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Future Perfect Tense

Date: May 04 2011

Grammar: Future Perfect Tense


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All teenagers reach a point when they feel ready to spread their wings and leave their parents’ nest. For Hanna, a sixteen-year-old girl trained by her ex-CIA agent father to be the perfect assassin, leaving the nest means being prepared to either kill or be killed.

That’s the story of the new movie Hanna, an exciting action-thriller whose young star is getting rave reviews. Hear Amy and Jason talk about this film.


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Jason:  I hope by the time that I have kids, I will have become a master spy. Because I mean, how cool would it be to raise the perfect assassin?

Amy:  Are you talking about that movie Hanna?

Jason:  Yes.

Amy:  That was an awesome movie.

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  There’s just something…I guess it’s just so unexpected to see a child assassin. It’s kind of cool, kind of a new twist on the whole spy movie thing.

Jason:  It makes sense, though. We have child prodigies in other walks of life. You know, child prodigy piano players and tennis stars, so why not an assassin.

Amy:  It’s true. And she is a ruthless little girl.

Jason:  But she’s also just kind of an average teen.

Amy:  It did kind of make me think about that time when you just…you feel so ready to go out into the world and start living your adult life. ‘Cause she, you know, she’s living with her father in the wilderness, training to be this assassin, and then at a certain point she’s just so ready to leave her dad and go out into the world.

Jason:  Was that what you were like? Were you ready to leave the nest?

Amy:  Yeah, definitely. I think there’s just a certain point where you can have a better relationship by leaving. You know, like if you have a little distance from your family it becomes a little easier actually.

Jason:  Or a mortal enemy you have to slay.

Amy:  Right.


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Amy and Jason both liked the movie Hanna. Jason wants to train his children to be spies like the girl in the movie. Her father raises her in the wilderness and trains her to be the perfect assassin. When she becomes a teenager, she feels ready to go out into the world and slay her enemies.

Amy says that when she was a teenager, she felt anxious to leave home, like Hanna. She thinks most teens reach a point when they feel it is time for them to leave their parents. Some young people are able to have a better relationship with their parents once they leave home.

Do you still live with your parents, or have you left the nest? Do you think it’s important for young people to live independently, or should they remain with their families?



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when you left the nest, you will face with some problems yourself and learn how to make you mind, what will choose, you became smarter and responsibly. it’s a good ride. it changes people and they became more and more respect their parents.

11:48 PM Aug 16 2011 |




talking about the movie i think i may be a good one , i haven’t watched the movie yet, but acordind to the comments i’ve heard and read this is a good one to go the the movies with alot of friends and watch it .



07:59 PM May 09 2011 |




ok, nowadays  so many teenagers want to leave the nest with just sixteen or seventeen year old, so many of them can handle the sutiacions the have to face with these decitions, i mean, adult situations in an early age , but it’s not easy for ather ones, they have to come back  come  home with problems into his pokets and not with coins or a lof of bill in them ,  many of them think , that if they start living alone and working , as a result the may gain money enough to pay their payments but really they dont .

 it’s easy to say ’’ i’m gonna leave the nest but the biggest questions you have to answer by yourself is  ’’ am i ready to leave the nest now ?

so, that answer give the new way to follow in your new life experience, also, the most import point to keep in account  is not you answer this question but be strong to face all the situations you are going to get through since tha day you start living alone until you get mariage and after thar start other process in you life with sons and daugthers, you pretty wife and of course your moher in low …..............

after taking decitions think about them.



07:37 PM May 09 2011 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I just watched this movie. I recommend you to watch it too ‘cause It’s a really good one!

08:52 AM May 08 2011 |


Saudi Arabia

Hi, How are you today ? Are you happy ? I hope so!

05:03 PM May 07 2011 |



I left my parent’s nest 4 years ago. It was the best thing that I did in my life! I love my parents, of course, but I felt that I didn’t belong to that place anymore. I wanted my own home, my own stuff. The relationship between me and my parents got better after that.

So, I think it is important for young people do live independently, after all, parents don’t live forever. Someday the children will have to manage on their own.

03:25 PM May 06 2011 |

jerry bourne


i'm twenty years old and i'm in college.so i don't live with my parents but that does't mean i have leaved my parents' nest and start my own leaving.because i still use my parents' money!i love my parents very much but i don't know how to express my love to them.chinese people are too traditional and too shy to express their love!can anyboby help me?by the way,off all the assassins,i like the french assassin leon most

12:08 AM May 05 2011 |

jerry bourne



11:59 PM May 04 2011 |




I have a job, and I live by my own… but I really miss my family very much…

11:57 PM May 04 2011 |



I’m 22 now and I’m still living with my parents. Of course I have the need to live by my own, to live the nest, but also I don’t wanna lose contact with them. Besides that I think this is not the right time yet… I’m gathering some money and before I turn 25 I will have gathered enough money to live on my own…

10:07 PM May 04 2011 |


United Arab Emirates

yes it would be great to have a chance to live alone .. away from my family  

i was always looking for that opportunity but also i had to make a decision to face my own problems with them as well … that required a lot of  courage … but living away from family is not acceptable in my culture 

09:07 PM May 04 2011 |




I don’t live with my parents anymore. I left my parents nest long time ago. For most of young people it’s important to left the nest (when I was 16 I wanted it also), they want to live independently, they want to spice things up, so if they have some money, they will do it.

08:14 PM May 04 2011 |




No, it ivery difficult to leave your parents after they had brought you well.

The parents have right on us. they tried to make every thing easy and comfortable

After all that it is very bad to leave them

08:03 PM May 04 2011 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I’m only 16, so I still live with my parents.

I don’t think that for young children leaving the nest is so important. They need the parents’ attention, love, the feeling of belonging, etc. An adolescent, on the other side, usually becomes angry with his parents, doesn’t share the same opininon as them, so that can lead to the teenager’s wish to leave the home and start living with friends.

02:37 PM May 04 2011 |



United States

Gifted child are great. I’m somehow surprised to see relatively young actors starring in movies that other kids their age are legally not allowed to even watch. Now this Hanna is dubbed child assassin , maybe is just me but this doesn’t sound appealing to me. Seeing that little with a gun just bother me. It’s just fiction most of you would say, nevertheless some kids will look at her as a role model and do some crazy stuff… I’m just saying. Let kids be kids and swap Hanna’s gun for a doll.

01:43 PM May 04 2011 |



every coin has two sides, this occation is no exception! In my point of view, I perfer that young teenages to be more independent and more sociable! It also good for developing your social skill and ablity! However, not everyone are suitable for this situation, for some of the teenagers whom lacks of the self-ablity to take cares of themselves or other reasons, it couldn’t bring more difficult for them. Any way, its always to be independent more better and reply on their parents all the time! For example, I set a good example for myself, and now I am toally independent since I was 16 Years old! I hope more poeople can understand the importance of independent and self-confident!

10:43 AM May 04 2011 |



Well, It depends upon the culture as in the east people have very strong relations with their parents and family. In my opinion, children must not leave their parents' nest because who raise them they need them in their old age. 

08:32 AM May 04 2011 |

Nga Nguyen

Nga Nguyen

Viet Nam

For  almost Asia countries, including Viet Nam, leaving the nest at the age of 18 aren't normal. The children are often be left his family after marriage.

07:33 AM May 04 2011 |




I left about 10 years ago, I'm better on my own. It's not a simple question, should or should not being with families, just depends on different personality. Some are good with families, some are better being alone.

I just checked the preview of Hanna, I want to watch the movie.

07:16 AM May 04 2011 |

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