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Future Perfect Tense

The future perfect tense is formed with will have + past participle, as in, "I will have left by tomorrow" or "They will have been friends for a long time." The form stays the same no matter what subject you use.

We use the future perfect tense to talk about an action that will be completed sometime in the future. Usually this action will be completed before something else happens or by a certain time in the future. For example, we can say, "I will have graduated by the time I turn 18." This means that I will turn 18 in the future, and at some point before then, I will graduate in the future.

Here are some more examples of sentences using the future perfect tense:

He will have left by the time you get to his house.
Clarissa won't have finished getting her hair done by noon.
We will have been married for one year in October.
Will you have finished eating dinner by the time I arrive?

Future Perfect Tense Grammar Quiz

  1. She left on the airplane by this time tomorrow.

  2. By the end of 2009, the Rolling Stones will have for 42 years.

  3. Won't all the votes by the time the winner is announced?

  4. to Europe twice by the time we are 30.

  5. We won't the dog by the time his owner comes home.

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Saudi Arabia

Yes, I guess it is clear enough for me.

Thank you :)

05:26 AM Jan 27 2009 |



Ooo now i got it, thank you!!! :)

03:54 AM Jan 27 2009 |



" I will go to this movie tomorrow" means you will go to hte movie or not.

" I will have gone to this movie tomorrow" means you go to the movie as a plan, and you will go in spit of any thing.

they are both ok. the latter is much more reliable.

03:45 AM Jan 27 2009 |



I don't understand, i though about if you want but future tense i need put, for example: I will go to this movie tomorrow

but you put look like this: i will gone to this movie tomorrow?


01:02 AM Jan 27 2009 |