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Face Reading
Face Reading

Learn English meaning of ‘face reading’

Date: Nov 13 2017

Themes: Friend, How To, Pop Culture

Grammar: Adverbs


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Face reading became a new and exciting study in psychology a couple of years ago. It is where you try to predict someone’s thoughts and feelings with their facial expressions. Paul Ekman is the one who discovered face reading and has made a record of over ten thousand facial expressions and what they mean!

Most importantly, he discovered micro-expressions. Micro-expressions reveal a person’s true emotions. People say that Ekman could actually watch television with no sound and know what their secrets were by reading their micro-expressions. Some people think all of this is complete hocus pocus. Maybe the jury’s still out.

Dominique just watched a show that is about face reading. Listen as Andy and Dominique discuss in today’s English lesson.


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Dominique:  Hey, Andy. I was watching Lie to Me, and I was beginning to wonder if a person could actually study micro-expressions.

Andy_H:  No way.

Dominique:  Like face reading!

Andy_H:  I don’t know about that.

Dominique:  I think you could. I think you could actually predict what another person is thinking and feeling by just looking at the expression on their face.

Andy_H:  OK, what am I thinking?

Dominique:  Um, that you’re bored, and you think this is hocus pocus, but it’s not!

Andy_H:  Well, you’re actually pretty good.

Dominique:  See? Spot on, right?

Andy_H:  OK. All right, I mean… my thing is that, how do you know if someone’s just a really good actor or, you know, somebody who just lies a lot? I mean, they could be constantly tricking you and deceiving you with their micro-expressions. I just feel like the emotional intelligence of some people is… kind of off.

Dominique:  Well, if you’re smiling, then you would know they were happy because they’re smiling!

Andy_H:  Well, but what if I’m like… smiling because I’m nervous, I really have to go to the bathroom, but I’m talking to my boss, and I don’t want to lose my job?

Dominique:  Then you’re still happy.

Andy_H:  Mmm… that’s… the jury’s still out on that.


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Dominique tells Andy she was watching a show called Lie to Me, which is about face reading. She wonders if you can actually use face reading to read minds. Maybe micro-expressions can reveal someone’s secrets. Andy doesn’t buy it. He asks her what he’s thinking, then. She says he must be bored and think all of this is hocus pocus. Andy is impressed.

But he’s still not fully believing it. What if someone is a really good actor or liar? What if a professional face reader reads their face… wrong? Dominique says it’s not possible. Take a smile, for example. If they’re smiling, they’re happy. Andy tells Dominique that a person could be smiling nervously. Dominique says it doesn’t matter. If you’re smiling, you’re happy!

What do you think of face reading? Can you read someone’s mind by reading their face?



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United States

Amazing topic! I once wrote an essay about Face Reading at best essay writing service God bless!

05:52 PM Nov 17 2017 |




I’m not good at reading face, but I think face reading is something that we can study a little bit in order to get to know someone’s mind. 

04:02 PM Nov 16 2017 |



I’m not consider me the best person in mind readings. Also, I agree more with Andy than Dominique on this discussion! That’s because, facial expressions could give us some clues, but not explain clearly what someone’s thinking. What we can eventually detect is unconformity between physical\facial language and the speech, to then find out that something is wrong. It will be hocus pocus?

02:47 PM Nov 11 2017 |

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