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Shoot the Breeze
Shoot the Breeze English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘shoot the breeze’

Date: Jun 05 2018

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

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Who do you like to talk to the most? Probably, this person is a friend or family member. You can probably talk to this person about almost anything. They could tell you important things, such as how to play tennis or how to take care of a hurt knee. However, you might not always want to talk about important things. Sometimes, you might just want to shoot the breeze.

To shoot the breeze is similar to making small talk. When people chat about simple things like the weather or what they did last week, they are shooting the breeze. When you haven’t heard from a friend in a long time, it can be nice to catch up on things and just have an easy conversation. It’s relaxing to shoot the breeze like this.

Kelsey needs help, but will Andy be able to understand her. Watch this week’s English soap opera to see him try to shoot the breeze with Kelsey.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Andy_H:  Kelsey! Haven’t heard from you in a while! How are you?

Kelsey:  Andy, what are you doing?

Andy_H:  Skipping the small talk I see. Well, I was just playing tennis, but it started raining, so I stopped, which is probably a good thing because my wrist is all kinds of…

Kelsey:  So, nothing?

Andy_H:  What? I can’t hear you too well.

Kelsey:  I knew you’d be free!

Andy_H:  Hello?

Kelsey:  I need you to come over and help me with something.

Andy_H:  What’s that? Come over and shoot the breeze? OK! Sounds great!

Kelsey:  No, help me. I hurt my knee.

Andy_H:  Wait, shoot the breeze, or you have to sneeze? I can’t hear you very well.

Kelsey:  I hurt my knee! I have something heavy that I need to…

Andy_H:  Great! I’ll be there. It’ll be great to catch up on things. I have lots of stories from this week!

Kelsey:  I don’t know if I need to catch up on anything, but I really need your help. Please! Just come over.

Andy_H:  OK! Sounds great! I’ll be right there.


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Kelsey needs help moving her box. She calls Andy to find out what he’s doing. Andy was playing tennis, but he hurt his wrist. He would like to shoot the breeze with some small talk, but Kelsey just needs help. Unfortunately, Andy can’t hear her very well.

Kelsey tells Andy that she needs him to come over. Andy thinks that sounds great! He’d love to chat with Kelsey. They have a lot to catch up on. Kelsey is just tired and hurt. She doesn’t really want to hear all of Andy’s stories, but she does want him to help her.

Who do you like to shoot the breeze with? What are your favorite things to chat about?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi it is very fantastic subject 

02:15 PM Jun 13 2018 |

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I like to shoot the breeze with my sister. My favorite things to chat about are interesting TV shows I have watched recently and things happening to us.

03:46 AM Jun 08 2018 |

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