygen bars?at our town air pollution rate is acceptable.altough it might be worse one day

08:44 AM Oct 03 2017 |

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Oxygen Bars could be a concept for someone trying to have a new experience!

However, as a therapy it seems quackery.

Maybe one day it could be possible pay to breathe a more healthy air in closed spaces. In some countrys it already can justify (I’m thinking in some images of people with masks in heavly polluted areas).

I’m aware that in my city, people don’t have the best air in the world, but it’s not the worst too. I can say that it’s average!

09:19 AM Oct 02 2017 |

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It’s funny to learn that people pay for the stuff free in the air. But I understand the air quality in some cities is quite low, so some people are willing to spend money getting pure oxygen. Currently, I don’t find it necessary to pay to breathe because the air quality in my city is still acceptable. However, I might start considering it if it becomes worse.

03:23 AM Oct 02 2017 |

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