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Coconut Water
Coconut Water

Learn English meaning of ‘coconut water’

Date: Mar 05 2018

Themes: Friend, Health

Grammar: Conjunctions


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Imagine you are on a tropical beach. The ocean wind blows in your face, but you’re thirsty. There is a palm tree behind you with… coconuts! Coconuts are a brown, round nut and fruit. They are the same size as most melons. They have a delicious liquid inside with pulp. You take a coconut and crack it, chugging the delicious coconut water.

Coconut water is kind of a big deal. It has a lot of electrolytes, and it is very good for hydration. You can always find coconut water at a grocery store. John Legend’s girlfriend, Chrissy Teigen, loves to promote it, too. She says it’s great to drink to stay beautiful. But some people actually find it gross and disgusting!

Coconut water did nothing for Dominique. Listen as she and Andy talk it out in today’s English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Dominique:  Andy, oh, my gosh. I tried the most disgusting water the other day.

Andy_H:  Oh, gosh, were you in, like, Flint, Michigan, or something?

Dominique:  No, I was actually here in, like, a Whole Foods grocery store. I tried some coconut water. Have you heard… Ew! It was just so gross!

Andy_H:  STOP! You don’t like coconut water?!

Dominique:  No, I mean everybody loves it, but it just… it did nothing for me! It was kind of…

Andy_H:  STOP! I know it might feel like a bitter pill to swallow, but coconut water is the most gulpingly delicious, pulp, or pulpless, tropical awesome drink I’ve ever had in my life!

Dominique:  It was repulsive!

Andy_H:  How?! Why?!

Dominique:  It just didn’t taste like how I thought it was going to taste. And then I see everyone around me just chugging it back, and I just… blah!

Andy_H:  How did you think it was going to taste?

Dominique:  Magically delicious!

Andy_H:  It is!

Dominique:  And it wasn’t! It was, like, the opposite. I thought it was going to taste like rainbows and sunshine and just… ahhh! And it wasn’t.

Andy_H:  You can get it with, like, you know, some mango punch or… like, other stuff. Honestly…

Dominique:  I wanted it natural.


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Dominique says she tried the most disgusting water the other day. Andy asks Dominique if she was in Flint, Michigan, which has really bad water. Dominique says she was actually in town and tried it at a Whole Foods grocery store. She thought it was gross. Andy tells her to STOP! She doesn’t like coconut water? Dominique admits that everyone loves it, but it did nothing for her.

Andy is shocked. Coconut water is the most gulpingly delicious tropical drink he has ever had in his life. Dominique says it is repulsive. Andy just doesn’t understand! Dominique says it just didn’t taste like how she thought it would. She thought it would be magically delicious, but it wasn’t. Andy suggests that she try coconut water with mango flavor. Maybe it could taste better to her?

Have you tried coconut water? What is your favorite tropical drink?



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I love coconut water, its natural and fresh even though the taste is not sweet.

08:31 AM Mar 12 2018 |




I often drink coconut water. For me is a great tropicale drink and it is many vitaminic. 

10:02 PM Mar 05 2018 |

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La Princesse de la vie


I hear coconut is very useful. I never tried coconut water, but I can’t imagine its taste in my mouth. However, I use coconut oil for skin purposes, it’s really good.

07:08 PM Mar 05 2018 |

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so funny episode

04:15 AM Mar 05 2018 |

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